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Sept. 8, 2015
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Cater for as much as you can
Yes dummy's clubs were A8x and declarer's Q54. What about on a H lead to the A (you unblock the K) and a C switch. Should you put the Q up?
Tollemache Qualifier - Group A
Could have gone further! "While the ruling was later than usual, more people were consulted than would have been the case with a rushed hearing on Sunday evening. It was therefore thoroughly thought through, though those ruled against may disagree."
Ripped Off
What a remarkably US-centric view. It might surprise you to learn that the game of bridge is alive and well in many countries outside ACBL land. So whether or not the ACBL survives, fails, is restructured, etc, etc is hardly going to determine whether the game itself survives. I have ...
Ripped Off
I can't see cash ever disappearing as a payment option - certainly not at club level. Having said that in Australia we already have: 1. A requirement for all our National level tournaments that entries be made in advance and prepaid. We have online credit card facilities and well over ...
500,000-1 Hand
Sure, understand. It's largely analagous to the case of AQ109xx opposite x. Low to the Q is better there too as it picks up Jx offside. Low to the 10 losing to Kx offside doesn't help as you still lose to the Jxxx onside later. (For the record ...
500,000-1 Hand
I did look at that after posting this. Definitely useful but I found it hard to interpret. Also I couldn't see how you consider variations on the 2nd round. Not so relevant here where you only have one entry so you presumably have to cash CA on the 2nd ...
500,000-1 Hand
Not long after I started playing almost 30 years ago, at a friend's place we hand shuffled and dealt a 32 count. That's still the most I've ever seen or held. At the New Zealand National congress last week there was a 28 point hand (AKQ43 AK94 ...
Forcing or Not?
Assuming 2H over 2C was natural and forcing, then this can't be forcing now because I'd have already bid 2H with such a hand. I have less than whatever 2H's minimum range would have been. It sounds something like a 46xx weak hand to me. Less distributional ...
An interesting hand... advice appreciated...
Because they might pass 2D out - especially when going off in 50s!
Superb Sportsmanship
Trying to define which doubles are and aren't alertable is messy. I previously played bridge in England which had all sorts of rules about it. The rules were so convoluted that, in practice, the average player just alerted all doubles to be on the safe side because they had ...

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