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Weak NT's and Two Way Stayman - using "spare" bids
I've played far more weak NT than strong NT over the years. Most of the time I've just played simple stayman, 4 suit transfers and had 3 level responses as single suit slam tries. The latter just never come up. Nowadays in my regular partnership we play 3 ...
Application of new laws - assigned scores
Absolutely. The teammate in question has regularly exhibited exactly those tendencies and yes we know that he is historically slow! But it's interesting that other posters here seem to be saying that under the new laws none of that matters and, where only one board is involved, the director ...
Application of new laws - assigned scores
Kit Richard's previous post said: "It looks to me as though the Director should award an assigned adjusted score under Laws 12C1(c) and 86B1. As I read Law 86B2, since only one board is at issue, the question of offending and non-offending sides does not come into it ...
Application of new laws - assigned scores
OK thanks. I'm still intrigued as to what level of discretion is available (and whether laws 12 and 86 operate independently or whether 86 is only further guidance for the operation of 12). The overall title of law 12 suggests awarding any adjusted score is discretionary. 12A and 12B ...
Application of new laws - assigned scores
I don't get Law 86B1. It seems to contain an initial proviso that it only applies when the Director awards an adjusted score. Then in some circumstances (e.g. like the one we had) (s)he shall award an assigned adjusted score. Which implies the Director must have awarded ...
ACBL Nationals Start times
Interesting to see such a split vote. This has been an issue in Australia for quite a while. Our major tournaments always used to be afternoon/evening sessions as well. But in recent years they have almost all switched to morning/afternoon. Overall attendances have gone up certainly. However that ...
ACBL Nationals Start times
Likewise. I was interested to see the North American view on this issue since it's been an ongoing saga in Australian bridge for some years. But I didn't know how to view the results without either voting or abstaining.
Bermuda Bowl Q&A
Hi Pete Hope you enjoyed the experience and get another chance in future! Safe travels home. Couple of questions: 1. Looking back now, how suitable do you feel your preparation was? Too much play, too little play, focus on the right things, etc? What might you do differently next time ...
Colin Baker's bidding problem: --- AQ2 JT6542 KT74
If you bid 4S it continues P 5D 5H back to you. Now what?
When is shuffle/deal/play appropriate?
Absolutely. Suspect it also increases the contributions from players too. Certainly does with me - I usually try to write at least one article during our large tournaments to help the bulletin editor with material. But there's no way I'd do it without being able to refer to hand ...

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