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Justin Lall
Justin Lall
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Aug. 29, 2011
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2 hours ago
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Bridge Pro
about me

I love Taylor Swift and Tony Romo

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
The day that Joe Grue realized that Brad and I play better with each other than either of us play with him
Bridge Accomplishments
Never killing my partner
Regular Bridge Partners
Kevin Bathurst, Hemant Lall, Brad Moss, Joe Grue, Bob Hamman
Favorite Tournaments
New Orleans, Penticton, Canberra
Favorite Conventions
Jumps to game natural, especially 1m p 1S p 1N p 4H when you have agreed "no curveballs"
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Grand Life Master
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USBF To Hold U31 Trials for 2020 WYBTC
I mean they’re doing it because they can make more money. They will make more and more categories if it makes them more money, I don’t understand how anyone can go along with the presumption that the wbf is ever acting in good faith and their decisions are ...
BridgeWinners Golden Raspberry Awards 2019
Haha honestly this was the first hand I thought of also! Live by the sword, die by the sword I suppose :P
BridgeWinners Golden Raspberry Awards 2019
That is a hard question Max for exactly the reason you pointed out, totally depends on how you define clear errors. But it would have to be way closer to “compared to double dummy” than “compared to a reasonable definition” to blow >1 imp a board on clearcut errors imo ...
How well do you understand restricted choice?
Haha even for David Burn that is an epic troll post.
How well do you understand restricted choice?
There are many potential families that have at least one boy in it but none named Dylan. I think the point is that the more specific the info, the more the probability that the other child is a boy or a girl approaches 50 percent. If it was a boy ...
IMO it’s not to make him feel part of the team, it is because he is part of the team... he was on the team that won the team trials to qualify in the first place and no doubt will be the therapist and coach of at least my ...
Lose the Colorado Springs Labor Day Sectional Flighted Swiss Team with Me
This is restricted choice, with T8 LHO can play either but with Q8 they must play low. This is usually not the case since it means RHO would have restricted choice on the first round so it cancels out, but in this case with Tx RHO must play low. Likewise ...
Banished to the Couch
@Marty, I almost always agree with your posts and logic, and in fact completely agree with your first post here. But I think you are totally wrong about thinking that X of 1N should be "penalty." 1C 1x p 1N, playing the same as you would play after 1x p ...
World Bridge Games ("Olympiad") 2020
First google hit for "Bill Gates ACBL donation" was: I mean, that kind of misses the point since even if he never donated money to bridge that's OK IMO but whatever :) It's ok if you disagree with me and I disagree ...
World Bridge Games ("Olympiad") 2020
I am not buddies with Gates and Buffett, I do not know them. In what way did I talk like I am buddies with them? Everything I said was public record (google?) and well known. I offered the reasons I disagreed with your post (and that sentiment in general, which ...
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