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What's the Best Line at 6H?
Right, I stand corrected. It's still lower odds as you need club guard to be isolated upfront in terms of 5-2.
What's the Best Line at 6H?
Steve: it's easier to defend in hindsight also. I would wager that with 3-5, the early D discard takes significantly longer: even for the pros.
What's the Best Line at 6H?
Trump squeeze works on either opponent (just that LHO may be less likely to have both minors). But there's a problem with the Vienna Coup line. It can't work on East. Win the club switch, say E has clubs and diamonds. Pull trumps, AKD (Vienna Coup play), run ...
What's the Best Line at 6H?
I also got to the trump squeeze by inspection. It looks like a Vienna Coup, but there is no hurry to isolate club menace. Win the club, run hearts coming down to Kxx club AKD in dummy,x club, xxx D, and the last trump in hand. What this needs ...
The Pakistani Wizard
This is atrocious logic. I always defend on MCL (Missing-Card-Logic). Looking at Qxx, missing are K9xx (Ten led from closed hand). If declarer has Tx, yes, not covering could cost double dummy (by devaluing partner's 9). But if declarer has say T9xx, covering hurts big time. Also, when declarer ...
Extreme Bridge #1: The 7NT Opening Preempt (Amended Version)
Question: would these agreements on pass/xx depend on whether the X is for takeout or penalty?
Assess the blame
East, West and Yuan Shen should all do much better :-D
Humorous Bridge Happenings You’ve Experienced
I could actually understand if my partner had not counted out his pattern with 6-5-1-2. 6-5-1-3, TWO extra cards, I was shocked that he did not notice until trick 11. Not even after getting doubled in 4M!!! Of course, I was too busy trying not to split my stomach from ...
Humorous Bridge Happenings You’ve Experienced
LOL. How do you miscount it AFTER my clarifier, mate? My partner had 6-5-1-3. That's FIFTEEN cards. TWO extra cards (and 2 extra winners, hence his aggressive bidding). My RHO had 1-1-5-4 shape. That's ELEVEN cards. TWO less cards, possibly held by my partner (but 2 less losers ...
Humorous Bridge Happenings You’ve Experienced
Same card in 2 hands, am sure has occurred a lot. What I found funny about the incident was that the players happily play on, after studying dummy, and realize something is wrong only when the duplicate cards clash!
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