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Board 30, 7 July
A good decision by Arjuna since 4S is making. I also think that defending double-it hands at the four-level is not the way to win. Bidding one more is cheap insurance. Defending 5D would have been successful, but the same principles hold. A great player once gave me some very ...
Board 26, 7th July
System fixed! Now we can transfer to responder's suit, from either side!
Board 26, 7th July
I don't know about this Jodi... I think maybe 6D is the best contract - not 3NT. There's time to develop spades even on a club lead, since the hearts go away. If they don't lead a heart you just need to bring in the trump suit. If ...
Board 20, July 7, Spingold 2017, Round of 64, 2/4
That's important, as you say Martin. Something to pay attention to. But I think it argues in favor of Michaels - not against it. LHO wants to raise hearts. Do we want to let him do it at the two-level where he's relatively safe. For sure, we don't ...
Board 22 - 7 July
Thanks, Sue! An opportunity to get on my favorite soapbox!! First off... my view is NO. If partner is expecting 5/5, you are setting yourself up for disaster if you do it with 5/4. At the very least you erode partnership confidence. Now, to the soapbox... 5/4 ...
Brd 16 July 7 - 2017 SGold Rnd 64 Lall vs. Gartaganis 2/4
Bd 3 (18) July 7th Spingold Round of 64 2/4 Lall vs Gartagani
That is certainly the issue with 14-16. 1x-1y, 2NT with 17-18 is okay, but then we're upgrading 16's, and opening 2NT on all 19's, etc... It's playable, but not always best, I think. I still play 14-16 Vul with Lynn Baker, and we do play some ...
Brd 16 July 7 - 2017 SGold Rnd 64 Lall vs. Gartaganis 2/4
You make a good point, Andy. Passing over an opening bid is quite a bit different from being a passed hand. With that in mind, I should retract part of my comments above. There is "something" to be gained by bidding - that 2S raise can be damaging - so I don ...
Board 20, July 7, Spingold 2017, Round of 64, 2/4
Yes, the debate rages on. I've been listening to it for 50 years! In recent years, most top players have moved into your camp (and mine). Getting both of your suits into the bidding is more useful, more often. But, of course, on any given hand you may regret ...
Board 20, July 7, Spingold 2017, Round of 64, 2/4
Where do you find these opponents who stay silent, please?

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