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Josh Sher
Josh Sher
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Basic Information

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Aug. 3, 2010
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13 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

I am a bridge geek, who once spent my week on the beach in Tahiti learning a strong pass relay system in order to fill in for someone for one session during my vacation in New Zealand.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Making the Semi-finals of the US team trials the one time I played in them.
Bridge Accomplishments
I Won a Club Game Once.
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Gold Life Master
Simple Club
Strong Club, variable ranges (All bids are stronger opposite a passed hand)
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TOSR - Symmetric Relay with xfer openings, stronger actions opposite PH
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Penalty or responsive?
I really think that anything other than penalty is silly here. A. The same hand bid 1H and 2H, so there is no guarantee they have a fit B. If you had 4 Spades, just bid them. It’s at the 2 level, while a minor is at the 3 ...
You Suspect a Psyche
Why does it matter if your opponent psyched. That does not change the strength of yours or your partner’s hands. Your partner has 5-8 with 4+ H, and you have a balanced 20 with a good fit. Suppose partner has QJ 5th of hearts and an ace (a max ...
Multi 2!d Continuations
Obviously that is slightly superior, but I play the exact same methods over x’s of all artificial bids in non Forcing auctions :all bids remain the same as without the x (including pass =to play) and XX asks for step 1 so I can sign off in my suit ...
Multi 2!d Continuations
I just copied that from one set of notes. I actually in most partnerships play something different over 2D-x: Pass is to play Xx is bid 2H and I will next bid my suit. With really great spades you can ignore me and bid 2S instead. Otherwise, systems on. Also ...
Multi 2!d Continuations
Over 2D weak 2 in either major: Version 1: Pass Either D’s or Potential Psych NV 2H Pass or correct. Could have decent hand for spades, 2h then 3h over 2s is invitational with 6+ hearts 2S Ss ( 2N Ogust, 3C to play, 3D INV Diamonds, 3h=INV hearts ...
Suggested Defenses Against a MOSCITO type 1D or 1H opening
It definitely depends on the exact bidding system. TOSR is different from MOSCITO for 8nstqnce. Also, I am assuming we are always talk8ng about imps, where it’s not just frequency that matters. At match points, the best use for the extra bid is clearly not the ability to overcall ...
Allendale, NJ IMP pairs—Tough Suit Combo
Without doing any analysis, I would have assumed that the right play in clubs is low toward the JT, and if that loses to the Q then low to the 8 later.... I will think about this later.
Suggested Defenses Against a MOSCITO type 1D or 1H opening
David, A. If my parter was strong I would rather open 1D B. If my partner was weak I would rather open 1H ( it takes away a call from the opponents, and in fact it takes away a strain, and i can end the auction at 1H, this is particularly ...
Suggested Defenses Against a MOSCITO type 1D or 1H opening
I don’t understand this. We are talking about sequences that mean the same thing, which are all the sequences other than pass by responder. Yes, the strong hands by responder are different, there you get to bid the relay at the 1 level instead of using a much higher ...
Suggested Defenses Against a MOSCITO type 1D or 1H opening
David, the discussion is about the new ACBL convention restrictions. In these restrictions, these artificial openers such as transfer opening bids need to contain 10 HCP or a Bergen 19 count (HCP plus length of two longest suits). So I will assume you mean 10-14. And NV, a lot of ...

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