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Kenneth Rexford
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March 8, 2011
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FWIW, my "Really Unusual Notrump" carries a strong alternative. Thus, it is either weak (less than opening strength) or very strong (19+). That second possibility, while rare, does occur and makes the call different than traditional Baron.
Is this bid a psych, and if it is, is it a legal psych?
I skimmed through a lot because there's just too much to read. However, my thoughts: 1. 1 is an illegal variance. Don't ever open 1 in MICS with even a 9-count. Might be sound logically, but illegal is never sound. 2. This is clearly (if you ...
Barry Plotkin's bidding problem: AT9xx AJ9x KQx x
Curious aside. If the auction had been 1-P-2-3, then 3 would be a HEART-spade canape without expressing opinion about diamond stops (3 by Responder would then NOT set trumps but would still be a punt call), 3 would be 6+ spades with no diamond ...
Strong Club System With Reasonable MP Utility
FYI for those interested, the MICS opening bid structure: 1 = strong club 16+ 1 = either (but not both) minor one-suiter (6+ clubs or 6+ diamonds) or 4+/5+major (either), always 11-15 (or so). 1M = 4M/longer second suit, or 6+M, or 11-12balanced 4-5 in major ...
Barry Plotkin's bidding problem: AT9xx AJ9x KQx x
If Opener bids 3, and if Responder has a heart misfit but no diamond stopper, Responder will have 3S available as a punt.
Barry Plotkin's bidding problem: AT9xx AJ9x KQx x
I sat back and waited for the conversation to develop. This is the correct analysis, IMO. With longer diamonds than hearts, you would double. With club length or extra hearts, your call is semi-obvious. With garbage, pass is obvious. Hence, 3 has to be longer spades (obviouslY0 but implies ...
how do you advance here
Couple of thoughts: 1. If you want to play 3 as non-forcing, because you want to show a 5-5 invitational type of hand, there is a way to partially accomplish this goal. Play a sort of Minor Suit Smolen after transfers. Hence, 3 shows diamonds, 3 shows ...
RKC continuation question
Sometimes there is no other option. Generally, it is true that people jump to 4NT too quickly, but obviously some auctions leave no choice.
RKC continuation question
I would add "there is no sequence to find out if partner has the hand that would make a grand slam good."
Defence to 2NT opener (Diamonds plus another)
3 = one or both majors. 3 by Advancer preferences spades. 3 = 3-suited takeout 3M = bid major and clubs 3NT = to play or 3 = any two suits, without diamonds. 3 by Advancer preferences spades to hearts. Conversion to non-preferenced major means the other major and clubs ...

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