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Feb. 22, 2014
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Oct. 22, 2019
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Method for showing distributional versus high-card strength
After collecting his third or fourth overtrick in 2, an East who had AKxxx xx xxx xxx will suggest that West might have bid a bit more. After claiming his twelve easy tricks in 4, an East who had AKxxxx xx xx xxx will wonder what he was ...
Method for showing distributional versus high-card strength
Gazilli - use a 2 rebid from Opener to show either a limited hand with spades and clubs, or a powerhouse. A (non-2-mediated) jump to 4 is then known to be fuelled solely by some mixture of distribution and optimism.
The Best Bridge Writer
John Brown's books always seem to get forgotten in these discussions - well worth a look!
What's a sensible defence against short-diamond Mini-Roman?
One defence to the Precision 2 opening is to use 3 as majors, 4 as diamonds and hearts, 4 as diamonds and spades. You can play X as if they opened a multi - something like 13-15 balanced or any 19+ hand. 2NT is 16-18 (I like ...
How scientific you think that should be (Big Bang 2NT opening)
The link to the system notes no longer works - is anybody able to post an updated link, or email the notes to me?
BBO Vugraph - Where are the women?
If the standard of women's events is lower than the standard of open events, why show women's events on vugraph? But if the standard of women's events is not lower than the standard of open events, why hold women's events at all?
Systems On Over 1NT Overcall -- How about Lebensohl?
A bit off topic, but even if you do play 'system on', it makes sense to play that where the oppo opened 1M promising a five-card suit, Stayman asks only about the other major. (1) - 1NT - (Pass) - 2 - Pass, Overcaller bids 2 with four spades and 2 ...
Strong Club Openers -- Insights Requested
My experience is that it is often important to upgrade a hand with fourteen or fifteen points and long clubs into a strong 1 opening. It is not always easy for responder to move over the natural 2 opening with a scattered eight-count or so, which may be ...
Songs (sort of) about Bridge
'I felt the knife in my hand, and she carved no mooooore...'
Songs (sort of) about Bridge
And who can forget that Tom Jones classic, 'It's not Unusual (because I am in fourth seat)'.

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