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Let's swap North and West hands and see what would have happened. The new West would pass the 3 preempt, I assume, and the new North would raise to 4 also. Now East Doubles. West would pull to 4, assuming that he did not have 10 ...
Theatre of Absurd Revisited
Well, now come to think of it....what if west are really 2=8 in the majors? From North's perspective, I guess the danger of West's ruffing an opening minor-suit lead outweighs East's trump promotion. So 7 as Choice of Grand Slams is still ...
Theatre of Absurd Revisited
Not trying to spoil the excellent idea of using 7 as a Choice of Grand Slams(!), would anybody as East double 7 for a heart lead in an attempt to promote partner's 10? This is Theater of Absurd after all.
BAM Bd 20 Final Set
Can South bid 3 in your methods?
ATB Precision
Do you all play Italian asking bids when opener bids a suit (2, 2, 2, 2NT = clubs) after 1-1NT (8-13)? Responder’s high-card strength and degree of support are usually opener’s main concerns. This is also the case in competition. If you use this method ...
Best line in 6!C
Ask AlphaBridge Zero for the best line...I am so depressed...
UPS Convention
I wrote an article, "Denial Stayman", for Bridge Today back in 1990s, which enables 1NT responder to show all his 4+-card suits and his shortness (if he has one). Anybody interested please PM me.
How to bid 7!C?
A variant of Relay Precision: 2(10-15, 6+ ) - 2 (relay) 2NT (10-12, 6-4) - 3 (relay) 4 (10-12, 4-0-2-7) - 4 (RKCB in ) 5 (2 with Q, no K) - 5 (J?) 6 (J, no Q) - 7 If minors are ...
ATB: Letting through a game
Sorry, never mind. Just noticed that Richard's example hand would produce a 6 slam. Not that I know how to get there (or even should be there.) except opening 6. :) I was writing something, then realized that I was just arguing for arguing sake. I meant to ...
ATB: Letting through a game

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