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Go Gals !!
June 2 - Hand 9 Norway vS
Tx - All useful comments. Our agreement is to bid 1NT up to 11 - and 2/1 with a good 12 count - so I think we both pushed the proverbial boat out with our bids on this one! Sheila could have also bid 2S - five spades and four plus of a ...
Good luck to our Australian Women's team for the PABF
Go Gals!
Board 17, 28th May
I had the same dilemma sitting West - and also chose to pass reluctantly. 2 D would have been forcing for us too. Didn't then get a chance to get back into the Auction when opener rebid 2Clubs - it went 1H (1S) Pass Pass 2C Pass Pass This went quietly ...
Bd 2 BB Poland vs Sweden April 23rd 2019
Same at our table - Sheila found the Heart lead for one off.
Brd 6 Apr 23 Poland V Sweden
After I opened 1C - and Felicity overcalled 1 D - Sheila bid 2C ( now just a simple raise) I could have done better in the the auction - I chose 2D rather than splintering with my singleton K, with NT still in the frame as a final contract if partner had a ...
Bd 14 April 9th Canada vs Sweden
Our West opened 3S - so auction one level higher : 3S 3NT 4S X Also gaining 800 X seemed the best choice - but we did have a useful conversation to confirm that 4NT from me would be two places to play
Board 15: 2007 Bermuda Bowl USA2 vs Brazil
I opened 1H and after Sheila's 2NT raise I showed a minimum (3C) I too had a choice of showing either shortage in clubs or a five card suit after partners 3D enquiry. I chose to show shortage and we ended up in 6H on a friendly non club ...
Board 6, 29th January
I didn't think I was too cautious but - I passed on the South hand - so the auction went ( 1D) P (1S) 3C from Partner - the bots then bid themselves all the way to 6D!
Board 9, 29 January: 2007 Bermuda Bowl - Italy vs USA2
I chose 1D on the hand - and rebid 5D over partners 1NT - no interference by the bots
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