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Nov. 21, 2017
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London Bridge Club (Ontario, Canada)
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Rebidding a second suit after Jacoby 2NT
I chose the first option, for the sake of partnership. The 2NT response = captaincy, and our system requires that I bid my other 5-cd suit. If I won't do that, I should have taken some other action at my first bid.
Who shares responsibility for a bad result?
LOL - corrected!
Who shares responsibility for a bad result?
I gave the room results in a followup comment (see below) - NOBODY got to 3NT, 6D, 6H or 6NT.
Who shares responsibility for a bad result?
Absolutely agree with you Nikos, and I've been on both ends of that, although not yet at a National Pairs event
Who shares responsibility for a bad result?
Good question - I suppose it depends on style. My partner and I would assume that North has either A) a longer/better Heart suit or B) a tolerance for removal to 5D. BTW, for the record, I have not stipulated who in the partnership was North or South
Some 1430 questions
No worries, Mike. I also don't directly know anyone who plays 0314 anymore - except for the expert coach I had.
Crowd-Sourcing the Bridge World's March 2020 MSC Contest
Eric, interesting (and good) point! While it may not be the one you are referring to, the "Desert Survival Exercise" is the classic training tool to show participants how groups make better decisions than the collective of the individuals in the group, given the chance to collaborate. I participated in ...
Who shares responsibility for a bad result?
Thanks Ray - I appreciate the advice. I gave multiple choices in case someone wanted to select either "more north" or "more south" AND the 4th or 6th option. But you are right, including "more" twice is from the department of redundancy department. Cheers
Bidding a Singleton Four Times
Agree with David. My partner and I play that 5NT asks for specific Kings, and must be prepared to hear a suit above our trump suit. I'm sure there are more complex sequences/understandings that would be better, but they would tax our memories too much.
Michaels variants
I chose "Majors, at least 5-5" -- not due to any theory of bridge commitment, but because my regular partner and I have that agreement. For us it is most important that we can rely on partner's hand pattern with that bid. I would have no problem agreeing to play ...
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