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Kai-Ching Lin
Kai-Ching Lin
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Feb. 1, 2012
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April 28
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about me

Mathematician; developed Symmetric Precision with equal emphasis on natural bidding and relays.

United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Bid a 9-0-4-0 hand, scientifically, on a BW thread.
Bridge Accomplishments
Wrote "Denial Stayman" for Bridge Today; Developed my own system, Symmetric Precision, with equal emphasis on natural bidding and relays.
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ATB: Letting through a game
Sorry, never mind. Just noticed that Richard's example hand would produce a 6 slam. Not that I know how to get there (or even should be there.) except opening 6. :) I was writing something, then realized that I was just arguing for arguing sake. I meant to ...
ATB: Letting through a game
ATB: Letting through a game
I was thinking that after seeing West's 9 and 8 (or 8 and 9), East would play back a after taking his A over declarer's Q. It does not matter if West has J or 10.
ATB: Letting through a game
East ducks K at T3?
How would you bid these hands?
6 by responder is best - it has an additional chance when are 4-3 and a non-club lead (setting up the 5th ). How to get there is a different matter. Yuan and Michael are close. First, you need an artificial start, like Yuan or Michael did. Then you ...
Nice article. Just wondering why we don't officially select an MVP for Trials, Spingold, or Bermuda Bowl, etc., as in Super Bowl or NBA Finals?
Spot Cards
Great hands and analysis, Steve. Just a few comments. For Hand #2, if West is long in diamonds, it is not necessary for declarer to discard a spade (italicized in the text) in dummy. He can pitch a diamond on K, and play three rounds of diamonds later to endplay ...
Can we bid 6NT...?
Agreed. The easiest way is perhaps for West to jump rebid 4 at his second turn, assuming that the initial strong jump shift is not available. If you use 4 to be aces asking (ie Minorwood), that is even better. You can reach 6 or 7 ...
The last swing hand from the round of 8, Monaco vs Assael
"You play as you wish we are happy for you".
The last swing hand from the round of 8, Monaco vs Assael
Rainer, your analysis of the playability of 4 based on the expectation of the number of spades in South's hand is excellent. I appreciate it. I just want to add that South may not guarantee that he has 3+ spades when he makes an reopening X. What do ...

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