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Does this cuebid create a game force?
Michael Rosenberg wrote: [i]... my rule is that 'cuebid by intervening side does not promise another bid [u]if[/u] partner makes a minimum bid in a previoiusly bid suit'.[/i] Is [u]if[/u] to be interpreted as, [u]if and only if[/u] ? If not, then your rule ...
Jacek Sikora's bidding problem: ATx AKTxx x AQxx
On Jan 21, 2018 Jacek Sikora wrote: [i]"... I'll leave it for later."[/i] It's later.
Fargo & Bridge
I don't like the way Swango thumbs her 2 opening bid into the table and Stussy waited only two seconds after the skip bid of 3. And they both have a funny two-handed way of holding their cards. Perhaps we need another round of "The Videos Speak ...
Fifth Suit Forcing
In these methods, (or playing 4th-suit as a one-round force a la Pavlicek) a second-round jump would be forcing wouldn't it? So with 2434 responder would jump to 3 (forcing) on the 2nd round, 1-1;1-3 The difficulty comes when responder wants to raise ...
Inferential bidding problem
If I don't need to see my hand to work out what to bid, then partner doesn't need to see it either. Therefore I pass because partner has placed the contract. I'm curious as to what I hold but I'll save my energy for the next ...
1!H - 1!S Auctions
Given Josh's remarks, perhaps we could continue the discussion at I posted a question about a couple of methods that have been published in The Bridge World but haven't had any responses yet. I'm still hoping.
Playing up -- how do we go about it?
I'd like to see a scheme were people can qualify to play up. e.g. winning 4 of your last 12 or fewer flight-C KOs, would qualify your to play up in B. You'd then be provisional B until you have some level of success there. Of course ...
Aggressive Game Bidding
Do the Hamman or Meckwell styles differ in auctions where responder will declare? e.g. 1 - 1 2
A twist on 4th suit forcing after 1H 1S
I've been considering two different systems after 1-1. Both give up the ability to stop in 1NT by making opener's 1NT rebid forcing after this start. They gain in many other situations; especially when responder has a game-force removing the need for 3 fourth-suit forcing ...

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