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Julian Stefanov
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Aug. 21, 2012
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My Bols Tip in Action
Because: - W would likely have acted with 6 spades over 1D, based on his value showing jump on the second round - S might have opened 1C with 44 minors, it is actually a systemic issue Both these make your case a very narrow parlay, that is the reason I suggested ...
My Bols Tip in Action
This works if S has 4 clubs. Based on the bidding this leaves him with about 15 cards. My Bols tip:if you have the urge to make a brilliant play, better think twice. The cheers you hear might be laughter.
European Championship Exact Location
Congress Centre is one site, Palavinci (sport hall) is another. Look again.
How would you rule?
It all depends if 3nt is alertable. For instance our local regulation is that bids over 3sp without screens are not alertable, whatever the meaning.
BZ - "People and their strange mannerisms"
Actually the hand is cold on any defence, except on a club shift...
Geir Helgemo N° 1
So maybe there is a technical merit versus luck consideration when awarding pp?
Scoring errors
I'm afraid you misunderstood a bit - the check is made not when the declarer (or whoever inputs the score) confirms it, but when the other side accepts it. Abuse will effect in 50% chance of entering some number of tricks with a key honor as lead - and a bit ...
Scoring errors
Well, if they do not enter the opening lead among the 13 possible card in designated leader - they will not be able to enter the score at all. So they have the incentive - the easiest thing will be to enter the real lead, in stead of trying to guess a ...
Scoring errors
If the Bridgemates have the functionality to check for inconsistent inputted leads based on hand records, wouldn't it be effective this check to be done at the verification of the score by the non-inputting side? Thru this the security considerations will be negated and at least we will have ...
Official Spanish Team Statement
This sounds like the Hog admiring the purely accidental benefits of one of his stratagems :)

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