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Ken Bowlby
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Nov. 21, 2017
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London Bridge Club (Ontario, Canada)
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Junk Stayman with 4-4 Majors
Thanks for your suggestions, Kerry. Just to clarify, I did not actually identify who bid 1NT & who bid 2C. Publicly, partner and I try very hard to use only the word "we" when we have a great or terrible result - In private, we discuss in detail for (hopefully) our future ...
Junk Stayman with 4-4 Majors
My partner and I open 1NT with 12-14 HCP. The first time we employed this type of bid, at a sectional tournament, responder was (rightly) worried about the fate of 1NT, so bid 2C with 4432 and 3 HCP. We played in 2D in our 3-2 fit & 15 HCP. It ...
Bidding minor suit hands after partner opens 2NT
My partner (Pete) and I again want to thank everyone for taking the time & trouble to respond to our question. Common courtesy suggests that you deserve to know that we did consider all of the advice and made some significant changes. If you care to read on, here is what ...
Bidding minor suit hands after partner opens 2NT
Thank you Margaret. I had caught that and assumed the correction
Bidding minor suit hands after partner opens 2NT
Thank you to everyone who has responded. Your suggestions will be very helpful. I hope that my partner and I live long enough to reach the end of the 25-year trial period - with any luck, we will be in the same nursing home!
Bidding minor suit hands after partner opens 2NT
2N - 3C - 3? - 3N (With alert that responder may not have a 4-card major)
ATB: Missed game
Since South has limited the hand by "just" overcalling 2S, a 3H cuebid seems mandatory; however, I cannot call north blameless because of the Spade holding.
1!H-1N; 2!H-2!S
Without prior discussion, I would assume partner has a maximum 1NT response with something like AJx, Kx, J10xxx, xx (minors maybe reversed)
Unless you have some specialized agreement that it could be artificial or 2-cd, I don't believe it should require an alert. It is a creative bid, hopefully prepared for the worst-case rebid by partner: 4C
Ilhan Topkaya's lead problem: T63 --- J954 A98652
I would estimate that leading an unsupported Ace is wrong 5 times for every one time it is right. That may even be optomistic!
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