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Jonathan Steinberg
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July 15, 2010
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Alex Hudson, Mike Kenny, David Sabourin
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Hazel's Bridge Club
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Penticton, Puerto Vallarta, all Mid-Atlantic Regionals
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GNT D. 22 GNT Fiasco. The official ruling
Ray... you play a long match. When it is finished you compare scores and verify with the losing team. The margin was 17 impos. The losing team went home. The winning team turned in a score of plus 25! Several days later the losing team discovered that the score posted ...
GNT D. 22 GNT Fiasco. The official ruling
Russ, just saying that the ACBL "deeply regrets the confusion" doesn't cut it. Does the ACBL Special Events Department actually READ the proposed CoC before rubber stamping them? Where was the VP scale that was going to be used mentioned? The ethical issues surrounding the "winning" team are beyond ...
GNT D. 22 GNT Fiasco. The official ruling
Mike, from reading the above it appears (to me at least) that your original position of "pedantically" ;) upholding a literal reading of the CoC (despite never having been followed before, not clearly communicated to the players, and no VP scale posted on site) has evolved into recognizing the injustices that ...
GNT D. 22 GNT Fiasco. The official ruling
Very well said, John! It pains me to say this but a sense of justice, ethics & basic fairness appears to be in short supply among ACBL Board members and management in Horn Lake. They call it a D. 22 issue. There are more important bigger issues in the ACBL. I ...
GNT D. 22 GNT Fiasco. The official ruling
Mike, the word pedantic comes to mind as I peruse your never ending posts filled with worldly intimate knowledge of the CoC. I prefer to look at the BIG picture, examine all the variables, and do what is just and fair. This is a no brainer. Had the CoC ever ...
GNT D. 22 GNT Fiasco. The official ruling
In that case John K should have followed his rules in previous years and not ignored them. He should have made it clear that 2019 would be scored under different rules... indeed rules that had never been used before in the history of bridge. He didn't. No apology required.
GNT D. 22 GNT Fiasco. The official ruling
Utter nonsense Mike. The CoC were the same for several years but it was never scored by VP. I doubt if it was ever meant to be and it sure as hell wasn't. History and precedent. Nor can you change the scoring method mid-stream or GASP after the players ...
GNT D. 22 GNT Fiasco. The official ruling
Michael, when the D. 22 CoC have NEVER been followed to the letter... when NOBODY in North America can recall playing a 3 way KO final or GNT final where imps converted to VPs were used, how can you state it was in effect on May 25-26. NO VP scale ...
GNT D. 22 GNT Fiasco. The official ruling
David, How much slack? 12 days? It is now 5:20 PM Memphis/Horn Lake time Monday after work hours. Still no results posted. The link to results would follow the info link. Still blank May 25-26, 2019 San Juan Capistrano CA Info 22 0 GNT/NAP GNT District Fi...
GNT D. 22 GNT Fiasco. The official ruling
ELLIS, yes it was sent to "YOU" along with multiple other people. NOT a private e-mail by any stretch of the imagination. RAY, A better question might be: Who made the decision that a formal e-mail from the D. 22 Board explaining the results of an ACBL event should be ...

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