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Jose Damiani
Jose Damiani
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April 10, 2019
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Dec. 16, 2019
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José Damiani is the President Emeritus of the WBF and the founder of the International Mind Sports Association.

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In the Well: Jose Damiani
Dear all I would like to thank all of you for your questions and comments , you address me I hope you found the answers you were looking for as I tried to respond as clearly as possible and very sincerely We may have disagreed from time to time but I ...
In the Well: Jose Damiani
Dear Peter I did reply to you but a connexion problem may have rejected my answer. I start with my monitoring Belladona/Garozzo in Rio 1979 and loosing 71/3 in 16 boards. Already and immediately involved in business… so actual. I was substitute of the EBL president sick. And ...
In the Well: Jose Damiani
No of course but I already said a general public disturbance that is to say a great number on players would be more efficient than an individual
In the Well: Jose Damiani
Dear Richard I appreciate the way you are doing evaluation in your company We were doing the same for the various sports events we organized in our own company ,to make sure that the sponsors partners get their return on investment I will offer you some numbers related to my ...
In the Well: Jose Damiani
Ok I tried 2 times to answer . Connexion problem’ May I have your email
In the Well: Jose Damiani
Look at the daily bulletin It was indeed an event organized by the French inviting ôter nations Impressive
In the Well: Jose Damiani
Dear Randy Welcome back I know that and am a fan I create the 1st Online Bridge World Cup as i mentioned to Gonzalo and we have made demonstration of tablets 3 times already . Marvelous especially as we can broadcast all match , we record everything , really confortable The key is ...
In the Well: Jose Damiani
You are right . It’s a tough one Of course it address more the each country Because as far as the WBF is concerned my personal view is to refuse to appear in any National court . We recognize only the CAS as the appeal body , eventually the Federal ...
In the Well: Jose Damiani
Thank you Steve .it is a good experience. My only surprise was the discussion about Israel where people confuse everything in my opinion but I don’t want to enter into politics Otherwise most of the questions were very accurate
In the Well: Jose Damiani
Thank you very much David As a matter of fact I was very keen to come to the well but did not expected such confusion in between cheating and politics You have perfectly summarized my position .Nothing much to add
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