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Sept. 8, 2015
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Colin Baker's bidding problem: --- AQ2 JT6542 KT74
If you bid 4S it continues P 5D 5H back to you. Now what?
When is shuffle/deal/play appropriate?
Absolutely. Suspect it also increases the contributions from players too. Certainly does with me - I usually try to write at least one article during our large tournaments to help the bulletin editor with material. But there's no way I'd do it without being able to refer to hand ...
When is shuffle/deal/play appropriate?
I remember in England at my local club we used to shuffle & deal at the start of the session, then each player would write down the hands they'd dealt on little tear-off "curtain cards" which went into the board with the cards so that future tables could check the ...
When is shuffle/deal/play appropriate?
Gene - I think you responded to JoAnn Sprung in the "Wonder of bridge down under" thread to say the Gold Coast tournament was on your bucket list. Judging from your comments here, you should try it - you would be utterly blown away by what happens. And, even though the Gold ...
When is shuffle/deal/play appropriate?
60x62 seems to be assuming every table has their own set of boards. Bizarre. I've never played the event but it sounds like you play 4 stanzas of 15 boards across, say, 64 tables (assume a full entry). So you give each table 3 boards to start with and ...
When is shuffle/deal/play appropriate?
This is like asking whether the fastest way to cross the Atlantic today is by sailing ship or steamship! Shuffle/Deal/Play in any form of organised bridge tournament is, imho, archaic. Of course the boards should be predealt with hand records, analyses, etc etc. For every table of every ...
Second to last seed advances to round of 16
Silly question perhaps but why in the BW bracket display on this page does a lower ranked winning team take on the higher ranked team's number in the next round? I'd have thought it was clearer for a team to keep the same number throughout - that way you ...
The Wonder of Bridge Down Under
The way we currently do it, can be either. The software just tracks the total entry fee due (which increases after the "early bird discount" period expires) and a "still to pay" column. Each entry is automatically assigned a reference number which is used when paying. The organisers currently need ...
The Wonder of Bridge Down Under
We've been very lucky with our scoring systems. For a long time we had very limited options, especially at the National level. But in recent years there have been 2 great systems developed (Matt's is one, the other is called Compscore 2) which have continually pushed the boundaries ...
The Wonder of Bridge Down Under
It probably would be quite a significant culture change if people are conditioned to just turning up. But I totally agree with Ben, pre-entry ultimately makes things easier for everyone: a) The players don't have to queue up b) The organisers know participant numbers earlier c) Tournament delays are ...

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