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Keith Wells
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ACBL Life Master since 1999, ACBL Club Director since 1995, ACBL Tournament Director since 2008, ACBL Headquarters Staff since 2007. ACBL Tournament Technical Analyst

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2020 North American Online Bridge Championships
200 masterpoints is equal to the award for the Reisinger and the Platinum Pairs. The Vanderbilt, Spingold and Soloway Teams all pay 250.00 platinum masterpoints.
Fall 1995 Atlanta NABC Appeals Decisions Casebook
It is an interesting thought. For me, the spade lead is almost automatic, entirely due to a Victor Mollo story. Yes, there are long clubs, but no entry. I would need partner to have too much to set up my suit, so I need to set up his.
2019 Memphis NABC Appeals Casebook with Commentary now available on the ACBL website
Kit, sorry that I was not exact in my wording. Yes, your commentary shows that logically, the diamond shift is the correct play. But other experts consulted believed there were other logical alternatives. IMHO, what sank Steve was he pointed out that he logically had to have had spade cards ...
2019 Memphis NABC Appeals Casebook with Commentary now available on the ACBL website
Not quite, John. The Laws expressly state that a variation in tempo is not an infraction (Law 73D2), so long as it is unintentional. At a certain point, a hesitation turns from "he's got a problem he's trying to figure out" to "this is suspicious!" As the partner ...
Why SAYC is so Bad (and we know it is!)
Takeout doubles, yes, no Stayman, negative doubles or transfers. Four card majors and strong twos, strong jump shifts and no cuebids.
Why SAYC is so Bad (and we know it is!)
SAYC is actually a fairly robust system, if you have fully researched all the elements of the system. The problem is that too many players think a convention is only one bid and that is all they learn. They don't take the time to learn the continuations, so when ...
Richard Granville's lead problem: T975 T93 T2 K987
I admit my choice of leads is influenced by Victor Mollo. The 10 is the classic lead, but that suggests that I have nothing better to lead from and no concern necessarily to develop something in my hand. By leading fourth best, I am hoping to create the impression in ...
Summer 1995 New Orleans NABC Appeals Decisions Casebook
Thanks, Nick, Two different typos on my part. Case six was made three, so the result was wrong but the score was correct; while case seven, the result was correct but the score was wrong.
Spring 1995 Phoenix NABC Appeals Decisions Casebook
Thanks, Nick. Apparently I did the N/S hands, then forgot to do the E/W hands. Fixed now.
Spring 1995 Phoenix NABC Appeals Decisions Casebook
Thanks, Gary. They're fixed now. When you run through twenty cases in a day, sometimes your eyes cross and you think you made a change when you actually didn't.
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