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Karen Walker
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June 22, 2010
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Illini Regional, Champaign IL
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Karen Walker & Nate Ward
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1993 Washington D.C. Summer NABC Appeals Committee Decisions now available online
Thanks for posting this and thanks to whoever had the difficult job of putting it all together. Unfortunately, there are so many holes in the summaries that it's hard to understand the rulings. In Case #36, for example, the issue was not an undisclosed agreement. The committee discussed whether ...
Is this normal for BBO?
It sounds like the system-wide problem happened at the same time as your game was starting (if 8:15 CDT is 6:15 MST?). If so, it probably wasn't the director's fault.
Is this normal for BBO?
We have been running five games a week for three weeks and there have been very few technical problems. There have been some cases where players lost their connection and had problems logging on again. We started a few games about 3-4 minutes late to accommodate new-to-BBO pairs who were ...
Impolite to compliment partner?
I wouldn't use the word "impolite", which suggest that it's bad manners -- or perhaps intentionally thoughtless -- to compliment your partner in front of your opponents. It isn't, but I do think it's inadvisable, so maybe I'd call it "impolitic". The reason is that even if ...
Director compensation for virtual private club games
We started a Unit-wide virtual club three weeks ago and are running five games a week. Four of us are directing those games, which are averaging 20 tables (open) and 6 tables (99er and 299er). Our salary per session is $0. We are all club owners/managers, so the compensation ...
ACBL Virtual Club restrictions
One reason is that we're recruiting many new online players who aren't yet fully comfortable with the playing environment. Many are seniors, and a shorter time commitment is more appealing to them. The other reason is that an 18-board game offers the same masterpoint awards as longer games ...
A dog made LM?
Be careful with the dog/cat comments at the table. Years ago, after declaring a hand, I said, "Sorry, partner. My cat would have played that hand better than I did." This was reported to the director as, "My dog plays better than everyone in this club". The exaggerations escalated ...
Searching for a Hand
I saw something very similar many years ago. The query was something like, "Defending 7NT, under what circumstances will your hand take the setting trick?" The circumstance was that declarer had two cards stuck together earlier in the play, so ends up with no card to lead at trick 13 ...
So how's your onboarding experience been?
Five cities from our area are starting a virtual BBO club for Unit members. Rick Beye is training ten of us to direct these games and we'll have a free "beta" game sometime this week, then at least four weekly games. Online play has brought a lot of retired ...
ACBL Online Sanction Pooling
I've found that many of my local players have never played online. They're interested in trying the SYC games, but are a bit overwhelmed by the BBO home page (too many options) and all the detail in the BBO help files. The videos on single topics are very ...

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