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Jonathan Weinstein
Jonathan Weinstein
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Aug. 4, 2010
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May 30
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Bridge Player

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semis of USBC 2010; 2nd in imp pairs 2007, NAP-A 2009
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Missing the perfect fit
I really don't know how declarer should guess on that line. He can place North with 8 diamonds, and 2=2=8=1 is a more likely shape a priori than 3=1=8=1. As against that, North's pass of 2, kind of bizarre in any ...
Missing the perfect fit
Double-dummy, it is certainly cold for 4, and perhaps it should make 4 single-dummy as well, but in fact the robot only made 3 at some tables (I was careful to say a "more effective defense" not "winning defense.") A club was led, declarer rising and leading J, and ...
My Subjective 'Solution' to "The Greatest Play"
Kit, I'm surprised you say East could have the K. South's bidding looks (to me) inconsistent with having at most two jacks. The point that East could have a stiff heart is true. So, suppose West has Ax AKJxx Txxx xx and sees a spot that is discouraging ...
My Subjective 'Solution' to "The Greatest Play"
Michael, if East has 3-3-(5-2) with the trump J9x, isn't the contract down by force on a shift to East's doubleton at trick 2? And mightn't West find that if East discourages? I almost think I'm seeing things because no one has mentioned this, and ...
It Happened One Day
It feels impossible for any normal player to do this by accident. Everyone at every level has been in the position many times of knowing what partner should do, and being acutely aware that you have to hold your tongue. It would be a surprising lapse for any club player ...
Non Timeo Danaos et Dona Ferentes Compulsus
Ok! I've known that expression forever and always thought "dona" was the verb, "give," since it sounds like "donate," but I should have looked it up, as you say dona is the noun "gifts" and "ferentes" the verb. So the title and later phrase are messed up. I guess ...
Non Timeo Danaos et Dona Ferentes Compulsus
Yes, thank you; fixed.
Frivolous Appeal Penalty VOTE
I would approve the sentence with the addition of a cap to the penalty at something reasonable. Not that I expect commitees to go crazy, but some parameters should be codified.
Jonathan Weinstein's bidding problem: AJT5 73 Q JT8652
I love that I thought I was through making decisions on this hand after bidding 2NT, and here I can see five reasonable calls at the next turn.
Jonathan Weinstein's bidding problem: AJT5 73 Q JT8652
There is a decent chance that you'll be happier in 3 or 4, or even 4, than 3NT.

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