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Ken Rhodes
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June 15, 2011
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(1) A year (1962) of Student Union bridge at University of Maryland (2) St Louis Open Pairs w/Steve Robinson 1963
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The Villages Duplicate Bridge Club
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Outer Banks Sectional, Kill Devil Hills, NC
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How would you rule?
I may be in a minority here, but irrespective of the rule about "play" having a meaning, I'm absolutely gobsmacked by the laziness of declarers who can't exercise their vocal cords to the extent of calling a specific card EVERY TIME. "Play?" "Low?" "Go up?" What the heck ...
Off the rails again
Paul wrote "If opener has the same hand but 4225, we'll usually avoid a diamond lead and will then make when spades are 3-2." That's true if we responded 1 and subsequently bid 4NT or simply blasted into 6. If, OTOH, we tiptoed through the bidding ...
Off the rails again
Barry wrote "Peg, do you know of any rules that define when a jump to five of the agreed major is a trump inquiry and when it's a control ask in some specific suit?" In Peg's proposed auction, there was not a JUMP to five of the trump ...
Off the rails again
It may often matter, and I'm of two minds on the general subject of "bidding up the line" with multiple four card suits. However, on this hand I don't think it was the genesis of any problem. In Barry's last (substantive) paragraph, he wrote "Partner bid 4 ...
Why don't DBL?
When we get home after a game, as we go over the hand records I sometimes ask Biddy "why did you bid that?" Usually she replies "I just didn't know what to do." I reassure her that it's OK, that sometimes even the best experts have to say ...
Bermuda Bowl RR6: USA1 vs. SWEDEN
Interesting thing about board 24: I play a pretty conservative 2/1 style, and I'd have opened. I don't follow the "rule of 20." Rather, I follow Jerry Helms' "suggestion of 22." Add the HCP, the length of my 2 longest suits, and the number of quick tricks ...
Bermuda Bowl RR6: USA1 vs. SWEDEN
My partners respond to Puppet as follows: a major suit shows five cards, 3 NT denies a five or a four, and 3 shows no five, but at least one four. Is that not the way Meckwell play it?
Bermuda Bowl RR6: USA1 vs. SWEDEN
Yes, but he should have remembered Oren's tip: if you're gonna duck, duck high;-)
Every silver lining has a cloud
That last is funny, except of course to the Canadian team. But they did it to themselves, in a sense. I have a two-part rule about grand slams: (1) Don't bid a grand unless you know what 13 tricks you're going to take and you know they have ...
Regulation of Strong 2C opening bid
@Ed: A story similar to yours (solid 8-card suit), but somewhat different. In a home team game of high standard Joe, one of the top players within a hundred mile circle, held eight hearts to 150 honors, Kx in two side suits, and a single x in the other. Joe ...

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