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Kerry Kappell
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June 24, 2015
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Teacher/Director/Professional Bridge Player.

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The Best Convention Ever
Bill - Best laugh I've had in a while! Thanks!
The Best Convention Ever
Well, Gazzilli has been mentioned but not Gazzili. I'm surprised there isn't more competitive bids mentioned. So... 8) Raptor (1nt overcall).
The Best Convention Ever
I wanted to put Reverse Flannery on my list. The problem is that I've never actually played it!
The Best Convention Ever
"The 2nd point is also solved by "Reverse DONT" that Jim Perkins suggested above. I like that better, since I dont see any real downside at all with that approach." Now you've lost the unique bid for both majors. Bridge is all about the ________ suits. Reverve DONT is ...
The Best Convention Ever
If advancer has club tolerance, he bids 2. If overcaller has clubs or clubs and a major, he passes. If overcaller had diamonds, he corrects to 2. If advancer bids 2 then overcaller shows his major if he has one, passes if he had diamonds and if ...
The Best Convention Ever
Re: "Why 2♣? 2♥ seems more efficient to show majors, and preempts better against opps." You need 2 to ask for partner's longer or stronger major to cater to 5-4 hands. Also, 2 allows you to bid again with game interest. When the opponents open a strong ...
The Best Convention Ever
To quote (paraphrase?) Michael Rosenberg, "There should be one bid for majors and it should be 2." I also think single-suited majors should be shown with one bid. Where one goes from there is up to you. There are lots of contenders out there: T-Landy: ...
The Best Convention Ever
1) XYZ. Simplifies so many auctions. 2) Mini-notrump: 1nt = 10-12. It so often takes the opponents right out of the auction and when they do come in often find themselves in a world of hurt. 3) Modified Jacoby 2nt responses. Huge improvement. 4) Gazzilli. So good! 5) Landy-Meckwell hybrid. 6 ...
Club Ruling
Rightly or wrongly, I prefer not to take a "Secretary Bird" approach to rulings. The first two rules of directing are: 1) Everyone has to get a fair and unbiased ruling. 2) Everyone has to walk away from the table feeling that they received a fair and unbiased ruling. Note ...
Club Ruling
Re: "I was the director. (I told East I would treat his objection as an Appeal and let Bridgewinners decide.)" I love it! I'm going to try that too! Re: "They do not play negative free bids..." I didn't think they did but if they routinely respond at ...

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