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Ken Rhodes
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June 15, 2011
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about me

Been playing the game for a long time--over 50 years. Started fast--studied every book I could get hold of. Baltimore, then Washington, then Nofolk, VA. There were lots of good players, and I loved the challenge of the game.

In the intervening years my life took unexpected turns. I married (well) and helped raise a family.  I helped start a consulting company that had a nice run of success. I retired, and I lost my wife, but fate smiled on me and I married (well) again. All in all, I'm one very lucky guy.

Now I'm a different person, in a different world. I'm older, my environment is a small town, and I enjoy the social aspects of the game. My first wife, Pat, loved bridge and was very good at it. My second wife, Biddy, loves bridge too. Although she isn't nearly so good at it as Pat was, she's a competitive person. So now my greatest enjoyment in duplicate bridge is helping Biddy win. When we win, her smile would light up Rockefeller Center at Christmas.  What could be better than that?

United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
(1) A year (1962) of Student Union bridge at University of Maryland (2) St Louis Open Pairs w/Steve Robinson 1963
Bridge Accomplishments
Regular Bridge Partners
Member of Bridge Club(s)
The Villages DBC for six years. Now relocated to Waynesboro, VA, DBC.
Favorite Tournaments
Any local sectional with good food and friendly folks.
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ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
ACBL BoD Votes Possibility of NO NABC+ Winners Ever
Positing an extreme strawman is reasonable in discussing abstruse mathematical topics. Perhaps not so much in the practical everyday world.
O/D Parity and Total Tricks
Exactly right. All the brouhaha about "when the Law breaks down" would have been avoided if LC had called it the "estimate of total tricks."
What do you do about this curious explanation
Barry, your EXACT comment is addressed upthread in my story posted two days ago at the very beginning of this discussion. Q: "Wasn't he supposed to bid 2?" A: "Well, you know how he is. He has a mind of his own."
Dummy Plays Wrong Card
David, I totally agree with that last. Sometimes we get off-topic comments from some of our best players--Michael Rosenberg and Kit Woolsey come to mind--but they are meaningful, well-thought-out, and illuminating. I'm always glad to read those, even if they're off on a tangent from the OP. Snarks ...
Dummy Plays Wrong Card
David, you’re absolutely right that posts about play, or rulings, or perhaps about good restaurants in the vicinity, frequently engender comments about bidding. I consider that to be a feature of Bridge Winners, not a bug. Gather a bunch of bright well-informed friends and acquaintances ITRW and start a ...
What's this double (#206)
Support double! It means I meant to open 1, but I inadvertently plucked the 1 card from the bidding box. Fortunately, the opponent gave me another chance, so I get to show I had opening values with 3-card heart support.
What do you do about this curious explanation
Other examples of passing 100% forcing bids: (a) I psych a 1 opening. My partner responds 1. I pass. (b) In a convoluted auction where it seems like we are heading for a slam, my partner bids 4NT to ask for Aces. I am extremely sorry I opened ...
Low-level Penalty
I think you are in a worse position after a 1 overcall. If you overcall 1NT your partner knows (a) your high card strength within a point or so, (b) the fact that you can (at least) accept a transfer in either major, (c) the fact that you do ...
What do you do about this curious explanation
Q: "Is it 100% forcing?" A: "Our agreement is that it is forcing." For further clarification, see my comment above in re: the Don't convention.
What do you do about this curious explanation
I totally agree with David. Some years ago, with one of my regular partners we played the double of 1NT to show a one-suited hand. Unless I had an unexpected long suit of my own, I was expected to bid 2, at which time she could pass if clubs ...

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