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Jonathan Mestel
Jonathan Mestel
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Oct. 8, 2015
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The picture lies - I have no hair or snakes any more.

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Wesley May's bidding problem: --- AQ943 T8 T97654
Lucky you! I'll bid 3 which implies a minor and suggests the lead.
James Huntington's bidding problem: --- AQJ43 KJ KQ9842
Partner didn't double 1 so he has minor length. I shall bid 4NT to offer him both.
Jeff Ford's bidding problem: A6 K52 KT92 KQ82
But he can't see the minor kings. Having used Blackwood it is hard for him to suggest 6NT without implying all the key cards. Can anyone suggest a plausible hand for him where we should pass 6?
Simon Cope's lead problem: 9842 Q63 74 QT72
I had a rush of blood to my head and led Q. On reflection, my 9 may prove useful and there was no need to panic, but it's too late. 3 looks normal.
Ulrich Voigt's bidding problem: T9653 T2 --- AJ8532
Ah, sorry I should have guessed.
There's always something new
Just so long as partner doesn't turn up with Axxxx and decide his extra length warrants bidding the grand. He will explain he had some clever reason for starting with 2, of course.
Ian Wilson's bidding problem: A AK93 KT3 AQ752
Why so optimistic!? You might even go down in 4. But add A to that collection and 6 is massive. To me it feels with the odds to wheel out Blackwood. It's possibly relevant that if they find the best lead we may well make a trick ...
Ulrich Voigt's bidding problem: T9653 T2 --- AJ8532
..and partner should doubtless be able to read us for 2 1st round controls and a 5th trump, and can infer which major we prefer. Isn't his last pass encouraging us to bid? Incidentally, what's the record for the greatest number of forcing passes in an auction?
Ulrich Voigt's bidding problem: T9653 T2 --- AJ8532
So would I. Now we have to guess, and I guess 6.
Elke Weber's bidding problem: A92 KQT864 A73 9
The idea is that if we bid 4, partner can bid 5 over 4 with x Axxx KQxx xxxx when 6 is rigid, or double 4 with x Axxx xxxx KQxx when 5 is down.

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