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Karen Walker
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June 22, 2010
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Illini Regional, Champaign IL
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Emerald Life Master
Karen Walker & Nate Ward
2-over-1 Third Hand High
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A Recommendation for USA Bridge
Online publication would save a lot of money on printing and postage, but there are other downsides that defeat the magazine's purpose. A printed magazine is a tangible benefit of membership. It enhances engagement and communication with members because it's in their homes, where they may pick it ...
Honolulu evening food
We serve late-night snacks at our local regional because it reduces the rent. If we didn't pay for food, the hotel would charge more for the ballroom space. What I've learned is that the only practical approach is to serve foods that appeal to the mainstream and, ideally ...
Electing a Member of the ACBL Board of Directors
Until 1913, that is pretty close to how U.S. senators were chosen. They were elected by state legislatures. The 17th Amendment changed it to a popular vote in part because instead of choosing good candidates who represented their states' interests, the legislatures were using the senate appointments to repay ...
Placing a whole heap of bidding cards on the table.
If you run a bridge club, the pickers are not your favorite patrons. They slow the game down because it takes extra time to replace the cards and their aim is not always accurate. That means the next person to use the box is going to have to search to ...
The disappearing evening club game
"Some of the people that played at night were as old as the people who now don't want to play at night." Very true. Back when I started, people of all ages played in games that ended at 11 pm, then they went and closed the bar. Bridge was ...
Hawaii NABC Needs Your Support
You can vote your Board director out. It just has to be done indirectly, through the Unit Board members who cast the final votes. It starts with identifying a good (and willing -- not always easy) candidate to challenge the incumbent, then enlisting supporters throughout your District to lobby their Unit ...
Hawaii NABC Needs Your Support
You're shooting at the messenger. I doubt that Jay was happy about having to make this plea, but he's trying to reduce the potential damages of a decision that was made seven years ago by a Board he wasn't even on. If this convinces anyone to give ...
Hawaii NABC Needs Your Support
I attempted to talk to a Board Member about the decision to hold the meeting in Hawaii. It went like this: ME: Why did you vote "yes" to meet in Hawaii? BM: Because we have so much important business that cannot wait until spring. ME: It can't be done ...
Table feel vs Cheating
I'm late to the discussion, but I'll confirm that Barry is right. Although the Bulletin editors don't "officially endorse" what their columnists write, they review every article for content, accuracy and clarity. The editors are accomplished players and are very thorough. If I write that "most experts ...
The best bridge book for beginners
I learned bridge from "Five Weeks" and have recommended it to many people. Its only disadvantage is that it teaches 4-card majors, but it's relatively easy to adapt the principles to a 5-card major system. Bridge for Dummies is excellent, too -- as is just about anything by Kantar. His ...

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