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Dec. 6, 2010
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Board 15 September 10
Yes, I've seen that. A fine way to play. Old-fashioned Goren. A 2-over-1 shows 10+ points and then a delayed raise is NF. But "Drury" after 3rd and 4th seat openings is somethign I haven't yet encountered in Australia. Who plays it? Anyone reading this?
Forum Oct 15 Board 29
Oh sorry. I see now. Misunderstood your first comments. LOL. So easy to get distracted and not see what's under your nose! :):):)
Board 26, October 15th
Did anyone miss this slam? It should be an easy one to bid unless the opponents get involved. Even then...
Board 31 from Oct 15 matches
A good hand for one of my pet theories. Almost... I like to bid 3NT instead of raising to 3m when I have a balanced hand with stoppers. It's virtually the same contract when you have no ruffing values, but 3NT has a game bonus. I would have done ...
Bd 8 (24) 15/10
I think Transfer Lebensohl is quite useful here. You can transfer to hearts (with 3D), showing an invitational hand or better, planning to follow with 3NT if opener rejects, so you get your choice-of-games sequence as well as right-siding 4H. On this deal opener will surely bid 3NT over a ...
Bd 8 (24) 15/10
This seems right to me. I played the hand in 3NT, knowing about the spade break, after a strong club start (didn't recognize it until the QH dropped under the Ace). I recall having seen it played several times in the BB Round Robin and most made 4H by ...
Board 10, October 8th
That is certainly true, Andy. I shouldn't be quite so absolute about it. It is indeed all based on personal experience. Mine has been that I rarely hold a penalty double and I often hold a hand where I want to double to show some other hand. But I ...
Forum Oct 15 Board 29
I'm a bit confused, Therese. You only have to make three discards. If you kept Qx of diamonds (good defense) then you would have discarded only one spade and you would have had enough tricks to beat 3NT. (4 spades and a club.)
Forum Oct 15 Board 29
It's okay Therese. Anyone who hasn't yet played the boards is probably not going to read the commentary. :)
Bd 6 September 10
I completely agree with you, Barb. The splinter is so important. It makes hand-evaluation a breeze. I also don't like Bergen raises at all. Who cares about points? Bidding is about tricks. So bid where you live... or show your shortness so that partner can estimate tricks. Telling partner ...

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