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Jurijs Balasovs
Jurijs Balasovs
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Feb. 5, 2012
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Feb. 22
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Bridge Player
about me

Started playing at school at age 16.

9 months later was playing my first European Youth Team Championships Prague 2003.




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Favorite Bridge Memory
Sanremo 2009, had epic upswing in declarer play abilities
Bridge Accomplishments
2nd place world youth team championships
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Bethers :)
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Riga invites to Jurmala
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
The Best Bridge Writer
Kit Woolsey
A suicidal transfer break
South forgot to bid 2 on his first opportunity. With this NT range it is advisable to show values when braking transfer.
Opponment writes 100 for his own score.
Yeah, i wrote it wrong :) The case in question is, he knows where is an Ace, but don't know distribution.
Opponment writes 100 for his own score.
What about declarer has count of the hand, and he know East has Ace of , now, if he asks, he can't get it wrong. It is NEVER 50-50 if declarer open his mouth :)
1) Never claim when you have to concede a trick. 2) Never claim Although i see merit in never claiming (it will occasionally earn you a trick(<1%) and you will see all hands (if you count them)) , i usually take 1st path.
Literal Double Dummy
Had something similar once (9 cards were exposed if i remember correctly) TD had a headache over what to rule. Although TD ruling was to continue to play, it was overulled (by himself few hours later) that board was damaged beyond repair and some split scores were awarded.
What is 2NT here?
Ok ,maybe too strong, swap to K108x?
What is 2NT here?
This double, at this vulnarability in this position... emm.. i don't see a single hand where he can have 4-3 in minors, this is eather 4144 or 40(54). Should South be worried to find better minor or ability to play 2NT? I believe it is later case. South ...
What is the best use for this bid?
What about this? Q109 A10 AKQ109 J109 I mean, if we do bid smth other than 4 in this position, doesn't it already show that we have to have "source of tricks"? Why does it matter where we have this trick source? Anyway, why ...
What Do You Make of This Jump?
I don't think partner will introduce suit with 2-4-7-0. 5 and 6 will go thru 4 bid, therefore, it seems to be 3-4-6-0 or more crazy hands, like 1-5-7 or 0-6-7-0, very rare indeed, so as this bidding. OTOH, he may have 2-5-6-0 type of ...

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