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Sept. 20, 2015
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The Kids Table: There is Such a Thing as Bad Publicity
...negative view of the game ... I haven't seen the film; but even if this is a failed attempt, the idea isn't unreasonable. However, the image projected should be realistic - if there are no compensating positive aspects bridge is finished and so be it. In the 90's there ...
The Kids Table: There is Such a Thing as Bad Publicity
"Note more than 1 million people have seen that youtube video!" Apparently there are still people who believe these numbers. They counted me legitimately, though and I turned it off after 30 seconds.
How far to go for full disclosure
Why are you using bidding conventions that your partner regularly forgets? The rules require full disclosure although, obviously, full disclosure would be undesirable even if it were possible. It's one of many unenforceable rules of bridge. If your goal is to play by the rules, even though nobody else ...
Bermuda bowl 1/4 finals
That's true. It seems that many bridge players like a lottery.
Bermuda bowl 1/4 finals
Re "I don't like the idea of a pairs trial." Why? I am not sure this can happen in Bridge, however in comparable competitive games the presence of an established recognizable world champion has a positive effect. These are figures with whom others, particularly young people, identify and whom ...
Bermuda bowl 1/4 finals
Yes - that certainly would be a source of error. But I think it is impolite to mention that.
Bermuda bowl 1/4 finals
"...uncommon but not rare..." There are some useful numbers compiled by John Manning from 231 matches, 32 boards each between 22 teams at a European championship event in Brighton (no date given).See From these you can estimate the probability of USA1 ...
Meckwell leaving NICKELL
"...Displacement happens in many Sports..." Yes, but there is no good reason why nationality should be a consideration in WC competition. If you get rid of this unnatural restriction you have solved some of the problems arising from xenophobia and national chauvinism; and you have eliminated the need for sponsors ...
Zimmerman Reinstated as Winners of Rosenblum Cup 2018
"Helgemo didn't play as well as he normally does" That may be so - we don't know, but let's assume that your sophisticated secret software has determined as much. If you now wanted to answer any of the relevant questions, you would also need to determine how he ...
Meckwell leaving NICKELL
" there a problem i am missing?" Yes. More than one. 1. When outsiders displace local players, some of whom will have had ambitions to play on their national team, some of whom may have unfriendly feelings toward foreigners, considerable ill feelings will inevitably be generated in the community of ...
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