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Karen Walker
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June 22, 2010
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Illini Regional, Champaign IL
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Karen Walker & Nate Ward
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Crowd-Sourcing the ACBL's February 2020 It's Your Call contest
As a collaborator in producing this column for the Bridge Bulletin, I don't think this posting is inappropriate at all and I see no copyright issues. I can't speak for the editor, but my view is that discussing the problems here actually increases interest in reading the column ...
Christopher Donnelly's bidding problem: 4 AKJ54 KT3 AT92
Bridge Bulletin Standard plays 2/1 forcing to game. the reference is in the introductory paragraph on this page:
Ruling on opening 1NT with small singleton (ACBL)
This came up at a sectional this weekend and the director did throw the book at the offender. Our opponent opened 1NT with a 4-3-5-1 16-count. His partner agonized for about 90 seconds and half-pulled several bidding cards before finally choosing 5C. Opener promptly jumped to 6NT. We called the ...
Paper or plastic?
Thanks for checking your decks, but the flaw is not in the border's distance from the edge of the card. It's a difference in the distance between the vertical border and the club symbol. It's not obvious unless you're looking for it, but the machine sure ...
Paper or plastic?
We have a Playbridge Dealer4 and have found the Bridge Buddy .33mm decks perform much better than the new ACBL cards. The one problem we have with Bridge Buddy cards is that the club kings have a printing flaw. The narrow double border around the outside margin is a tiny ...
ACBL Live for Clubs posting problem
That bug never occurred to me, but it makes more sense than the other blind stabs I've made at a solution. Do you have any idea of what causes ACBLScore to sometimes misreport the number of rounds? I'm impressed that you figured this out. I will try it ...
ACBL Live for Clubs posting problem
Thanks, Tom. That's a good idea, and I've tried a version of it. I renamed the other clubs' game files, resaved the games and BWS files and reposted. I even set up a game for them and used just numbers for the filename. Still no change. I haven ...
ACBL Live for Clubs posting problem
Yes, same Windows login. I have tried uploading files with other directors' MyACBL accounts, but that doesn't seem to be a variable, either.
Voting for new KBA name
"Bridging Minds" is the name of a corporation that provides corporate training programs. It's probably copyrighted. Plus, I don't think most people would make the connection between that title and the game of bridge.
Voting for new KBA name
Bridge: The game for a lifetime This or something very similar might have been used before, perhaps by ACBL, but I doubt there's a copyright on it. "Bridge" is a word with so many meanings that I think you really need to have "game" or "sport" somewhere in the ...

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