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Should we have taken the push?
My experience of stop cards in England years ago was that when the next player had a problem they thought for a lot longer than the 10 seconds required anyway; and when they didn't have a problem they looked around the room, looked bored, and made it completely obvious ...
What's in a Name?
Bridge For Life? I would have said "Bridge for All" but I assume that's unavailable due to the EBU teaching program.
IMP Pairs
IMP pairs is depressingly popular in Australia. I am not a fan of it - you are so at the mercy of the field and you just need the cards to have a chance. Plus some boards are worth disproportionate amounts. Horrible form of scoring imho. More and more matchpoint tournaments ...
The Evils of E-W and Sitouts
In New Zealand I've seen a system operate at club level that I quite liked. You sit anywhere to start with. But before the first round each table tosses a coin and the winners choose their direction. I imagine that would be subject to a few fixed NSs for ...
The Evils of E-W and Sitouts
A friend once told a story about directing at a club in a very wealthy area (where a typical session had a lot of rich self-important people). It was free seating and of course they all thought they were entitled to be NS. With about 5 minutes to game time ...
Playing Weak NT. How to bid after 1m=1M with 4 card support.
I play weak NT regularly. I don't think I have ever rebid 1NT with 4 card support in this context although I have seen partner do it with 4333 and soft "NT'y" type cards. We play mini-splinters so our sequence 1m-1M-3M almost always shows a good strong NT ...
World Bridge Games ("Olympiad") 2020
Plus D) pay expenses for a load of WBF officials to hold an Executive meeting (many not involved in running the championships but travelling in specially). Two things will happen over time though (we are already starting to see both): 1. More and more NBOs will refuse to host until ...
Sweet textbook hand from Monday night
At my table the defence only cashed one spade and then switched to trumps (E had not bid over my 2C opener so W was presumably trying to reduce what he thought were possible S ruffs in dummy). This gave me another winning option which would have been to pitch ...
ATB, if any, for this missed slam
We didn't get there after S passed. But I think we should have. Our bidding was 1NT(11-14) - 2C - 2S - 4S. I think East should have bid 3H over 2S (which we play as strong agreement of S). Now we at least have a chance to exchange some cue ...
ATB, if any, for this missed slam
You wouldn't get a strong NT from E. South was dealer so if they don't open 3D, West will be opening the bidding.

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