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ATB playing 5m down when 3NT is much better
A small club lead to an honour also seems like a problem. Basically you go down in most cases they lead a 5card suit and the spade finesse is off.
Maurizio Di Sacco interview - topics: LoveBridge (tablet bridge) and cheating
For me misclicks have always been an issue due to the electronic input. When a physical movement to detach the card is involved you have a correction possibility.
A Recommendation for USA Bridge
An interesting shift in the structure of financial assets too (p.13). Seems like an explanation to (2).
Top Bridge Pros' Tax Woes Continue
"The motto of my company is Travail et tempérance sont les meilleurs docteurs de l’homme (Work and moderation are the best doctors for men)" - Pierre Zimmermann Really sorry for Geir and Tor, they are both nice guys, but it is fitting they got served the medicine as per their ...
2019 European Open, 15-29 June, Istanbul
To Kitta: spring 2016
2019 European Open, 15-29 June, Istanbul
I've been to this hotel, on a friendly match with Turkish Open team. While the facilities seemed OK (needing a renovation perhaps), and the location is next to the seaside promenade, as far as I remember there are scarce options for eating in the neighborhood.
Best play for contract after unfortunate lead
Right, mistype.
Once again, something new
It's the same, just repeat the finesse after the Q holds. Some obscure 5-1 spades with 2 hearts with the singleton makes a difference.
Best play for contract after unfortunate lead
Finding 4 diamonds and 3 hearts in any hand, or 3 diamonds and 3 hearts in E seems a better proposition. Even some variants with 5-2 diamonds are makeable.
Your UI ruling?
If partner has the low tier decision ( min raise) he has the incentive to bid in tempo as otherwise he might bar us from reopening. If he has the high tier decision (max raise), he might take his time as the reason for the huddle is not clear. So in ...

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