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Ken Rhodes
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June 15, 2011
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(1) A year (1962) of Student Union bridge at University of Maryland (2) St Louis Open Pairs w/Steve Robinson 1963
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The Villages Duplicate Bridge Club
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Outer Banks Sectional, Kill Devil Hills, NC
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Hand evaluation question
See my comment to Ed, above. I think the OP is well presented for its purpose.
Hand evaluation question
OP explained that, so we could judge the bidding based on the strength of each hand, without "resulting" them by calculating the result based on x-ray vision of partner's hand.
A possibly crazy idea for ACBL skip bid procedure
Peg, your proposed dichotomies make me sad. I remember when players could be expert and also relaxed, and could be serious and still social. Back in the day, I was playing in a Sectional Open Pairs. My LHO announced (no bidding boxes back then) "I'm about to make a ...
A possibly crazy idea for ACBL skip bid procedure
Paul says "only." I think even that paltry 120V will get your attention.
ATB: Overbid slam
Reinforcing Richard's point, the general expert view of Blackwood is that it's not to probe for a slam, but simply to avoid a bad one. North hasn't a good slam to bid as long as he's not off two controls, so 4NT is misplaced.
Tell me why I'm wrong
Right, Peg, which might be making me wish I'd made that negative double first time around. That, in turn, makes me think that in this particular auction (1 - 2 - Dbl) the 2 rebid should be available to the opening bidder as a bailout on a five ...
Tell me why I'm wrong
Absolutely right. Sadly, competition creates these kind of situations, where whatever we do will sometimes work out well, and sometimes work out badly. I'm reluctant to presume any value to my Q if our side is declaring. Thus, I feel like I'm looking at a seven point hand ...
Tell me why I'm wrong
I agree with Nigel and Ron, and particularly with Christopher, who highlights The Dog Who Didn't Bark. If we belong in NT, partner would probably have opened 1NT. And to decide whether to bid our minor(s) rather than returning to spades, consider an alternative auction. Suppose partner opened ...
ATB: Overbid slam
Something not mentioned in the OP: Did the 2 Drury specify the number of trumps in support?
ATB: Overbid slam
I think "cedes control" is an overbid. I think "shows slam interest" is accurate. If North has trumps good enough to envision a dummy reversal, then he has to take control, since South can't envision it. But with three trumps to the deuce, I think North taking control is ...

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