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Oren Kriegel's bidding problem: QJ954 A K9762 A4
- xx Ax KQJxxxxxx and we are cold for 7. I expect pard to have at least 9 tricks in hand for this bid, so while that is a perfect construction, it's still fairly minimal. Is it possible that pard has 2 small spades and we are down off the ...
Yuan Shen's bidding problem: AJT542 T9 62 AQ8
When I X, I think pd should easily be pulling to 5S with the hand given. After failing to bid 3S last round (which seems clear to me), he owes me a bid. If we defend 5Dx=, well we will have something to talk about in the post mortem. It ...
Oren Kriegel's bidding problem: AQ97642 A42 5 T4
Give pard xx JTx AKxx QJ9x which seems a totally reasonable hand on the auction and not a best case scenario for defending when we have a 9 card fit. 2CX looks like it's quite possibly the best spot to me. If we are making 4S on the layout ...
Oren Kriegel's bidding problem: AQ97642 A42 5 T4
You are right that it is quite specific, but I suspect pard has a stiff or void on this auction and our holding with some frequency. And with 2 spades, the X should still only come from 4+ clubs which means either we will defend in a still not terrible ...
Oren Kriegel's bidding problem: AQ97642 A42 5 T4
Is it crazy to think that pard might have the good 0454 that we actually want to defend white vs red? +200 could easily be a great MP score here. We still can deliver 2 quick tricks and pard isn't gonna X with less than 4 which means likely ...
Yuan Shen's bidding problem: A95 KJ94 --- Q98542
Why should we expect the bid to come back to us next time in 3D? Obviously from our perspective, the suit is almost certainly diamonds, but advancer can't see our hand. How can diamonds be raised when the suit is unknown? If we pass, advancer is obligated to complete ...
Michael Roche's bidding problem: xx 98xx AKJxxx x
What is the purpose of a limit raise splinter on a level that forces me to game?
ATB - Missed Slam
Yes, I am curious on this also as Michael R. and Michael H. have seemingly made conflicting assumptions here. I find it easy to imagine a minimum spade opener with heart shortness opposite a minimum 2 responder with spade shortness where there is no safety even at the 3 ...
ATB - Missed Slam
My only trouble with the 1st paragraph is that I would tend to think that 2 is limiting after 1 - (2) - 2 - (P). It would certainly still be unlimited without the diamond overcall. Perhaps, this is a bad treatment, but we play 2 here as ...
ATB - Missed Slam
Yeah this was our problem. Even if we knew of the hearts, there aren't enough of them to pitch two club losers AND a diamond loser. Both the diamond A and the club K can be assumed offside (at the table they were). So the diamond Q becomes critical ...
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