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Julian Stefanov
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DEMIREV wins North American Swiss
Congrats to all the winners. A notable mention to team Korbel, ranked third, but within 1 VP from first too. Cannot help but notice that the the technical means of reporting the results is in line with the level of system regulation in USA. :)
2 parter
I usually tend to believe my partner than the opponents. Well, it depends a bit on the class of my partner, but I find it unproductive to erode partnership trust unless something impossible has happened. In my understanding 4H is an unequivocal slam try in diamonds. All other types of ...
2 parter
I would be fishing for 7. After all Axx xxx Jxxxx xx is the same 3D. And if I hear 4S over 4H...
2 parter
5NT for me, pick a slam. Is a hand like KQx - AKQx AKxxxx or similar possible? Seems like to fit the bidding.
How to play 6!H and win or lose the Bermuda Bowl
Only with J8/9, but not J5.
Spingold Chances SF- Part 6
If 4D was a serious slam try as opposed to 3N, then N has no extras and must pass. All depends on methods.
ATB: missed slam
I think easiest would be to bid 4D over 2S. This should be heart support and Cue. Spades are not in focus and with a long minor you just bid it on level 3.
Every fifty years...
Isn't dummy squeezed on the red suits run ?
Forcing or not
The "shut up" part is what makes preempts effective.
Double Standards
Then I can't help but wonder why "gamesmanship" is usually frowned upon?

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