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July 18, 2016
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June 15
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Keith George's bidding problem: QT93 Q5 Q82 KQ63
The hand was played 9 times and opened 3 times. Points are 20-20 and South was 3442 shape, but NS can make 1NT or 2S and EW can make nothing. -1.5 imps to me.
Slam frequency
Call the 26 cards in the partnership the TH, with suit lengths abcd a spades b hearts etc. The the conditions Philip specified in the first place imply a and b are at most 7, and c and d are at most 8 and if c or d is 8 ...
Another Question for Mathematicians--well...Statisticians
I assume that Pavlicek did a full calculation - the page that Greg Lawler mentioned gave the sample size (6.35E+11) as the full set of all possible (13 card) hands. In fact with a bit of effort you can do this in a spreadsheet and that gives 4.13 ...
MOSSO--anyone have any insight as to whether this is Open-chart legal?
Maybe Richard will put a summary of Mosso on Bridgewinners, but the 1C opening bid is (Forcing for one round) and either a)13+ unbalanced with 4+ clubs or b)17+ with 5+ spades or c) balanced with 12-14,18-20 or 23+ points. A balanced 12-14 hand might have 5 ...
MOSSO--anyone have any insight as to whether this is Open-chart legal?
Mosso is a development on Swift which Richard Granville described in detail here in Bridgewinners (look it up). I'm UK based so don't know the ACBL restrictions but Swift seemed OK. I'm sure Richard will comment. In my view Mosso is a big step forward for Fantunes ...
Slam frequency
I don't think there are many deals like you describe, partner opens 2NT 20-22 and you have a 4324 12 count. 32 points in the partnership happens 1 in 137 times. I think you want the 4-4 minor fit quite often in the 27-30 point range but are worried ...
Richard Granville's bidding problem: A953 QJT42 9 K72
Partner might have 8 spades but even knowing we have 12 spades 13 is unlikely. With seven hearts and a spade void partner has 6 minor cards, most likely 3-3 frequency wise but more likely 2-4 or 4-2 in total and that looks more likely to me. So hands round ...
ZAR points.
I do not use zar points but I think slam bidding in particular could be improved using them. I am thinking about incorporating "queen points" in Marston's Terminology with A =3 K=2 Q=1. I call qps "zz" which I once saw Fredin used. Zz are half of ...
What do you use 3N and 4m for?
I've fancied playing as a solid major. According to Martens Zia opened 3N in th 2007 Bermuda Bowl on AQJT7632,T2,86,2 and Rosenberg went 5N pick your suit with 9854,AQ8,A,KJT95}
Grand National Slams, II
I can see that 2H helps here, what would 1S have meant, since x=4+spades?
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