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Juraj Kvocek
Juraj Kvocek
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July 22, 2012
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13 hours ago
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about me

Member of Slovak Junior Team. I'm currently finishing my Master's in Quantitative Finance in Vienna.


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Juraj Kvocek's bidding problem: KQT AQ87 AKJ843 ---
This was a nice (first) experience of coming up with a bid that no one else bid here. At the table I was a bit reluctant to play 3X and bid 4 which resulted in a major game that my partner made. I'm commenting here because, well ...
Do you spend too much time playing bridge?
Not enough?
Meaning of 1M (2M) 4m?
My understanding is that fit jumps are supposed to help our partner decide whether to compete further. I don't buy the argument about opponents not making a save because they fear bad splits in minors - it happens all the time that they bid 4 over 4 and ...
Red and the Helpful Fellow
Seems like a dangerous idea to lead a spade from low doubleton instead of a from QJ102.
Board 4 In The Wroclaw Quarterfinals
Do you need to find LHO with a singleton A for that line to succeed? Because of entry problems you need help with elimination, right?
Complex Hand
I would also like to know how do you treat redouble after pass = 2trumps. I suppose it makes sense to play some "cooperative" redouble, how strict are your requirements?
Swinging at the club
What about bidding 2NT (if it shows the red suits, with my partners it does) instead of 1?
Liam Milne's bidding problem: AQJ73 --- KQ987 872
Using Leaping Michaels I think bidding 4 at this stage is just being inconsistent. Having decided not to bid it in the first place I wouldn't consider it a possibility now.
Juraj Kvocek's bidding problem: Q763 Q642 A2 T97
The problem happened to be completely different. Partner's hand was: A95 AK95 8 AK843 and we ended up going two down in 6 after I bid 4 (would you believe we had to lose a trick in s? ). Maybe we could also make a poll about what ...
Liam Milne's bidding problem: J K643 K8 AKQ843
I thought about 4 followed by 5, but I think there is still quite real danger that it would follow 4-Dbl-4M-5 and I'm in an even worse position than before. I think the opponents got us this time...

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