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Did the ABCL add anything substantial to the Laws? Unless they did, I would rather think that the copyright belongs to the WBF. Generally, IMO any laws should not be published under copyright. E.g. there is no copyright for German laws. The main web page where all German laws ...
No Penalty After A Revoke ?
OP's 3. choice was: 'Players should be allowed to "game" the system by intentionally revoking and hoping nobody notices.' Surprisingly, this is possible under the 2007 as well as 2017 Laws if the player is in second seat for the 12th trick and dummy leads. Example (nt contract): .........Dummy ...
Balicki-Zmudzinski May Play Freely in EBL!
Imagine in the middle of some future EBL event it is discovered that a pair has radio transmitters in their shoes and radio receivers in their ears. A tap with a toe generates a sound in partner's ear. I guess the committee would rule that cheating cannot be proven ...
Pre-alerted misinformation - a story from Wroclaw
I understood that East said that his parter would not alert the 1. But the TDs seem to assume that East said that his partner will tell South that 1 is at least 3 cards. What did East really say? If East really said that there will be ...
John Torrey's bidding problem: JT82 A43 AT7 AK2
If South has eg. AKQxx xxx xxx xx, we make 9 tricks no matter if we play or nt.
Karl Junk's bidding problem: 8 KQJ6 KJ7 AKJ62
Thanks for the votes and comments. The whole hand was: Only 3 times East or West declared resulting in top scores for N/S. North declared a ...
An unusual problem for the director
The word "illegal" is not used in Law 7. The term "illegal call" is used in the Laws only twice - in Law 16A1a and in the footnote 10 for Law 31A2. Law 16A1 states that illegal calls can (sometimes) be accepted. In order for that to be possible, an illegal ...
An unusual problem for the director
Regarding the case of a player who makes a call without looking at his hand, everybody immediately knows that the proper procedure was not followed. But even then, the law does not state that the call is illegal, and there is no instruction in the law for the director how ...
An unusual problem for the director
"A call is cancelled" refers to an action. This cannot happen automatically at the moment when the player who is holding the wrong cards makes his call, and nobody is aware of it. Rather, the cancellation must be stated by the director, and takes effect when he does so. Before ...
Directors intimidated by players
In my opinion, it is not possible to make an artificial call if there is no partnership understanding of some kind. Regarding gambling 3nt, I would only bid it if I expect partner to know about the existence of this convention, and if I do not have a meta-agreement like ...

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