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Karen Walker
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June 22, 2010
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April 18
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Illini Regional, Champaign IL
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Emerald Life Master
Karen Walker & Nate Ward
2-over-1 Third Hand High
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Profitable For-Profit Bridge Clubs
Richard Willey: >Our national organization should be creating a >brand for bridge and carrying out a coordinated >marketing campaign. Comment 1: I don't believe that the ACBL has EVER does anything like you describe. ======================== Actually, they did try it years ago. ACBL hired a marketing firm and gave them ...
Profitable For-Profit Bridge Clubs
Randy Breuer: "So let me ask I am presuming you have done this for many years do you think the BOD just assumes club owners are mostly like you do it for love of game?" I don't think Board members intend to ignore the needs of club owners. I ...
Profitable For-Profit Bridge Clubs
Richard Willey: "Comment 4: 'Bridge is Cool' " I will add College Bridge Online, Bridge Bites newspaper columns, Bridge Life magazine, EasyBridge, Bridge America, Bridgefeed. These were all attempts to promote bridge to various audiences, but they suffered from a lack of publicity and interest. Few, if any, could be termed ...
Profitable For-Profit Bridge Clubs
I run one of those small, middle-of-the-country clubs. I can break even with 3.5 tables a night, but even when there are more tables, it is not profitable. If I amortized all my costs -- dealing machine, electronic scorepads, cards and other supplies -- I might be in the black by ...
What would you say if you were director?
An opponent, a very sweet lady from my local club, once asked me if she could look at the back of her bidding cards. In a regional Swiss, I had opened 1H, she doubled and my partner redoubled, Pass, Pass back to her. She spent a full minute squirming and ...
Reevaluating GLM-Eligible Events
This is an interesting poll. Thanks for starting the discussion. Regarding events with age limits, I think 60+ is a ridiculous cutoff for what are billed as restricted events. When senior events were first introduced, their purpose was to give older players a "safe space" where they didn't have ...
Ethics at the Table in Memphis
I agree with Dave on two out of three points: 1) You were civil and complimentary. Others were not. 2) Objective questions and comments about lawful procedure change the focus of the original post (unnecessarily, in my view), but I agree they can be educational. They are lectures when they ...
Playing Double Dummy in the Vanderbilt
I saw the title and assumed this would be an intense technical analysis of some arcane squeeze. I often skip those posts, but I'm glad I gave this one a look. Thanks for sharing. This was fun and heartening and very well-written.
Ethics at the Table in Memphis
Sheesh, this is a tough crowd. This happens all the time in new partnerships. You have a bidding misunderstanding, you can't remember what your actual agreement was, you don't know if it was your mistake or partner's. Meanwhile, the opponents have made the opening lead and are ... is time to consider an electronic Bridge Bulletin & Daily Bulletin?
This is a worthwhile topic for discussion, but I wish it hadn't started with such loaded survey questions. "The only reason I pay my dues is to get a paper bulletin" makes it impossible for me and many others to say no. There are numerous reasons that I pay ...

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