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Jonathan Weinstein
Jonathan Weinstein
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Aug. 4, 2010
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8 hours ago
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Bridge Player

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semis of USBC 2010; 2nd in imp pairs 2007, NAP-A 2009
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Gold Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
What a fix
For beginners who finished last, poor valuation much more likely than anything sinister.
A curiosity
NS could easily make 8 tricks in clubs if they got to lead. Pull three rounds of trumps, then three rounds of diamonds. When EW lead against 2, looks like their play is three rounds of spades, threatening to score the 13th spade or an extra trump trick. The ...
A curiosity
Results at Only about 10% managed to double the 1NT overcall, it appears.
A curiosity
Opener had QTx in clubs. It’s a classic Vondracek effect: you have a loser in spades but not clubs, and spades plays better. The phrasing “Vondracek effect works in spades but not clubs” is a bit confusing. The play is indeed worth studying, certainly more complex than the standard ...
What a fix
It would also be normal to make 3nt on a diamond lead. Looks like the normal result after a 2nt opening and transfer auction. Clubs are very random board-by-board, but session results generally pretty just.
11, 12 or 13 tricks?
Club hook is better than 50%, based on restricted choice on the lead.
Play Requirement
In most formats isn't the first stage longer than the second stage, precluding this?
ACBL New Orleans Appeals casebook commentary published
True Ira, I just wasn't sure that was realistic! But all aspiring high-level players should do at least some reading, I think.
ACBL New Orleans Appeals casebook commentary published
Preparation of these casebooks is a fantastic service to the community. Many thanks to Adam and all the commentators! I am curious as to whether the casebooks are read carefully by all members of the national appeals committee and high-level tournament directors. Ideally they would be read by directors at ...
UI Ruling Question
Addendum: I would go easier on North if he hadn’t bid 2. Then it would be a straight MI case, with (to me) the correct ruling being changing West’s X to a P and the contract again to 2.

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