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Jonathan Weinstein
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Aug. 4, 2010
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semis of USBC 2010; 2nd in imp pairs 2007, NAP-A 2009
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Misconceptions on automatic false cards
Jonathan M., That’s certainly a plausible pattern of learning. There are thousands of pages on learning processes which might get you to equilibrium, without any universal answers. The second paragraph of Charles Brenner’s comment is a good view on equilibrium. Rephrasing, equilibrium isn’t necessarily what you *should ...
Misconceptions on automatic false cards
South actually has *four* strategies when holding KQTx: A -- Start with K from hand, play East for stiff when you see 9. B -- Start with K from hand, play East for J9xx when you see 9. C -- Cross in clubs, small spade from dummy, play East for stiff when you ...
Misconceptions on automatic false cards
Regarding your paragraph about the 8-0 side suit, page 5: In equilibrium, no one *ever* makes a play which is *inferior* given their current information. The resolution of that particular paradox is that we have simply calculated the equilibrium wrong, when we take the 8-0 into account. The equilibrium is ...
Bread and Butter
Thanks, Kit! I had settled on a line very close to this, also starting with K,A of hearts – then I had the 3-2 case correct, but on the 4-1 case I had resigned myself to going down against 2=4=5=2 because I was taking the second spade ...
Bread and Butter
See Kit's line, which makes at least 5 and sometimes 6 when trumps 3-2, and still almost certain to make against 4-1.
Becoming a Bridge Player
OK, I think it’s not a percentage issue because you can combine essentially all your chances. Heart to Q at trick two. (1) If it wins, K, run T. Cold unless someone has Q9xxx, even then you have good chances in hearts. (2) If heart loses, you get to ...
Becoming a Bridge Player
Good article! Has anyone commented on the play of the very first hand? Looks to me like a close percentage-play issue whether to go for hearts or diamonds first. If you do tackle diamonds for five tricks, either before or after a failed heart play, low to the T gives ...
We're doomed
Yes, that's all true. Just woke up and came straight here wanting to delete that comment but wasn't soon enough :-o.
We're doomed
Ducking Qx doesn’t seem that obscure. If declarer had AJTxx this would be a very well-known position where you need to duck. Ducking Jx is more obscure.
We're doomed
Kit’s play gains for sure in 2 cases (LHO’s Ax) and loses for sure in 1 less likely case (LHO’s stiff A), call it a net gain of 1.2 cases against the worst opponents, who never find the smooth duck. It puts you in jeopardy in ...

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