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Board 26, August 13th
This seems to work well. And there's clarity which matters a lot. The only downside I see is the one you mention in your last sentence - the penalty double doesn't come up very often. I don't see that you've defined "Pass & Double" which can be useful ...
Board 5, 13 August, USA1 vs Norway
Axel and I had a strong club auction, which made it fairly easy to reach 6S. He was able to show game-forcing values and describe his exact shape. I found the AK of spades and no heart controls and that was that. In standard it's a very difficult hand ...
Board 26, August 13th
It's a style I'm not very familiar with, so not sure if you are maximizing or not. How would you make a 100% penalty double? Can you distinguish the number of trumps you hold for your doubles? I think this is pretty important or you won't know ...
Reviving old questions.
Discussed and avoided with a King. Never with an Ace.
Board 16 August 13
LOL! That wasn't really my point, but thanks for the laugh.
Board 8 August 13
The opening bid(s) on this deal depend entirely upon partnership agreements. Some open the West hand and some don't. I don't think there's much in it in the long run. That said, I do have a personal preference for opening the bidding light whenever I can ...
Board 16 August 13
Sorry.... But, yes, you should bid 3NT. You'd like to have a source of tricks, of course. But "you can't always get what you want..." :) When you're faced with a 3-level preempt and you have a sound strong notrump, the percentage action is to bid 3NT and ...
Board 26, August 13th
So what are your agreements over 1N (2D) Barb? At lower levels. It's tricky to play against.
Board 26, August 13th
2H to play, also, then? And how do you define your double of 2D? What you play works fairly well, but there can be problems. * You have no cue-bid, since you don't know their suit, which makes it difficult to know when you don't have their suit stopped ...
Board 26, August 13th
What about pass and double? How do you play that?

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