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Kerry Kappell
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June 24, 2015
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NYC Teacher/Director/Professional Bridge Player. Almost always, the answer to bridge theory problems is transfers.

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UI or not?
DC - As one of my favorite bridge theoriticians, please don’t hold back: What are your 7 exceptions? (And it if wasn’t me, someone else would have asked.)
UI or not?
On the other hand, when you are already getting a zero, a natural redouble as a bluff is 100% free.
UI or not?
If the first double is undiscussed then the redouble is undiscussed as well. I would like to see their agreements as to when redouble is SOS. I would be more inclined to accept that redouble was SOS at teams.
Best defense against Big Club?
Totally agree! It's good to have a critical eye for self-serving statements. Support doubles - always and everywhere - also comes to mind.
Magic Bullet 1N
1nt Gazzilli over 1d does the same thing. Lots of interesting responses too:
Best defense against Big Club?
More BW threads: — My two cents: - Double gives the opponents three calls instead of one with a negative response ...
Competitive agreements after partner opens, they overcall 1NT, you X and LHO bids
I’m a big proponent that the first double of a suit is takeout after a generic penalty double. It’s saved me a million -470/570/670/870’s...
Best defence to a possibly-short 1C?
Ian - I am always impressed with all of your unique, creative home-grown methods and your willingness to share them with entire bridge world. Two thumbs up!
How do your define your "Takeout Doubles"?
That’s exactly what I advocate. It’s close to the rule of 10 which is a good general tool: 10 + no. cards in opp’s suit = HCP required to make a t/o x.
Best defence to a possibly-short 1C?
Ed - Weren’t we on the same page? ;)

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