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Aug. 21, 2012
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Awkward bidding situation....
Much easier to play 1NT as forcing. Most play it over a 1M opening, right?
Video from Pepsi vs Gupta Vanderbilt 4th quarter
The link leads to a Nickel match?
Selection Problems
I think the meaning of the whole lot of it is KISS. With some transatlantic gibes intermixed.
TD decision: I'm still scratching my head
Tom, I didn't consider the pips to be of importance, as my intention was to show the structure of the TD decision rather than to argue the ratios employed. Even without the pips the slam is makeable along the crossruff line. Club lead, ruff, spade finesse, A of clubs ...
TD decision: I'm still scratching my head
As the hand was played 10 months ago, my recollection of the pips is not clear. As Mr. Duschek was one of the directorial staff as per my recollection, he should know best. Anyway the slam was makeable along the lines mentioned here with careful timing, but we neither claimed ...
TD decision: I'm still scratching my head
No committes as per present vogue, one has to resort to review by the same directors.
TD decision: I'm still scratching my head
Well, IF one psyches a conventional bid and lands on his feet (guess what will happen if his partner had a 5th heart and a club singleton...), this leaves a sour taste. Based on the present regulation "anything goes against a strong club", thus licencing the most destructive methods against ...
TD decision: I'm still scratching my head
The idea of the post was not to seek consolation, but to describe a ruling that left me very surprised with its technicality. I'd have been less surprised if the result stood. As for the meaning of the 2N bid, our opponents had a quite thick book of system ...
TD decision: I'm still scratching my head
Well, with N having the explanation that RHO has hearts, bidding 3 is out of the picture. With the other explanation I think the auction would have gone as suggested, but the director refused to listen that we are both minimum for our bids and unlikely to reach slam ...
TD decision: I'm still scratching my head
Regarding going down in slam...try playing it with 26 cards and the expected club lead, having been explained that RHO had a black 2 suiter. The last info was surely not available at all tables playing slam.

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