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Kerry Kappell
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June 24, 2015
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Nov. 19
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Teacher/Director/Professional Bridge Player. Almost always, the answer to bridge theory problems is transfers.

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Play 6NT
David, I concede. You are 100% right!
Play 6NT
I solved it on paper and then wrote it up wrong. The diamond duck must come before the run of the clubs.
Play 6NT
I like the double squeeze solution: Club lead, diamond finesse, run all the club pitching a spade and a heart (jack for style points). East pitches 1 spade and 2 hearts. Now a heart to the king extracts a diamond from east. Ducking a diamond now rectifies the count to ...
Play 6H
K lead: Win ace, unblock the Q, ruff a spade and play a heart to the queen. If it wins, cash the ace of hearts and leave the king outstanding if necessary. If the heart finesse loses and they come back anything other than a spade, win and pull trumps ...
common game deal best line for 6NT
Excellent point! So if we’re in 6, then we should play at least one diamond, one club, another heart and 2 spades (assuming we don’t see anything interesting) before we make any further decision. What do the odds tell us to do then?
Multi Opening Two-Bids
Get ready for Polish Club methods: 2 = multi (weak) 2 = 5 hearts + 5 other 2 = 5 spades + 5 minor 2nt = 5-5 minors
common game deal best line for 6NT
Correction people: Diamonds come in for 3 tricks 69.44% of the time. See: (No relation, btw)
common game deal best line for 6NT
I found the hand. Clubs were A98 opp. K752. Apparently, that was enough for me to start with a club to the 9.
common game deal best line for 6NT
Same as Nigel so deleted. (Also Bernard’s #1 above.)
Why does Harvard hate bridge?
Well done and congratulations!

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