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Josh Mullins
Josh Mullins
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April 19, 2017
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Nov. 14
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Josh Mullins's bidding problem: AK8742 K5 A43 K8
Yes, partner won’t have 3+ .
Bridge vs Poker: The Battle Continues
To be honest, I don’t think the logic needed to make these inferences is that difficult to program conceptually. In my opinion, poker thinking is significantly more difficult to program because the line of thinking is not necessarily linear, and computer programs (aka bots) are already better than humans ...
What are your responses if playing Ogust?
I’m just saying that by my definition a good 6 card suit and an outside A or K is no longer a bad hand, so if it’s always a good suit, bad hand, it can’t have a feature.
What are your responses if playing Ogust?
If this is true, wouldn’t a feature ask also be redundant?
Nickell vs. Lall - Board 111 - 7!S
How do you plan to cross to the 9 with the J outstanding?
Bad Moysian
Is partner not allowed to ask with 4-4 majors?
NABC Individual: Do Robots Dream of Endplay?
I may be misreading your tone as this is certainly interesting as a hypothetical, but it doesn’t seem too reasonable to me to play for a layout this specific when it also requires a misdefense (by both opponents!). The position is nearly fully known to both opposing bots by ...
Dick Vatter's bidding problem: K8 KJ8754 5 AK63
Depends on style I guess. I wouldn’t want to completely shut down partner with the hand I gave. Yes, I have wastage but the K might provide a useful pitch. It is certainly possible to have a much worse hand opposite shortness in this auction. Say xx Qxxx ...
Dick Vatter's bidding problem: K8 KJ8754 5 AK63
QJx Qxxx AKxx Qx. Sure, it’s unlikely, but when all we need to know are keycards why not ask and rule this hand out? It doesn’t seem to cost anything.
Richard Granville's bidding problem: AK83 Q64 AKJ75 A
I wouldn’t expect 2 to promise a fit for diamonds. For me, it just looks like, I have a total powerhouse (probably would have opened 2 or equivalent with no action ahead of me). Therefore, we have to show support now with 3. Partner should ...
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