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Aug. 27, 2015
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1NT - should it be 100% forcing in response to 1H or 1S
Same. Specially in MP. I hate forcing 1nt. (Play 2/1) And never had a problem, like missing games etc.
Board 15 in USA2 vs. Sweden QF Bermuda Bowl (47th Board of QF match)
Then it would be set up as a defense problem, whit Upmark as the Hero ;)
Kenneth Wik's lead problem: QJT987 xx KJTx A
When opps have agreed , are pretty much the same as or. And according to the poll this would have worked against quite a few players. I did ask both of the meaning, the 3nt bidder said LOL. And east said Gambling, usually long suit and stop ...
Kenneth Wik's lead problem: QJT987 xx KJTx A
Actually, The lead of a will give you 1 down and 20% on the board. A high or ace of and shift would give you 3 down and 100%. I know West to be a average+ player. He can play good, but also very bad. Older ...
Kenneth Wik's lead problem: QJT987 xx KJTx A
But since his lacking the Ace of clubs, aren't s a more likely suit now?
Kenneth Wik's lead problem: QJT987 xx KJTx A
Game force. Opener shows min/max/singel or void after 1/2M-2nt. Responder is allowed to sign of in 3 sp only If I show a min.
Simon Weinberger's bidding problem: A876 74 8 KQT954
Do you accept the concession?
"If he thought he only had nine trumps, and was told everyone followed to the first, he would have played the King rather than saying he had to lose a trick to the Queen. Shame on the defenders for even thinking about being entitled to that Queen." This Is the ...
Do you accept the concession?
Aftermath? A bad score Ill bet :)
Do you accept the concession?
Totally agree whit this.

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