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Questions for people who play 12-14 1NT
And IIRC as a corollary 1C-1D; 1M-1NT implied 9-11. Transfer responses help here too: after 1S (no Major)- 1NT responder gets a chance to invite, with 2NT, 3m (or 2HS artificial, If you play 1NT response as inv+ with clubs and 2C as GF with diamonds)
ATB - 21 HCP 3NT game
Agreed. Besides, I find IT difficult to construct Many hands for opener that would make 3NT better than 5D, or would make an overtrick at MP when 5D makes.
Double of a splinter bid
We play this way at equal vul. And always suggesting a save at favorable.
Missed Grand
With another partner we play Turbo. Then it could go after 3: 4-4NT= 2or4 keycards; 5 Cue-5NT Q, no Kings nor 3rd round control, 6 denying Q, showing 3rd round control. But If responder follows the method stricktly IT might go 4C-4S; 5C ...
Missed Grand
Playing GF transfers makes slam bidding easier. They have their downsides, obviously. 2NT-3, 3= Fit, no source of tricks nor Supermax with every suit controlled, - 3= Spl. After that start it is about methods finding 3Rd round club control. For us that would Be Kickback followed by ...
Do You Count Your Cards?
marmic for me. I wonder why, as it is frustrating shape for our system.
What next
Michael Lawrence ensured an entry to dummy in 7NT by playing small from AKQxxxx to T9 in a pairs game. J was singleton
What constitutes a 3 card spade raise after 1H-1S?
John: pages 77-81
Does it matter how many points the opponents show?
I have the methods: stay fixed and pass with 12- Bad 13 so we let them play undoubled when we are 12 vs 12. Mini NT must win sometimes, trying to cater everything makes our ranges unplayable.
Does it matter how many points the opponents show?
Yes, one of the few reasonable applications of stolen bid: opponents stole My opening, I am passing happily
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