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Jordan Lampe
Jordan Lampe
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June 17, 2015
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Live in New York City, starting bridge again after a 15 year hiatus.  Probably best categorized as "almost flight A".  Looking for a semi-serious partnership for local tournaments.

United States of America

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Jordan Lampe's bidding problem: A86 T743 AK83 AK
I don't know which opponent was from outer space, but in retrospect, I really, really wish my partner had found the red card rather than the card labelled "4NT".
Jordan Lampe's bidding problem: A86 T743 AK83 AK
Partner actually had KJx KQJ9x xx Qxx
Club Ruling
Deleted .. I re-read the OP
Oren Kriegel's bidding problem: AKQ753 K83 A7 QT
I don't understand 3NT. I mean, I get that we have a diamond stopper and enough points to be in game. But I only see one single diamond stopper and I'm not sure I can depend on partner to provide the A and AK that I need to ...
Jordan Lampe's bidding problem: AKJ6 J Q853 KQT9
Even though this hand could have an ace less and have bid the same way so far?
What is this double?
That's useful advice. What is it about "2 card support for a 5 (maybe 6) card major" that is less interesting than "3 card support for a 4 (maybe 5) card major". Is the idea that with only 2 we are much less likely to have a useful ruffing ...
What is this double?
If it were me, I'd play it as a "support double" showing exactly 2 card support. But everyone thinks I'm weird.
Why aren't you playing in the USBF Trials?
I, for one, didn't even know they were happening. Had I known, I would probably still pass because, you know, I actually have to work. And I don't have a huge network of bridge partners who can also skip off work for a full week at the drop ...
Transfers Over Michaels
A similar idea: Play lebensohl in these sequences. So after 1M-(2M): cue = LR+ in M 2NT = relay to 3, showing either a "competitive" minor suit or a single raise 3, 3 = natural and GF 3M = mixed raise The big win compared to the OP is reduced ...
Apportion of blame
When I was a kid, I was taught that "aces and spaces" were good for trump contracts and soft honors ("quacks" in modern lingo) were good for NT. Does not South have soft honors up the wazoo?

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