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Ken Gamble
Ken Gamble
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Aug. 20, 2015
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Sept. 20
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Bridge Player

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Favorite Bridge Memory
At a table in the Hawaii Regional (1985), Max Hardy mentioned my takeout double had a slight odor to it.
Bridge Accomplishments
Many Regionals, no Nationals
Regular Bridge Partners
Carol Maggipinto, Bob Price, Don Seldeen
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Santa Cruz Bridge Unit
Favorite Tournaments
Monterey Regional
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ACBL Ranking
Ruby Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Rebid after 1NT Force Response
I scanned the alert procedure document. It distinguishes the two terms "Alerts" and "Announcements". For the 1NT Forcing bid, opener should tap the alert card and announce "Forcing". If the 2C rebid could be a doubleton, then the responder would announce "Could be short". Are these announcements required or just ...
Contested Claim
There was a 5-0 spade break that declarer learned early in the play. There were several ruffs that took place by both defender and by the declarer. In fact this was the argument the defense was using - declarer could easily have last track of the outstanding trumps. But the case ...
Contested Claim
Response to wrong post
Contested Claim
Thank you, spades are trump. North is declarer.
Archiving Convention Cards
Thanks Doug. Another website I wasn't aware of. I wish the lookup wasn't so slow.
Archiving Convention Cards
Thanks Dave and Al. This is exactly what I need (especially the system summaries). I wasn't aware of the USBF site. Now I am.
(1m) - 1NT - ( 2m) - ?
I think several commentators are agreeing that 2-levels responses in both auctions are natural and sign-off. Of course this is standard Lebensohl. 2NT would be used to sign-off in a lower denominational suit. It would be very rare that responder will have enough points to invite game as most of ...
(1m) - 1NT - ( 2m) - ?
What worries me about (1) and "system on" is that I will lose 2D as natural and to play. I'm likely to have around 5-6 hcps in my position so a 3-level bid for diamonds is a stretch. I know I lose right-siding the contract but is that more ...
help with odds
This site will calculate the odds and is easier to get the answers than from an odds book.
Restrictions on a Weak Two Bid?
Several weeks ago a friend passed to me responses to a modified Ogust system he gathered from someone else. These responses seem playable. 3 = (bad, bad) 3 = bad suit, 7+ points 3M = good trump suit 3oM = 6-4 in the majors. 3NT = (good, good) So far, I've had ...

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