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Ex-mathematician. I play an Optional Relay Precision - To Relay or Not to Relay is the question.  

United States of America

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Bidding a perfect fit
What if North tells South that he has 4-5+ and short , and the bidding is now at the 3 level, wouldn't South get excited? Below is an auction (not mainstream of course): 1NT - 2 (transfer, 4+ hearts, GF or weak, canape possible) 2 ...
Bidding a perfect fit
Or Axx AQTx AQx xxx (better than 50%) or Axx AKQx Axx xxx (essentially a 4-or-7 hand)
ATB-missed slam
This hand demonstrates the importance of showing responder's shortness below the level of 3NT. Had responder been 1=4=2=6, 3NT would have been the best contract. It would be wrong for opener to bid unilaterally above 3NT after 3. To show shortness over 3, opener ...
Which minor do you open?
If you play short 1 (2+ clubs) and 1-level transfers, you may want to think about transfer rebids as well. For this hand,K65 x AQ82 A9654, you would open 1. Then, over responder's expected 1, showing hearts, you would bid 2 to show 5 ...
Transfers after 1NT - 2C - 2D?
Below is a scheme of giving up garbage Stayman and focusing more on game-forcing hand types.You may find it useful or me crazy. It runs as follows: 1NT-2 ( at least one 4-card major) 2-? Responder's 2 shows 5+ spades, invitational, as many now play; and ...
Assess the credit. What is the best bid?
Will be close. I would play A first, then try to ruff 2 spades in dummy. That would take care of almost all 4-3 cases, and some 5-2 cases too (e.g. E has 2 spades and 2 clubs). We are not given club spots. I could have ...
Assess the credit. What is the best bid?
I suppose North would have bid 3 if s/he had had 4, since 3 was explained as "cards for 3N". So, given that North had shown 6-4, shouldn't South have moved passed 3NT to seek a slam in clubs - his red suit AK and ...
Assess the credit. What is the best bid?
You may not like relays. But the responding structure to the 2 inquiry below should be useful to you: 2 (10-15, 6+ clubs) - 2 (ask) 2: 10-15, no 4-card majors 2: 10-15, 6-4 2NT: 10-12, 6-4 3: 13-15, 6-4 ...
Assess the credit. What is the best bid?
Not trying to show off (well, maybe)...Below is how we would bid it: 2 (10-15, 6+ clubs) - 2 (ask) 3 (13-15, 4 spades) - 3 (ask) 3 (short in diamonds) -3 (ask) 3NT (13-15, 4-2-1-6) - 4 (key cards in ) 4 (3 ...
ATB playing 5m down when 3NT is much better
Not so much about MP vs. IMP. As West, you have essentially one club stopper (OK, maybe 1 and 1/8 with that T), and your other honors (J and QJ) are slow, you have to rely on your partner to take immediate 8 tricks at 3NT once a club ...

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