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Top Bridge Pros' Tax Woes Continue
Team Monaco was formed by bleeding out two formidable bridge countries - Norway and Italy. You can check their results lately. I'm not at all sure that the aggregated effect to the level of bridge is positive.
Grue-Moss Slam Bidding
My definition of a troll includes a person ready to post opinion of other persons personality, intellectual level and opinions without any knowledge on the same. I wish everyone a pleasant evening, I do not intend to spoil mine with this chat.
Grue-Moss Slam Bidding
Same reactions with regards to cheating several years ago. I guess people will never change.
Grue-Moss Slam Bidding
OK, to put it clearly - I suspect that the deal generation algorithms have been tinkered with, with regards to upping the normal level of available total tricks, more on certain boards. This leads to more interesting, highly competitive and imp heavy deals. Not that someone "chooses" the deals. I have ...
Grue-Moss Slam Bidding
I am interested only from the time Big Deal has started operating.
Grue-Moss Slam Bidding
Do not put words in my mouth. Suspicion could be triggered by pure coincidence. No one is accusing, for this is needed a much higher level of certainty.
Great Grand Slam auction in the Transnational playoff in Lyon
The difference between a non-specific bidding seqence that needs an extraordinary bid to reach the max, and a specific sequence through which one can place the final contract without guesswork was witnessed by the american team. In short - even the best make suboptimum bids if they get out of system.
Grue-Moss Slam Bidding
Too many slams on the last board during the championship. And my observation from previous championships is that last board of a segment is usually a high turnover one. Do I need to cross the dots for what I suspect?
Great Grand Slam auction in the Transnational playoff in Lyon
And what if W breaks the transfer with a super accept...which he will surely do?
Grue-Moss Slam Bidding
As far as I know they do not play full relay. Bidding to 7 diamonds on board 32 will be an easy task for any full relay system PROVIDED that you could get in relay asking bids (no 1NT opening by W, but some strong club variation). A semi natural ...

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