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Jonathan Mestel
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Oct. 8, 2015
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The picture lies - I have no hair or snakes any more.

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Trust the Lead
Sarah - Most of us who play ACOL and live in Cambridge would pass this in 2nd position. If systemically forced to open it playing 4CM, 1 looks best to me. You won't exactly be surprised if LHO declares a spade contract will you? Of course, sometimes you'll ...
Jonathan Mestel's lead problem: --- QT8754 K9 KT864
As I write the voting is 17 for a , 7 for a and 4 for a . On the day, Dummy had AJxxxxxx x x AQJ, declarer KQxx AK QJxxxx x and partner x xxxx A10xx xxxx, so a diamond is necessary. As Richard points out, this would ...
Frances Hinden's bidding problem: 42 J53 A53 A9743
I think he has a side suit. But if he wants to bid on, I see no reason not to. I considered 5C for the lead, but it doesn't feel right.
Your comment?
So you're down if he's Jx Qxx AKQxxx xx. Not very likely, I admit.
Your comment?
If J loses and a 3rd trump comes back, you have to guess whether West has x or Jx(x) don't you? This is why I prefer to play spades before A.
Shortest Board Ever
One evening at our club Mr X was partnering Mrs Y, and Mrs X partnering Mr Y. Both were moving pairs, and when they met, the X's sat opposite each other as did the Y's. They all looked at their hands, I think one bid was made and ...
Your comment?
I'd play AK earlier, I think. Even if LHO ruffs K I'm alive. On the given line, if I run J to Qxx I could be down. If I played that way, I would then rise with K and claim if West follows. West's failure to continue ...
Even as declarer? Kxx..........Axx AKQJ10x......xx x............AK10 xxx..........AKxxx 1-2; 2-3; 3NT P Cross-IMPs Spade lead. Obviously you and partner are going to have words later, and he'll be somewhat caustic if you don't even make the 4th overtrick. But don't ...
Assess the blame (14)
Obviously (in my view) South is more to blame than North in that he might have doubled, but 3 is well within a "normal call" range. South expects to be able to double 3 and be ideally placed. Sometimes, as here, double works better. Swap the minors, and ...
What am I Asking
What contract do you want to be in opposite xxxx xxx xx xxxx, especially with a likely -lead? Or say change a x to 10. You get J lead against 4. My point is partner has done something a bit strange - he's allowed to; but that doesn't ...

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