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Keith Connolly
Keith Connolly
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June 30, 2010
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39 minutes ago
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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Won GNT A div
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Twin Cities Bridge Center
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New York Nationals, 2nd in Mini Spingold
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Two over one
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Denr77 715 231 4490
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Is this the correct ruling?
Revoked twice in Hearts, followed to all the clubs they could. Then ruffed a club. Cashed Spade ace to set undefeatable contract. Much like the rabbit
Is this the correct ruling?
There was no squeeze or end play. Declarer would have made 5
How do you signal when partner leads QJ9x.
Yes, I thought of that..... I also did not want to break a new suit thinking how many high cards we can hold to beat this contract
How do you signal when partner leads QJ9x.
Bidding was a few replies up. Dummy was Xx, xx, AKxxxxx, 76 I held Qxx, Jxx, Qxx, QJ9x
How do you signal when partner leads QJ9x.
Bath coupd me. Dumbing does not need to hold KTx to get three tricks against me :(
How do you signal when partner leads QJ9x.
I am not sure I am any luckier than anyone else.LOL-... The bidding went 3D on my left, P, 3nt, all pass I held Qxx, Jxx, Qxx, QJ9x
That's Rare!
I am not sure what Mechwell is thinking and why they did what they did. I do understand what I think their logic may be. Do not stretch for Not vulnerable game. No Spots to work with. North hand is worth only 12 points on the K/R hand evaluator ...
What's going wrong with Gatlinburg ??
The last time I was in Gatlinburg 3 years ago, the director welcomed me as a Junior. I was 56.
Should we have bid the Grand? ATB
I agree South should have bid 4nt, then 5nt asking for Kings, if you play specific Kings one the diamond King is found, 7 must be bid
What is equality on this hand?
In my defense, it is hard to claim a contract that you do not see all the cards until after the game. under all circumstances I always have a pseudo squeeze. If West has KQxx of diamonds and Jxxx of clubs, there is no squeeze.

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