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Kenny Horneman
Kenny Horneman
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Member Since
Sept. 19, 2012
Last Seen
Sept. 20
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Bridge Pro
about me

Part time bridge pro, based in Charlottesville, VA, available for tournaments, local club play, online play, have also done online commentating on BBO, and am currently a double dummy hand analyst for The Common Game. Check it out at, it's an awesome opportunity for club players to compete and get regular hand analysis immediately after playing a session.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Playing with long time friend Jerry Helms for the first time and having a 70% game
Bridge Accomplishments
Led national pair event after first day, several undefeated regional tournaments
Regular Bridge Partners
Kevin Wilson, McKenzie Myers, Charles Jefffrey, Kimberly Whipple, Kevin Dwyer
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Charlottesville, VA
Favorite Tournaments
West Palm Beach, Naples, Ft. Lauderdale
Favorite Conventions
2-way XYZ (NMF), 2-way game tries
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ACBL Ranking
Silver Life Master
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Board 13 from the 03/07/2018 Common Game
1 was certainly a risky bid, since the bidding pretty much makes it likely that your partner has about 5-9 HCP and not four \ss and not four \cs and the opponents have a misfit (no double by partner, no 2 by partner, no raise, no 1NT, no ...
Board 11 from the 03/07/2018 Common Game
With an LTC of five, the South hand is more like a 4 rebid than a 3 bid. I would certainly bid 4 if East had bid 2, or at IMPs, and do not find it an objectionable bid even at matchpoints. Note that the South ...
Board 10 from the 03/07/2018 Common Game
The main potential benefits are that South might switch to another suit (unlikely, but what would you do as South if your club suit was AKxxxx?) or that South will lead back original fourth best from T9x or fail to unblock the suit if the finesse loses. The suit ...
Board 1 from the 02/07/2018 Common Game
Whether you play the Ace or not depends on whether you believe it more likely that West is leading from the stiff 10 or the QT9. The answer to this question will depend partly on the bidding, whether North has bid s naturally and whether East has ever bid, showing ...
Board 2 from the 01/24/2018 Common Game
With a 4333 hand, a K of dubious value, and a really poor suit I think it's reasonable to pass 2. As I mentioned in my analysis, I'm not even sure South should raise if North advances 2s over 2 after an initial 2 ...
Board 5 from the 01/24/2018 Common Game
The East hand, like most highly distributional hand, is impossible to bid accurately. There are two approaches on the hand. One is to assume that it's our hand, and start with 1, planning to bid some larger number of s next. On the actual hand, this might work ...
Board 4 from the 12/06/2017 Common Game
Doug, -200 was certainly a common result on the board, and there were plenty of -300 scores as well, most likely due to playing 4. The Kaplan and Rubens method for hand evaluation is a formula for calculating hand strength that gives slightly higher values to Aces and Kings ...
Board 23 from the 10/18/2017 Common Game
As it happens, I don't ever choose hands for my analysis based on the hands themselves. I believe that almost every bridge hand is interesting in some way, and in fact have yet to find a hand that didn't have something worth noting in five years and 1000 ...
Board 4 from the 06/22/2017 Common Game
2 is certainly a possible opening bid, but the hand is a little strong for it and the distribution is terrible. Second seat is the worst seat for preempting, as you are just as likely to preempt your partner as the opponents (as the current hand is a good ...
Board 1 from the 06/22/2017 Common Game
Although I'm glad that you got a good result out of the hand, I think you were a little lucky. North should have doubled 2 and that is where you would have played. 2 will almost certainly go down three, and off four isn't outside the ...

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