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Karen (Kate) McCallum
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Board 9 - March 12 Bermuda Bowl - Italy v Argentina
Profound words, Stephen. I completely agree. Exactly what I've observed myself. (Except for the statement that you can get by with it in the states until playing at a top level.) Now that I'm an almost an Aussie I find myself doing it too, because I get by ...
Board 9 - March 12 Bermuda Bowl - Italy v Argentina
I'd agree with that. There's always something.
Board 10, March 12th, Italy vs Argentina Bermuda Bowl 2007
PLease do. I'm always interested in this sort of deal...
Board 20, 19th March
What about South's bid? 6D over 5D? Did anyone find it? It seems right to me.
Board 20, 19th March
Robot PB?
Board 20, 19th March
That is true. There's no reason not to play a spade that I can see.
Board 18 BB2007 19 March Brazil vs Netherlands
Perhaps the most interesting hand of the set... Choice of games decisions. Game or part-score decision. Opening lead decisions. Play problems. And plenty going on with the spot cards. In diamonds. In clubs. In spades. A deal to remember! EW declaring NT need to be careful about the club spots ...
Board 18 BB2007 19 March Brazil vs Netherlands
3NT cannot be beaten after a low diamond lead. 9 top tricks. It looks as if declarer blocked clubs at your table, Liz, so couldn't cash out both black suits.
Board 18 BB2007 19 March Brazil vs Netherlands
A lot of American experts have the theory, which is scoffed at by most, that you pretty much always lead your singleton with 4 trumps. This deal would warm their hearts. The more popular theory is that you go for a forcing defense, as both South's seem to have ...
Board 26 March 19th Brazil vs Netherlands 2007
Well-judged to defend. I can't imagine how you could double 1S. But I can imagine 1NTX. In Australia, 1NT P P X seems to be a strong notrump. Not so in other parts of the world. Standard to me is about 11-14 (vs a strong notrump or a weak ...

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