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Jonathan Weinstein
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Aug. 4, 2010
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semis of USBC 2010; 2nd in imp pairs 2007, NAP-A 2009
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ACBL New Orleans Appeals casebook commentary published
True Ira, I just wasn't sure that was realistic! But all aspiring high-level players should do at least some reading, I think.
ACBL New Orleans Appeals casebook commentary published
Preparation of these casebooks is a fantastic service to the community. Many thanks to Adam and all the commentators! I am curious as to whether the casebooks are read carefully by all members of the national appeals committee and high-level tournament directors. Ideally they would be read by directors at ...
UI Ruling Question
Addendum: I would go easier on North if he hadn’t bid 2. Then it would be a straight MI case, with (to me) the correct ruling being changing West’s X to a P and the contract again to 2.
UI Ruling Question
Unfair to West, as he is entitled to act on the description of 2 as a transfer. Yes, North’s hedged phrasing was a clue to something funny going on, but he is not obligated to guess that he is getting bad information.
UI Ruling Question
There is a general consensus that if North had behaved ethically, -200 or -300 in 2 undoubled would have been likely at the table. Getting to the same result after his unethical actions took significant work by the director and opponents. For this reason, restoring equity is not sufficient ...
UI Ruling Question
Joe: If West had heard the correct explanations (1NT minors, 2H natural), he would presumably not double.
Balicki-Zmudzinski May Play Freely in EBL!
Utter nonsense. The statistical evidence of correlation between bid-card placement and strength was overwhelming. It didn’t match on every single hand, possibly because experts didn’t know their whole system, possibly because they randomized placement when it didn’t matter to prepare a defense. The argument that the experts ...
The par contract(s)?
ok, it appears that it is BridgeComposer which calculates par, using DF as a subroutine. In these cases where par is dealer-dependent, they report multiple values and ignore the actual dealership. See the bottom of if curious.
The par contract(s)?
It's also easy to construct a deal where South and West both make 7NT, so that par swings from +2220 to -2220 depending on dealership. (This digresses from your original post.)
The par contract(s)?
There is also a hand recorded by Pavlicek where all four declarers make 3nt. In these cases, assuming nothing higher is makable, par would depend on who was dealer; dealer would open 3nt (3 in your case) and make the other side save. At least, that's how it ...

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