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Becoming good at counting cards?
I'm far from being an expert, but the one thing that helped me improve my counting a lot is playing count signals only. When your partner leads a suit, give count; when declarer leads a suit, give count; when discarding, give count in the suit you discard. If you ...
Unprecedented opportunity to teach new people bridge (help needed)
I don't know if it's available in another language than French, but FunBridge has something aimed at beginners wanting to start playing. I haven't tried it (my partner would surely say that it wouldn't hurt...), but I just had a quick look. It starts by explaining ...
Simple Transfers over 1 Club opening
We also play a strong NT, 5 card major system and we switched to transfers after our 1 opening not long ago. The main difference in our structure compared to yours is that our 1 response is 5-10 or GF with diamonds and 1NT is 11-12, which makes ...
1!h-2!s and 1!s-3!h to show 3-card limit raise in opener’s major?
We play that 1 - 2 is a 3-card limit raise with 5. It hasn't happened too often, but has been helpful when it did, although I agree that it might not be the most efficient use of this bid. However, we play 1 - 3 ...
Gazzilli: 3!C Third Bid by Opener after Responder Makes Weak 2!S Rebid
That is one of the reasons why we play Yuan Shen’s version, where 2 is either strong or minimal with 6, while 1-1-2 shows 5 and 4+.
Second Stayman
I've heard of a convention that seems to have the same purpose. 1NT - 3 is specifically (43)33, asking opener to name a 4-card major only if he thinks that it might be better to play in that major or to just bid 3NT if he prefers to ...
Grosvenored by a little old lady
Phil: I'm sorry, I don't understand how declarer having xx Ax Qx QJxxxxx makes it right to ruff with the 9. Isn't it already too late after the second round of spades?
Grosvenored by a little old lady
Because they religiously give count; a ruff is a ruff after all.
Playing Count as the primary signal on Partner's leads
In France, count is also very common. Although I'm far from being an expert, I switched to count-only (even while discarding and unless it's a very specific situation) a couple of years ago and the main benefit I got from this method is that it got me into ...
And he hasn’t even started speaking about Uranus yet.
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