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April 19, 2017
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Sharp Practice?
Finessing someone who shows out doesn’t seem very “normal” to me.
Competing over a strong NT with a strong hand
Didn’t have time to recheck until now but it appears that forcing both the NT opener and the stronger hand behind the opener to be balanced cuts the frequency by slightly more than half to about 1 in 1100 deals when I allow 18+. If I further restrict to ...
Competing over a strong NT with a strong hand
Ok, well yes that’s true that I am counting the unbalanced ones. Those hands might want to play for penalties too though. Anyway, I got your point. I’m not really that concerned with the exact number, but I know I have had this spot happen to me twice ...
Competing over a strong NT with a strong hand
I think once every five years is grossly-exaggerating the rareness of such an event especially if you play against “frequent upgrades”. A quick simulation tells me that a player holding 18+ sits to the direct left of a player holding 15-17 about 1 deal in 500. So it would come ...
Phil Ivey loses his appeal
I fully agree with Ben on this as well. Phil’s action are more about exploiting a defect in the game than they are in actively altering it. The casino has the responsibility to make sure this cannot occur. Another analogy. Imagine a player were to recognize that the dice ...
Get the Count
Thanks Kit. Makes sense. Enjoyed the article as always.
Get the Count
Isn’t E going to raise with QJxx Qxx Qx Jxxx just the same at these colors? Or more precisely, virtually anytime E has the Q of spades, Q of hearts and the known J of clubs, either diamond honor will be sufficient for a raise even if W holds ...
How Low Can You Go?
Sorry, I wasn't trying to suggest that it was. My own annoyances usually are a result of the field. Oren's results look more like bad luck.
How Low Can You Go?
I sympathize. Playing matchpoints in weakish fields where you get absolutely no protection for "normal" or even above par results can be quite frustrating. I do rather enjoy the aggressive mindset and the importance of every trick though, so I haven't given up just yet. Just one of many ...
pass fail
Agree with David. Change the hands ever so slightly and you'd have a flood of people on here talking about how easily they'd reach 4S. The choices are all close, and I also agree that always presuming N necessarily has his/her bid (especially given the poor quality ...
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