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Jonathan Weinstein
Jonathan Weinstein
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Aug. 4, 2010
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May 24
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Bridge Player

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semis of USBC 2010; 2nd in imp pairs 2007, NAP-A 2009
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Implications of the missing board 16
Following the US team trials (USBC) which has had 15-board segments for quite a while.
GNT Format in District 25 (New England)
“BAM movement”=”movement most commonly seen in BAM events”. Not a crazy usage to me at all, and not suggestive of confusion of scoring vs. movement. To be a little more careful one could say “BAM-style movement.”
GNT Format in District 25 (New England)
Sounds to me like if #1 has more carryover against #3 than #4, they still have a choice. It’s not an easy call but I don’t think I favor the rule change. Let the RR winner set the bracket how they like. I generally *am* in favor of ...
GNT Format in District 25 (New England)
I agree, it's a good format. D13 (Chicago-Milwaukee) does something very similar. And incidentally, 10 teams is amazing! partly thanks to separate weekend from Flight A, I guess.
USA1 Round of 16, Day 2
For completeness, if anyone if still reading, the K is also fatal if North started with KQxxx QJxx xx Jx, and his pitches are certainly consistent with that.
USA1 Round of 16, Day 2
Incidentally, I think Jake did make the percentage play in the ending, but it’s kind of close, because he’s a favorite to survive cashing K even when South has A. For simplicity I’m assuming he knows the shapes. His play, K, is very simple: succeeds 100% if ...
USA1 Round of 16, Day 2
On Board 22, it was actually excellent *partnership* defense. Michael was careful to come down to 1 club and 4 hearts at the end. If South kept another club, it would have been safe for Jake to try the K before committing himself. But that would be fatal if Michael ...
To Show or Not To Show?
My local club has used a mode where scores start to show only after 4 rounds or so. Clearly a good tweak if you show at all.
So Cool ... And Kind of Mean
An aluminum foil box is vastly superior to any of the many wooden holders I’ve tried. The crucial pro-tip is to keep some foil in the box. Otherwise it tips over much too easily.
What a fix
For beginners who finished last, poor valuation much more likely than anything sinister.

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