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Sept. 8, 2015
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Wrong view on multi 2d by ACBL
Meanwhile the rest of the world plays multi 2D (and all sorts of other variations) at every level from low level club standard to top level national standard without any problems at all, and certainly no need for written defenses. But I'm sure this has all been said many ...
Selection Problems
Totally agree Steve. I think New Zealand are doing a very good job at the moment of creating a connection between their top players and the rank and file players. Something that is so important. Their teams in recent years, especially the open, have done well reaching KO stages of ...
Selection Problems
What would you call them Ian? Of course they are all volunteers. People volunteer for all sorts of roles for all sorts of reasons - but the one common factor is they aren't being paid. Perhaps you suggest that all the elected representatives and people you claim have "kudos" should ...
Selection Problems
"Thread" seems inadequate to describe this monster now. "Rope", "Tome", "Exposition" ?
Selection Problems
My strategy (as chairman of one of the Australian State bodies) when people moaned to me about something was to ask them to volunteer to get involved and help "fix" it. You can probably guess how many took up my offer (hint - it's a round number)! One wonders how ...
Selection Problems
Rumour has it the Barmy Army in NZ today were deliberately wearing lots of yellow tape!
Selection Problems
Not sure I'd agree with the 1st sentence of the last paragraph. There have been over 700 posts here arguing about whether an injustice occurred or not - with widely differing views! The things you mention have created a situation where it's POSSIBLE TO ARGUE an injustice has occurred ...
Selection Problems
Certainly selecting pairs to take part in trials is fraught with potential angst. Our points system (known as Playoff Qualifying Points - PQPs) certainly has flaws but does have many benefits as Ben says: 1. Avoids subjectivity about access to trials. 2. Provides an incentive for top players to take part ...
Selection Problems
ABF's two big income sources (about equal) are: 1. Capitation fees ($15 per member) 2. Masterpoints From what I can see it looks like the EBU has a fixed club subscription and then a small amount per player session. Would be interesting to do the maths and compare our ...
Selection Problems
You think self-funding wouldn't have implications on the strength of the team? Let's only give the chance to represent your country at bridge to the wealthiest. Obscene idea imho. It's completely normal in most amateur sports/pastimes that a small subscription at grass-roots level flows up to ...

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