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Jyri Tamminen
Jyri Tamminen
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Oct. 15, 2017
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Very Unusual Notrump
...The other is how we managed to go 3 down in 4NT when opponents made 6NT. Easy: 32 HCP, 12 top tricks with clubs QJ opposite 32.
Andy Caranicas's bidding problem: 4 KQ765 Q53 QJ92
I like it more that invitational 2 is puppet to 2. Allows us to stop 2 with invitation opposite 3 card nonacceptance or 2 with diamonds.
Craig Biddle's bidding problem: J87654 KJ2 3 KQT
And if that finesse were on, how many tricks there is likely to be in 3?
Craig Biddle's bidding problem: T7 --- AKQJT86532 9
I bid on for 2 reasons 1. Slam is still a possibility 2. I think partner would not enjoy the play in 3NT very much with a spade void
Gabriel Carrasco's bidding problem: J92 K AJ2 AKJT85
2: one standard non-solution to the BWDH.
Thomas Berg's bidding problem: 73 AKQ72 A5 KT82
In my partnerships 2 is forcing to 2 hence pass would be forcing only if opponents overcalled 2 or 2 and opener accepts insufficient bid :-)
Irwin Miller's bidding problem: Ax QJx QT9x AQxx
IMO "double appears to be the best choice here" is an overbid, but I agree that it appears to be the least bad choice here.
Howard Engle's bidding problem: A KQ954 T AQJT92
Last time in this sequence I had 0526 nine count, all vul
Jon Gassaway's bidding problem: QJx x Kxx AKxxxx
Many players use 2NT her as forcing enquiry, with different followups varying in complication. We play easy one, and not optimal: 2NT-> 3 natural, showing unbalanced 3 card raise + distribution, i.e. 6 or 4 card sidesuit. 3 Minimum Bal 4 card raise or min ...
How many spades?
4 or 4, or 3 followed by 4 level bid?
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