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Ken Gamble
Ken Gamble
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Aug. 20, 2015
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Bridge Player

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At a table in the Hawaii Regional (1985), Max Hardy mentioned my takeout double had a slight odor to it.
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Many Regionals, no Nationals
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Carol Maggipinto, Bob Price, Don Seldeen
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Santa Cruz Bridge Unit
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Monterey Regional
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Ruby Life Master
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Hugh Ross 1937-2017
In the early 90's, Billy Miller had a Calcutta event comprising of the Bay Area's finehst players. I remember Hug was auctioned off at a very steep price, well beyond my means. I was able to kibitz him for awhile and was amazed how simple his card was ...
Reopening an Auction
Got it. Thanks
Reopening an Auction
21B. Call Based on Misinformation from an Opponent 1. (a) Until the end of the auction period ... I am confused with the above wording. Isn't the auction period over after 3 passes?
Insufficient Bid
BTW, the 3D contract produced a bottom. The responder had xx xx KJTxxx KQJ. The player had under 100 mpts and would have been perplexed to figure out what a comparable response would be under the pressures of the moment. With guidance she may have understood a pass or double ...
Insufficient Bid
Knowing this pair, they aren't playing control or transfer bids. But how would you rule if they did?
Insufficient Bid
Law 27B.(b) if the insuffcient bid is corrected with a comparable call (see Law 23A) the auction proceeds without further rectification. So the question centers around the 3D natural response being comparable to a 2D waiting response. I can't understand why a bid showing a long diamond suit ...
Insufficient Bid
I wasn't at the game, but I think the director was called at the time the 2D bid was made. Responder then bid 3D. I changed the OP statement.
Failure to Alert
I ran some computer simulations for a 2S West contract. With both club and spade leads, I get -140. Our club has small games so it might be difficult to get enough players to conduct a poll. Would you run computer simulations in lieu of a poll? I used a ...
Failure to Alert
Afterwards, East commented to North (flt-B player) that a better option is to pass which forces South to redouble or bid a long suit. If redouble is done, then North can now bid the lower of non-touching suits or pass. In this case, I guess North would bid 2D. I ...
Failure to Alert
East/West are very strong players but had not played that long together. East said that the double showed a two-suiter but he forgot to alert.

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