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Karen Walker
Karen Walker
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June 22, 2010
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June 10
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Bridge Player

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Illini Regional, Champaign IL
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Emerald Life Master
Karen Walker & Nate Ward
2-over-1 Third Hand High
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The Death of 4-Session KO's
Steve: Can you share where your regional was? And maybe provide a link to the schedule?
Why You Should Learn Bridge Article
Here's a summary from my web site called "Why Play Bridge?":
The Death of 4-Session KO's
Ira points out one of the (many) problems with handicapping, which is that people have different ideas of how great the advantage should be to the lower-masterpoint team. My view is that the handicap should provide a cushion, not a significant edge -- similar to bowling, where you get only 80 ...
The Death of Teams
ACBL records may not go back that far, but my memory does, and we did not have a regular May regional in our district any time close to 1993. From around 1980 to 1992, Urbana had a sectional on the third weekend in May. I am certain that it was ...
The Death of Teams
Terry: I don't know where you got your information about the history of Champaign regionals, but it is in error. I have been running this regional since it began, which I can assure you was in 1993. Our city did not have a regional before 1993 unless it was ...
The Death of Teams
Terry Beckman wrote: "Champaign is the problem here. They moved to the Memorial Day weekend long after the other tournaments from the week before." Champaign has had a Memorial Day regional every year since 1993. We've never had a regional scheduled for any other time, so we didn't ...
ACBL CEO: Post-Mortem
One of the big differences between chess and bridge is that a player's chess rating doesn't depend on the skill of his partner. A rating system that penalizes players for poor scores will discourage people from playing with less experienced partners. This type of rating system may be ...
ACBL Search Committee Up and Rolling
Bridge expertise and an understanding of the issues that affect the entire membership are not mutually exclusive. Larry is probably right that the most elite professional players tend to be out of touch with the needs of the masses, but there are plenty of other experts who are. These are ...
You Know You Are A Bridge Player When....
When you make your husband stop the car in the middle of that creaky bridge and back up so you can get a photo of the sign.
You Know You Are A Bridge Player When....
At a long-ago regional in Decatur IL, a man had a heart attack at Barry Crane's table during the Wednesday Men's Team event. Two players administered CPR until the ambulance arrived. The man died at the hospital later that day. On Saturday, his wife was back at the ...

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