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Ken Deighton
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Jan. 1, 2017
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about me

Mathematician, systems analyst, book dealer, writer.  I live with 13,000 old books.  One day, when and if I can no longer find a partner to play with, I want to return to mathematics to develop my "Utilique Theorem".

History of British Bridge Volume I was published in June 2017

History Of British Bridge Volume II is written and should be available next year (once I find the time to complete the massive task of compiling the index).

Volume III is just an idea in my head.

United Kingdom

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Favorite Bridge Memory
c1959 at school : "Ken, we are playing Bridge upstairs, would you like to join us ?"
Bridge Accomplishments
I play hands immediate, without planning any play !
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"1NT 2clubs 2hearts 2NT", when first I met it, instilled a degree of wonder that's lasted ever since - the logic of conventions.
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Anti-Doping Violation by Geir Helgemo results in Team Zimmerman disqualification from Orlando Rosenblum Cup
I feel very sad today about this.
Great Players; Great Books
I show the book in my volume 1, with its scarce dust jacket. I was unable to confirm, after quite a bit of research, that Mr. Robert George Rendel, who was born on 2nd December 1884 and in the 1911 Census puts his job as "railway clark", and on his ...
Auction Whacking
As in life, so often in Bridge, someone's already done it, somewhere ! The earliest reported case of what might be termed "whacking" that I know of was reported by Bascule in his regular column in the "Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News, Saturday, 2nd November 1907, page 36". I assume ...
Bridge Books of Yesteryear
I do not major on American authors but I'm surprised nobody has yet mentioned the S. Garton Churchill masterpiece "Contract Bidding Tactics At Match Play, 1936". The book deserves a place in Bridge history, not so much for its idea of bidding without conventions, but rather for its concept ...
Bridge Books of Yesteryear
Fun & laughter is just as important as skill IMO. One of the funniest Bridge books ever written went out of copyright on 1st January 2019. At long last we will all be able to enjoy John Hassall's cartoon of "The man who wouldn't lead trumps" once again - I ...
Pop History: It was anything but a Moysian Fit ("Sonny" Moyse and Jackie, Sports Illustrated, May 21, 1973)
Thank you Jonathan, lovely story.
Post 20. S.A.C.C, Contract Bridge & Sir Hugh Clayton - Analysis of the very first recorded hand of Bridge played to a contract. Tuesday 1st January 2019
at the end of xviii "There’s a conundrum" should not be in italics. at the end of xix, "It's impossible to be sure" paragraph should not be in italics, of course
Post 18. Mr. Harold Thorne and his “Bridge In 20 Minutes” little book. Monday 3rd September.
Happy New Year everybody. I would like to say what a privilege it is to work with two super-sleuths, Dave Walker, who lives somewhere up north, and Paul Ryan over the Pond. Their approach has been exemplary, no stone left unturned, and many long forgotten facts about Bridge history are ...
Pop History: Life Has Been a Winning Hand (Oswald Jacoby, from The Madison [Wisconsin] Courier, February 3, 1984)
Thanks Jonathan, very interesting.
Pop History: Life Has Been a Winning Hand (Oswald Jacoby, from The Madison [Wisconsin] Courier, February 3, 1984)
Interesting post about an interesting man. I’ve got one of his books here that must be very scarce and I wonder whether Al or anybody has a copy - I can’t find a reference anywhere, so I can’t give a date for it, other than a guess. Here ...

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