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Sept. 20, 2015
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Today i'm not stating but asking.
Will somebody please explain to me why such a big deal is made of reversing the meaning of Pass and 1C as the opening bid?
Flights from the US to Montreal are on sale today
@Donald Of course, the evolution of our species - and many species affected by our doings - no longer proceeds as it did in the old days. In Darwin's day people still died, on average, long before reaching senility and sterility. So even the effect that I cited - namely, increasing the ...
Flights from the US to Montreal are on sale today
A naked ape with a big head is not the only viable outcome. For example, cockroaches are, as a species, much more successful than we are. Of course, they don't play bridge as well as humanoids do.
Flights from the US to Montreal are on sale today
Why don't pigs have wings?
Flights from the US to Montreal are on sale today
A few years ago, in 1859, Darwin published his heretical theory. This suggests that homo sapiens acquired his rational faculties because, on average, dumb people don't live as long as clever people. So the ACBL might be doing a public service if they hold as many tournaments as possible ...
Interesting pts/rating system on euchre apps
This is a good example of a system that combines all the bad features of all conceivable ad hoc rating systems with one exception, namely inversion of the scale. To add this feature just take 1/r instead of r; or perhaps 1/log(r).
"over the shoulder" realtime self-commentary of some boards - Today at 5:30 EST (29 march)
This idea has been implemented by the Chess24 site. They run a very strong tournament with significant cash prizes where the players are supposed to explain what they are doing. Here an example: They also have ...
The bridge genius John Collings (1933-2005)
He gives this as a reason for their wonderful successes "during the 60s". So there must have been - what shall we call it? - habituation.
The bridge genius John Collings (1933-2005)
Really? Can you tell that your partner has an Ace based on his lead? If so, shouldn't you do something about it?
The bridge genius John Collings (1933-2005)
"During the 60s we had wonderful successes. Jonathan could tell what I had, it wasn’t “telepathy” though, he just knew. He could tell when I was underleading aces." Fisher and Schwartz were good at that too.
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