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Kenneth Wik
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Aug. 27, 2015
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The Bluff Q-Bid
I can't imagine ever using "normally" in a description of this auction. Not going to argue whit that. Its not a normal bid at all, but what else can it mean? And it happens thats opps bid game, you save, and they upgrade there hand and bid a cold ...
The Bluff Q-Bid
Yeah agree, i should have used the bidding layout. Never used it so choose the simple solution. 5 now normally shows a void and 2 places to play. (usually - now). Not inv to grand. Should have made it a lead problem first. My guess is most would ...
The Bluff Q-Bid
Thanks :)
The Bluff Q-Bid
David Graham, you cant be serious? This was a tactical bid. Not a partnership agreement.
Kenneth Wik's lead problem: --- JT872 JT87 T763
Sorry....Partner did the X off-course.
Critical trick one play
Ahh i see, Sorry dint get that reference :p. I had a feeling it had to be a joke or a troll tho, but you never know :) Hehe Cheers
Procedural Penalties for Slow Play
Yeah......Its usably 60-40 if its 1 pair thats slow down the play, But this way opps also "help" them speed up. And not just let them be slow and go for the 60%. Dont know if this is totally fair but its working. (And I'm just a player ...
Procedural Penalties for Slow Play
Our club has started to use a clock that rings 5 min before end of each round, And any table thats not started on the last hand when the clock rings, gets an ave score, and can't play the hand. This have worked well whit the slow ones.....Now ...
Critical trick one play
Thats totally different from playing slow to give information to partner.
Critical trick one play
" (especially if I think long enough before doing it)" Hmmm guess this is a joke, if not I'm a little puzzled, Since its obviously forbidden to break tempo, to pass UI to partner intestinally.

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