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Ken Bowlby
Ken Bowlby
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Nov. 21, 2017
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about me

China consultant and retired business professor.  Travelled extensively for business and pleasure (sadly, not yet south of the Equator).  Married with two adult daughters, no grandchildren.  Favorite pleasures include bridge, travel to new places, woodworking, reading, snooker, family gatherings, working out at the gym.   

Honest self-assessment: "A Good Intermediate Player". Started in 1981, quickly was addicted & earned more than enough gold & red points long before I had enough for Life Master. Quit for 20 years, 1997-2017, mostly because of excessive poor behavior of bridge players towards others. (It's a LOT better now) I'm always trying to improve, and recently enjoyed a series of coaching sessions with a World-Class Expert (WCE) - 6 BBO sessions followed by 6 days tournament play. WCE's parting comment: "You've shown that you can be competitive at this (top) level, if you can just avoid the mistakes you are capable of avoiding". High praise, I thought, but it would help if my opponents made more mistakes! :-)


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Favorite Bridge Memory
Too many to choose one
Bridge Accomplishments
Scattered firsts and seconds, more often in team events. Not yet anything that calls for neon lights. (Qualified to play in the Flight B NAP @ Columbus)
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London Bridge Club (Ontario, Canada)
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Regionals and Nationals
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Seems an odd question to me
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Silver Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Is this call alertable?
Thanks, Craig - I understood that, but trying to be nice about it.
Is this call alertable?
Maybe I'm confused: My reading is that the question is not whether a DBL should be alerted? I think the PASS s/b alertable, but I've been wrong before
There probably WILL be a Montreal NABC
If you will look back on all the after-comments on the NABC in Honolulu, you will see that the ACBL also lost a large amount of $$ because the hotels they contracted with did not "sell" as many rooms as contracted.
Summer NABC Moved
Steve, I've been re-thinking your numbers: calculations look good, but one assumption needs revising. You said "and then another meter for 2 meters between adjoining tables". People WALK BETWEEN tables on every move! So we need more than 4 meters between tables. Let's use the good-old Imperial system ...
Summer NABC Moved
yes, but sounds weird to have "Gilbert & Sullivan" in he same thought as Come from Away. If you ever get the chance to see it, I guarantee no disappointment
Summer NABC Moved
Actually, I erred: the official name of the province is "Newfoundland/Labrador", and the Labrador part is way, way more remote. As in Newfoundland, some towns have no roads into (or out of!) them - boats only, so your suggestion is perfect. Speaking of Newfoundland, the "most fun" musical I ever ...
Summer NABC Moved
So a LOT of space is needed. Looks like Newfoundland would be a great choice and, so I am not being too biased, Sioux Falls. Let's see, assuming ALL the space they brag about is useful and does not include corridors, escalators, washrooms, etc., 100,000 sq. ft divided ...
BBO Team matches - recommended set up options for undo, barometer and kibitz
A player I know has a very challenging task because of illness that affects motor control. More misclicks, and sometimes long waits for his bid that have nothing to do with UI. Double clicking would make it twice as bad, as the process already is fatiguing for him. Please consider ...
Summer NABC Moved
This is just not fair! The tournament was planned for Canada, and should stay in Canada. No offence intended against the great city of Sioux Falls (Is it big enough to be a city?), but today's news demonstrated that Newfoundland is under extreme duress due to the double-whammy (pardon ...
Summer NABC Moved
Haven't done the precise calculations, but playing tables would have to be over 6 feet per side so that opponents are sitting more than 2 meters (39.37") away from each other.

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