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Oct. 26, 2013
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June 1
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Do not misplay this slam (like I did ....)
I agree with the line first proposed by Mark Kaptein and later explained by Kit. I want to mention some other facts: - There are 10 spades left (including A and K) and 6 more points missing in the other suits, but no opponent has overcalled 1 or 2 ...
Interesting hands from WBG
I just hope that one day we could say again "Today I play the most important hands of my bridge career", but now it's a bit more difficult :)
Only Chance
But you have already removed a heart in East hand. If they play a second spade, you can now win with spades 3-3 or 2-4 if hearts are 8-1 (very probable). In the last case, you can play AKQ and another spade, East plays a diamond and you can finesse ...
Only Chance
Hi, Kit. Why don't play A before playing J? I think that you protect against this layout with no downside (you have to guess later that spades are 2-4). In this case, Deep Finesse tells that West has to rise with A (very difficult) in order to begin ruffs ...
A neat hand from the Spanish team championships
Nice hand. Not so easy if nobody alert you that there is a problem.
Think Far Ahead
Nice hand. And congratulations for your web page. It's the first time I have seen so many interesting problems that can be played as in a real table
Steal the Trick
Advantages of strong club systems
Some Precision systems have the possibility to "switch" to natural bidding if the captain of the bidding wants to. So you can choose which hands need "technical" or "judgement" information. Kit's column showed us this many times.
Advantages of strong club systems
In Precisión we can open all 11-12H hands, no matter if are "good" or "bad", and maybe some "good" 10 counts. In natural you can only open those hands if you have a nice distribution, otherwise you can mislead partner.
Advantages of strong club systems
Thank you for your comments. What you say "To be able to know you have a fit at once works much better over opponents preempts and overcalls" it's true but we think that happens more often in Precisión (more 1, 1 and 2 openings than natural ...

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