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Keith George
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July 18, 2016
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May 28
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Ever picked up AKQJT98765432 (not all in the same suit)
I often think of a pack of cards as made up of 13 suits of four cards, in the obvious way. (The 2s 3s etc). Though come to think of it I can think quite easily of COMBIN(13,4) 4 card "suits" each from a different suit, though {A ...
Your rarest distribution
I've seen 7600 and 8500. Tom Townsend who is the Bridge Correspondent of the UK Daily Telegraph reported on a deal from a UK Teams competition including this 0805 hand , which was held in first seat at green. void-AKQTxxxx-void-KQTxx. At one table 1C was opened overcalled 1S and the ...
Monty Hall, Vacant Spaces and Fire & Ice
Philip Martin’s first problem can be “solved’ much the same way as `i use below. If you are not mathematically minded the point I am making is that Vacant Space problems are often not really bridge problems at all, they are combinatorial problems. Simple sounding problems can be difficult ...
Is this psyche legal?
Best avoided.
Am I Old Fashioned?
I considered I played "Acol" until around 5 years ago. However it would never have occurred to me to quote any 1970s Acol book, (or even Bird and Reese's "Acol in the 90's") as an oracle, not back then and not many years later. Opening bids changed somewhat ...
Odds on Doubling
I agree with David Burn's initial comment. On the other hand it is reasonable to work out what the various possibilities will give in imps assuming identical choices at the other table, especially with a deal as a hypothetical bidding problem where we can be sure the bidding is ...
Keith George's bidding problem: KQT76 A9 --- AKJ876
But say I go 5D and partner 5H what is that?
Keith George's bidding problem: KQT76 A9 --- AKJ876
How about 5NT GSF? It could hardly be "pick a slam"
Keith George's bidding problem: KQT76 A9 --- AKJ876
I meant I had shown only 4 spades with my 3s bid
Keith George's bidding problem: KQT76 A9 --- AKJ876
Hi Richard, scoring was in fact pairs if that matters. I thought 3S was pretty near forcing but I expected a retreat to 4C rather than the 4S bid which I thought showed only 4 cards.
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