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Jonathan Mestel
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Oct. 8, 2015
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The picture lies - I have no hair or snakes any more.

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Misconceptions on automatic false cards
Jonathan - that's very interesting. Thanks. I originally included the 8-0 perturbation to make the problem more interesting. It didn't occur to me that it might actually rupture the solution topology. Your solution (always cross to table with KQ7x, and only half the time with KQ10x) is even ...
Misconceptions on automatic false cards
Be careful, Michael. if you make this Grosvenor with probability greater than a third, declarer will play you for it! But this way lies madness... But the paradox remains: now that I have publicly declared that I play the 9 from J9xx with p=1/3, there is arguably no ...
Misconceptions on automatic false cards
Maybe because it's an attractive suit to make trumps? Or maybe because it's purer theoretically and more interesting when it's not safe to cash side suits and discover the actual lie...
Misconceptions on automatic false cards
I wasn't aware of that article - but I'm glad we agree on the outcome! I do find the paradox, whereby you gain on the hands you don't actually hold, appealing.
Erroneous call
Why do we assume declarer it is ok for declarer to lie about his intentions? He intended to play 10, and should admit this, and it should be played however he called for the card. If we even admit for a moment the possibility that declarer should "get away with ...
Erroneous call
Even when it's partner's lead?
Erroneous call
Declarer knew which card he intended to play (presumably D10) and on being asked by the director should admit it. He would only discover the contract when he tried to lead from table at the next trick. Surely declarer did not deny that this was his intention? If declarer were ...
TD problem: North forgot system
I would like to see East's hand and to know the meaning of the 2nd double, and as director I would ask him why he doubled. If I am satisfied his call was reasonable opposite a natural 4 bid, then adjusting back to 4 must be right ...
Jonathan Mestel's bidding problem: A KTxxx x T98xxx
Thanks for comments and votes. As I write the voting's very close. At the table I chose to pass. It felt a bit wet. Declarer mishandled the play for -400; with a bit of thought he'd have managed 2 down. I don't think either of them would ...
Rohit Gupta's bidding problem: KJ87 K A AKQJ764
At the table, I'd bid 7. My mummy told me 5-0 breaks are less common than 5-1. However, the chance of partner having QJ, or KQ, or Q and K, redresses the balance a little, but not enough. Against this, We can often cope with 5s with ...

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