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With one of my regular 2/1 partners we play that a suit rebid after 1m-1r-1M promises an unbalanced hand, not 4-3-3-3 or 4-2-3-4, so we would always rebid 1nt. In something like 200 sessions we have had exactly 1 bad result from missing a 4-4 spade fit. Ymmv
T- Shirt ideas(bridge)
I wore a t-shirt that said that to today's game. Only had to explain it once.
What would you do?
If I were directing and had to come up with an adjusted score, I would not allow a Heart contract below 3, likely doubled. Other possibilities would include 2 Spades by OP, and Spade contracts by the opponents. Then I would apply a PP.
Should this bid be alerted?
It bothers me that so many people commenting here are so sure that there is or isn't an agreement. To them It's all black and white where I think there may be mostly gray. Remember that all partnership experience goes to defining their agreements. They may have discussed ...
Psyches - and fielding them
With West's xx I don't think that partner can have as many as 9 hcp. I don't know if partner has Hearts and I don't care, I think the opponents probably have a game and I'm happy to let them play a part score. The ...
The Bidding Box #4 (ACBL Bulletin, June 2019)
Remember that this is matchpoints so that to get a 12 it must be both a great scoring contract, but also one that essentially no one will get to.
Plan your play @T2.
If both minors break 3-2 there is no problem. If trumps are 4-1 we can make if Diamonds are 3-2 with the 3 on the same side as the trump length; but must be careful and win one of the first two trumps with dummy's Queen so that we ...
Ruling, adjustment?
I would probably rule Av+ - Av-. Unless 100 would be better. I don't think that we should give an adjusted score when there has been a procedural violation unless it seems clear that only one or two results would have been likely without the violation. North has a 2-4-4-3 ...
Repeat Locations for Nationals
I don't think that you have thought about all the issues in converting volunteer positions to paid. Looking only at jobs done during the tournament, do you really want non-bridgeplayers at the partnership desk? "I need a partner with 1000-3000 masterpoints, who plays; Bergen, Flannery, and odd-even discards." For ...
Pass over redouble
Promises at least 3 cards in the suit just below opener's. If the auction is (1C) x (xx) you must be able to stand partner' spades.
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