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Kerry Kappell
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June 24, 2015
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NYC Teacher/Director/Professional Bridge Player. Almost always, the answer to bridge theory problems is transfers.

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Advice needed
Congratulations! — Was equity restored? Mostly... Also, see: P. S. Yesterday in a team match, we defended 3nt making six with the ace of diamonds missing from the dummy. When our teammates played the board they bid and made 6nt. After the comparison ...
Advice needed
David S. - You need to appeal! You got a bad ruling. It’s true that there are no revoke penalties if dummy revokes per se but an adjusted score is made if the defenders are damaged. “Everyone is responsible for the dummy” is a misconception that just won’t go ...
How to bid this in 2/1
Ray - I’ve seen some people play that way but it’s really not normal. I would muster about 4-6 hcp Vul and 0-5 hcp N/V for 2. The idea is that if you don’t have enough strength for a 1 bid.
Am I Old Fashioned?
“That seems to be how they play at the Portland Club, where artificial conventions are banned.“ I would love it if someone would run a “no conventions game” once in a while.
An SMP question: when 1!C - 1 !S = 5+ !S, 8+ (unlimited)
That looks pretty good!
An SMP question: when 1!C - 1 !S = 5+ !S, 8+ (unlimited)
In Barry Rigal’s, “Precision in the 90s,” he recommends after a 2 or 2 positive response that the next step up is a little relay showing a balanced hand giving responder to show shape and strength. 2nt replaces opener’s lost bid. After a 1 or ...
Does anybody dislike 2/1?
The great Bobby Wolff called 2/1 a crutch - he did not like 2/1. I think it’s possible to get the best of both worlds as follows: 1 - ? 1nt = non-forcing 2 —> 2 (2 = relay to 2) 2 = 5+ , GF 2 ...
Am I Old Fashioned?
David B. - It turns out that your partner is old fashioned. Somwone had to say it! But old fashioned can clearly be improved. The Bidding Dictionary by Alan Truscott has 3-3 as all natural and slamish. ...
A lens or two on an interesting board
Looks good, Ian! P. S. Looking back at your Schuler Shift question, you meant for those who play Schuler Shift, do you also play it after 1-2?
After an Inverted Minor Raise
In Bill Root & Richard Pavlicek’s 1981book ‘Modern Bridge Conventions,’ 2nt is indeed to play. 2M would show a queen extra. The example hand they give for a 2nt rebid after 1-2 is: AQ93 KJ6 J97 Q98

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