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Ken Mohr
Ken Mohr
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July 29, 2011
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April 2
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
leading Nickell team at half in Spingold
Bridge Accomplishments
GNT championship flight Dist winner,many regional wins
Regular Bridge Partners
Ivan Figuereo
Favorite Conventions
lebensohl,last train,serious 3nt
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Silver Life Master
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what do you call this play?
Declarer missed a countermeasure which would have foiled the carpet coup. After a H to the K, he should have ruffed the 10C felling E queen (again).
What is your favourite bridge hand? (At the table)
Oops, yes was 1075.
What is your favourite bridge hand? (At the table)
My favorite was AQxxxx AKQx Ax A. Vul vs not, it went 3H on my left, and pard bid 4D. I bid 7NT and dummy had x - KJTxxxxx KQJTx. RHO had 4234 with SK and was squeezed, a spade lead would have beaten it.
Play problem in 3NT
I was worried too about RHO playing club ace. There might be some merit in leading the CK from hand, especially against good opps there's a good chance it's ducked. It's a play I wouldn't think of at the table I don't think.
If you play Reverse Flannery by Responder
I play it as a transfer to 2S, either to play or some GF.
Play problem in 5!D
Actually it does W no good to play a club honor the first round, you switch to spades and E is endplayed.
Plan the play at IMP pairs
I suppose some might cash the HA playing you for KQ tight and then 3Nt makes. Playing the J from QJT often makes it easier for opening leader.
Smith or Count?
As the name implies, there are a lot of " Smith's" out there. I think it very possible the tempo breaks are due to NS being unsure whether this is a Smith situation or not. Personally I do not think Smith should apply anytime it may be important for partner ...
High level competitive balancing question
I like Jim Munday's answer, as 5-6 in hearts and clubs is possible even. However, another possibility is what you alluded to in the OP. That is, you may be bidding to make, a save, etc. I prefer my action here to give partner an idea of what to ...
Vikor Solution for the Bergen Raises
Good catch Chris, I misstated actually. Preemptive raises would still bid 3H right away. I was thinking of the 3C/3D Bergen raises. I tend not to think of the preemptive raise as "Bergen" since it is popular among pairs that use a direct limit(+) raise without the rest of ...

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