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Karen (Kate) McCallum
Karen (Kate) McCallum
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Dec. 6, 2010
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Bd 8 Sweden vs Netherlands 22/5
Should North double 3D after 1D P 1H 1S 3D
Bd 8 Sweden vs Netherlands 22/5
What do people think about opening 1NT with the West cards?
Board 4 21 May practice - BB 2007 Sweden v Netherlands QF 1/6
You're a little hard on yourself, methinks. If the AC is offside, and spades are breaking... It's really not so clear how to play this. I think you had better guess well. The odds were with your play, I think. (And I would have falsecarded with Jxx or ...
Board 4 21 May practice - BB 2007 Sweden v Netherlands QF 1/6
I would bet that more Australians bid it than any other nationality! :):) It's the sort of game you want to bid - but then you have to make it.
Board 2 May 21st BB 2007 Sweden vs Netherlands
What about the ambiguous bids in the H&H auction? Do your partnerships have agreements? What's the double of 3D (showing hearts or the black suits)? What's 4NT? What's 5NT? These are areas where you really need to be on solid ground because there are a LOT ...
Board 2 May 21st BB 2007 Sweden vs Netherlands
As you say, Helene, I believe strongly in opening this hand 1C, not 2C. It's far too difficult to bid three-suiters after 2C (although it went well for you with the heart overcall, if you and Helena had been on the same page). Perhaps I'm lucky, but I ...
Board 9 21 May practice Bermuda Bowl 2007 Sweden v Netherlands QF 1/6
What was the opening lead at your table, Sheila? That makes some difference. 1NT can be made on any lead, but it's a bit tricky and requires some good guesswork. On a club lead you can make by ducking twice, breaking their communication and then ducking a spade - since ...
Thx Sophie. I had great teammates who bailed us out of deep water in the semi-final - there would have been no trip to Wuhan for us... :(
Board 29 Forum May 14
I can guarantee that emotions and momentum are REAL factors even at the very top. I'm at the US team trials right now, talking with and observing the best of the best. It's always a bit of a shock to me to see what can go wrong, even ...
Board 13 May 21st BB 2007 Sweden Netherlands
No, I think it just says "I want to bid and don't know what to say." Probably something along the lines of 2254 10+. By the way, I don't think there is any such thing as a penalty double of a bid-and-raised suit at the two-level. In general ...

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