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Keith George
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Dec. 18, 2014
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March 29, 2016
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How do you play this trump suit?
I vaguely remember a Zia hand where he 'finesses' in the bidding in this situation - he bids a long suit holding Qx of opener's suit. Later playing in his opening suit declarer finesses into the overcaller rather than playing for the drop, based on vacant spaces.
Is Fantunes still a good bidding system?
My brother and I have been playing a Fantunes derived system (Fantacol) for about 18 months after many years of Acol, though I have also tinkered with a Precision type system. We'll need a new name. I had seen the Jacob's book soon after it came out, and ...
Videos added to Bridgecheaters Website
Yes...don't show your hand to dummy. At the other table on this hand the Dutch jump to 7S over 4S missing an A, I'm sure 99% of experts would not have done this, including the one who did it if he'd been shown the hand by ...
The Maze of Fisher/Schwartz
How about 3S=pass or correct (to 4H when 56)?
How's My Plan?
Since you followed with C2 at trick 1, after winning HK at trick 2 E will know you have 9 cards in C and H so 4 in D and S. Though you might bid 3N with 2 or 3 S in some cases this doesn't look like one ...
Ethical Dilemma
After 2C 2H If it goes 2NT 3NT then knowing partner has 2 kings I go 4C. After 2C 2D then 3C allows partner to show his hand a little, but means we may go down in 3N when we are unlucky and partner has nothing but would have transferred ...

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