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ACBL Life Master since 1999, ACBL Club Director since 1995, ACBL Tournament Director since 2008, ACBL Headquarters Staff since 2007. ACBL Tournament Technical Analyst

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Can Dummy Point Out a Card Turned Incorrectly?
Thanks for the compliment, Ray, even if I don't know that it is true. Most TDs I know still consider the two Matts (Koltnow and Smith) along with Sol as the reference of choice with regard to Law interpretation. I do have a good background, IMHO, as my mentors ...
GNT D. 22 GNT Fiasco. The official ruling
The formulas used for the WBF and ACBL NABC+ Continuous are identical, with both rounded to 0.01 as that is the smallest difference under ACBL regulations allowed to determine a margin of victory.
GNT D. 22 GNT Fiasco. The official ruling
Mike C., regarding the NABC+ continuous VP scale, the reason no chart is provided like with the other VP charts is that the formula used changes with each additional board that is added to the match. So, the scale used for an eight board match is different from that used ...
Can Dummy Point Out a Card Turned Incorrectly?
The comparison between the 2007 and the 2017 Laws should help to straighten out the confusion.
A GNT Debacle: Too Many Winners
Hi, Steve, That's also covered in the MPBOOK, on page 15, for a Knockout format with either seven or eight teams. No playoff, no overall award. In a multi-phase (Soloway) event, if the teams do not play off, then they only get an increased red masterpoint award equal to ...
New, simple, more accurate rating system.
Barry, if you don't have a red or silver ribbon qualifier, but would like to play in those events (assuming you meet the eligibility restrictions), you can use a blue ribbon Q instead. So, there are some other events beyond the Blues where you can use your Q's ...
A GNT Debacle: Too Many Winners
Art, if you have read the GNT Coc, then you will notice that the only phase of the event where the play conditions are described are for the National Finals. At all of the other levels (club, unit and District), the event sponsors are welcome to select any team event ...
A GNT Debacle: Too Many Winners
Art, 50% of 7 is 3.5 which rounds up to 4 for a team event. Four teams is completely acceptable, where you would do a semi-final round with a play off for the third place award concurrent with the finals. It is how I would run the event, and ...
15 seconds to the Bermuda Bowl
Amy, Philadelphia 2018 had fifteen appeals cases, and Atlanta only had eight cases. Honolulu and Memphis are still being compiled, but the numbers are equally low. Since I took over compiling the Appeals casebooks in 2012, the most appeals we have had at an NABC was 28 for Las Vegas ...
Suction Allowed Over NT Overcalls?
On the old General Convention Chart, the last change prior to the new charts was the addition of allowing an agreement to open One No Trump holding a singleton Ace, King or Queen. That change occurred in August of 2016, as noted in the Revised date on the document. http ...
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