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Kenton Schoen
Kenton Schoen
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Jan. 29, 2017
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about me

Started with friends in High School.  Started duplicate the year I graduated.  Always loved the different logical, tactical and psychological problems that come up at the bridge table.  

United States of America

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Favorite Conventions
Well, I could give you a long list of least favorite conventions.
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Second Round and Later Doubles When the Opps Interfere over 2!C
If I know partner will treat a double as penalty I do that. If I'm not so sure I bid 3NT.
2!d Opening to Show a Balanced 18-19 HCP?
Yes. And in Romex one of a suit bids were limited to about 17 hcp, so they couldn't use 1X-1Y-2NT for 18-19 balanced. But the more radical change was using an 1NT opening as forcing, unbalanced and strong, but not strong enough for 2C.
Postmortem Analysis of March 2020 Bridge World MSC Contest Results
One minor benefit of leading 5th best when your agreement is 4th best is that this may lead declarer astray in several different ways. For example, he may think that he doesn't need to hold up or make an avoidance play because he thinks you only could set up ...
ATB - Missed slam with double red fit
I hate with a passion the negative double with 6-5. South's call deserved to result in -530. Having said that, North has very good cards for playing in Diamonds, and it costs nothing to make a control bid on the way to 5D.
Too Many Questions for a Poll
2NT on your Left, 6C on your Right. East is on lead.
What would 3C by S on his second turn be? What does the double by N when she could have bid 3D deny? Was 4D forcing? South's Spade holding is the worst possible, almost certainly 2 losers there. E-W bidding on at most 16 hcp suggests there might be ...
4NT after partner has denied any Ace or King
Because the stupid use of 2H has wasted a level of bidding, opener should almost always have 6+ to bid 3H. So responder should raise with 2, and when he doesn't opener should bid at least 6 and quite possibly 7.
Don't tug on Superman's cape
It's so cold on the couch without the cape.
Matchpoint Teams
The Washington Bridge League used to run such an event, with IMP scoring at some of their Sectionals. For masterpoints they would give awards from whichever of pairs/teams one did best, never both. (I'm ignoring complications from stratification). You use a BAM movement.
You Be the Judge, After a Balancing Double
West showed nothing offensively or defensively. East has no safety in bidding or doubling when West has shown no values and denied anything near as much as he has.
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