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Kerry Kappell
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June 24, 2015
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NYC Teacher/Director/Professional Bridge Player. Almost always, the answer to bridge theory problems is transfers.

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Strong Club Recommendations?
From [url=]Precision Today, First Edition[/url] (a must have reference): [code] 1nt 13-15 14-16 15-17 1d/1nt 11-12 11-13 11-14 1c/1nt 16-19 17-19 18-19 2nt 22-23 n/a n/a 1c/1h/1nt n/a 20-21 20-21 1c/2nt 20-21 22-23 ...
Strong Club Recommendations?
A weak notrump structure: [code] 1nt 12-14 1c/1nt 15-17 1c/1h/1nt 18-19 2nt 20-21 1c/2nt 22-23 1c/1h/2nt 24-b25 1c/2h/2nt g25+ [/code] Note that 1d is natural now 3+ diamonds, unbalanced. Could be (41)35. __ Meckwell Lite (from [url= ...
Strong Club Recommendations?
A very basic framework to get you started (Based on old Meckwell Lite and Precision Today): 1c = 16+, any shape 1d = 11-15, may be short (as 2): • 11-15 unbalanced, 3+ d • 12-13/14/15 bal, 2+ d (see chart) 1h = 11-15, 5+ h 1s = 11-15, 5+ s 1n = 10-12, 14-16 ...
Improving gameforcing responses to a strong-1C opening
Larry - How was your experience playing transfer positives with a 4-card major in a strong club context?
Does Anybody Know why the Official Result has not been Posted in the Donn-Fleisher Match?
Thank you so much, Jan, for all the work that you do! You’re the best!
Counter-Defenses to Defenses to our 1NT Opening showing Majors
Yordan - You're a man of few
Counter-Defenses to Defenses to our 1NT Opening showing Majors
Jean-Pierre - Thanks for the article/link. A generic defense is certainly a good idea. I think a more general defense against an artificial call is that double shows values and any following double is takeout.
Missed game - who was more responsible
X and cuebid here would get East to 4 all by hisself which seems a little rich. I would try double, double and 3 over 3m or raise 3 to four. Better minor Lebensohl would be good here.
2NT and puppet stayman
When I’m playing with myself, I play the following: After transferring to hearts, 3 says bid 3nt (without 3 hearts) and 3nt show 3 hearts. After transferring to spades, 3nt denies 3 hearts. 3nt in response to 2nt shows the 5 spades and 3 hearts hand that you ...
Counter-Defenses to Defenses to our 1NT Opening showing Majors — If you want to do everything, try this but there’s something to be said for just winging it: 1nt - (2 ...

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