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Craig, South will be under pressure in 3 suits and while he can keep parity with dummy by throwing his last Club after dummy's is tossed that just sets up the endplay. If North is 4252 there will be no escape. South's best chance is to try to ...
Two interesting deals from the Unit Swiss last night
For the bidding problem, I pass. LHO should have a 3 card limit raise with Spade shortness. Leaving partner with something like 7=4=(2-0,1-1,0-2). Partner's double should be penalty anyway. I would have bid without the double but think we have a better chance at 500 ...
What to do after they bid over our stayman ?
I think there is much to be said for takeout doubles from both sides of the table. Also, if you have to give something up, have it be invitations. Choice of game and competing are far more important. With your invitations just overbid or underbid and don't worry.
How do you ask for aces?
Transfer to Spades, then bid Keycard for Spades....
Meckwell would be proud
Not sure which is worse, the bidding or the defense. 2H is questionable, 2S and 3C are lunatic. On the opening lead the Spade position is pretty well marked, strongly implying the actual distribution, so a Diamond shift is clear, leading to an easy down 2. If partner's Hearts ...
A Bridge Swifty
"You didn't have your bid" said Tom stonily. "You didn't have yours either" said his partner (w)rothly.
A Bridge Swifty
"You had to keep the Diamond 7" said Tom beerily. "Have a trick now" said Tom rectifiably. "Hearts are a woman's best friend" said Tom transferably. "They can't ruff in Notrump" said Tom suitably.
MI (?) Ruling
Matt, that makes little sense, North's pass or correct bid strongly suggested a hand considerably better for Hearts. North could be very short in Spades. South should think himself bared from bidding if he has a weak 2 in Spades. That would be the logical equivalent of a pair ...
Interesting Squeeze
Ruffing the last Spade only fails when LHO has 2 (or more) Clubs leaving RHO with 6=5=1=1. I don't know their preempting style, but some would find a different opening, especially if holding the King of Hearts.
A tricky 3N
If they play 4th best leads then you can use the Rule of 11 and know that RHO can't beat the 9. When in dummy you can lead the club 10 to hold the lead if not covered. If clubs are ducked twice West has an additional card, probably ...
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