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Kay Strand
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Sept. 10, 2012
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Oct. 9, 2017
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DIAMOND Wins Spingold
Congratulations! Great finish, worth waiting up half the night (finished 03:00 in Norway....)
Humorous Bridge Happenings You’ve Experienced
I played in a local evening tournament with a very inexcperienced partner (VIP) a couple of years ago. On agreeing system: ME:What carding do we use? VIP:UDCA, but when(if) opps ask,we switch! ME: I am sorry ,but that is not allowed. VIP: REALLY! I play that ...
Humorous Bridge Happenings You’ve Experienced
I had the same yesterday, my pd (beginner) pulled my 3cl preempt (doubled) to 3 Diamonds. All pass, 5 Down,opps were Cold for 4 hearts....strange game bridge :)
Finding Piekarek-Smirnov cheating methods
It is fun though watching one cheater vs another, and how Fisher reacts when his pd makes the "wrong" move. Anybody questioning who is the boss in the FS partnership?
The Videos Speak: Balicki - Zmudzinski
I do not know if this is useful, but Z varies the position of the opening lead, close to the middle, close to himself and often on the left of the table ( so dummy has to move it in order to put down the cards)? BTW If I were cheating ...
The Videos Speak: Balicki - Zmudzinski
wow, that was an eyeopener, because this is during the play.....knocking and schratching.....
Prediction of B-Z hands
I think B/Z are reading our posts here laughing their off,thinking: nobody still gets it...but we will, we will!
Boye Brogeland Bridge Personality of the Year 2015
I belive the IBPA awards this on the events when possible ?
Boye Brogeland Bridge Personality of the Year 2015
Well deserved Boye! Wonder if you have time ever to finish the Next number of BIN ? :)
Lance Armstrong settles with Bob Hamman
Well I do not think Armstrong is able to pay.....but congrats anyway.

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