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Jyri Tamminen
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Jyri Tamminen's bidding problem: 54 A2 KQT73 KT92
E was throwing curve balls, he had 1516. Partner's hand was KQJTxx - AJxxx Qx, so his reluctance to double was based on heart void.
Forcing pass situation or not?
I read a TBW from early 1990´s yesterday. In Master Solvers Club there was this problem: Qxx Txx xxx Qxxx. RHO opens 1, we pass, LHO bids 1NT and X from partner, pass. Passing got the most votes, 12.
It took 45 years but eventually....
Kieran: "quite playable to expect the doubler to raise (from 1 to 2) with four card support, and allow advancer to pull in a notch with just a four card suit and a medium hand." I almost agree, but I think doubler should have some decent extras, either distributional hand ...
Jyri Tamminen's bidding problem: 54 A2 KQT73 KT92
I should have added that opponents are competent even though the auction might suggest otherwise.
Forcing pass situation or not?
I think partner hasnt necessarily made a "real" penalty pass. He might have thought that 1NT X a) is a decent gamble. b) Can be our cheapest contract if we are the ones in trouble. A bit like passing penalty X of 1 NT with 4333 3 count, vul vs ...
What does 4NT mean here?
P.S. As a junior we were suggested that we should practice our slam bidding by bidding practice hands without Blackwood. That was a great suggestion!
What does 4NT mean here?
I have made many slams lacking 2 or more keycards. However, all of my slams with less than 12 tricks have failed, as have most of the ones played in a wrong strain. So for me any Blackwood bid is always the last possible interpretation of an unclear 4NT in ...
Counting HCP or Cover Cards and Tricks
It is more useful do distinguish 5-5 from 5-6 or 6-5 when of shape NT openings areso popular so it is not rare for opener to have doubleton in both long suits.
What does 4NT mean here?
I couldnt figure out any other meaning for 4 here.
"Table feel"
Quite often the mere fact that kibizers are not leaving during an ordinary looking deal tells most of the story. And that is quite easy to pick up even with lousy table feel.
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