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Ken Gamble
Ken Gamble
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Basic Information

Member Since
Aug. 20, 2015
Last Seen
April 16
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Bridge Player

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
At a table in the Hawaii Regional (1985), Max Hardy mentioned my takeout double had a slight odor to it. Five days later he was able name every spot card in my hand
Bridge Accomplishments
Many Regionals, no Nationals
Regular Bridge Partners
Carol Maggipinto, Bob Price, Don Seldeen
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Santa Cruz Bridge Unit
Favorite Tournaments
Monterey Regional
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Gold Life Master
KenG & Class
Modern Standard American
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Class V.1
2 over 1
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Which Movement Do You Prefer with 7 Tables?
How many sets of boards do you make up?
Treatments over 1NT with 5-card major
What do partnerships with 3M and 6m do when partner opens 1NT? Seems like a conflict between puppet and 4-way transfers?
Treatments over 1NT with 5-card major
Since this player is not active on BW, let me counter some of these arguments: Assuming responder does not have a garbage hand: 1. Opener's 15-17 count becomes 16-18 because of a length point in the major. So he doesn't not have that bad "15" count. 2. What ...
Treatments over 1NT with 5-card major
I asked our club's top ranking player what treatment he uses when biding 1NT with a five card major. His approach is to jump in his major when partner bids 2C. He argues when partner has a garbage stayman hand then they have found a 9-card trump suit so ...
Treatments over 1NT with 5-card major
Are you showing 5-5 minors when bidding 1NT-3C and 1NT-3D? In the following auction, does 3D ask for the major if partner has one? 1N-2N-3C-3D? 2N= asking about a 5-card major. 3C= don't have one, but may have a 4-card major. 3D= what do you have?
Treatments over 1NT with 5-card major
I wish. "He" is my partner. I have not found any articles on this. Does anyone know who Bell is/was?
Treatments over 1NT with 5-card major
The way he described Bell was: Over 2C Stayman, 2NT = 5-card major min, 3M = 5-card major with max. Others use 3C for 5M and max. I'm sure there are other variations
It's Your invitation
Excellent Doug! So just having 2 Aces and no tens, one should never invite with 4432 hands (23% making game). Correct? But KnR is saying two Aces is worth 9 points which is probably invitational to most players. So if one invites, the 16 point notrump partner will accept and ...
It's Your invitation
Actually the simulations I would like to see are: 1. North has 16-17 points so game is bid on every shuffle. 2. South has 8 points with two Aces, 2 four-card suits and no tens. 3. Same with 2 tens. 4. Repeat 1-3 with one or both suits being a ...
It's Your invitation
I didn't consider tens and nines which was clearly an error as most are using these cards for their evaluations. My partnership doesn't open 1NT with a 5 card major so I was being a little selfish here. But I'm very happy with the comments and they ...

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