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Kerry Kappell
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June 24, 2015
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Teacher/Director/Professional Bridge Player. Almost always, the answer to bridge theory problems is transfers.

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Sapphire Life Master
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I don‘t understand Drury
Ping, me too! I play a variable notrump range based on seat and vulnerability: 10-12: 1st - 3rd, white 12-14: 1st, 2nd equal red, all 4th except unfav. 15-17: 3rd red or unfav.
I don‘t understand Drury
Stick with it, Steve! I forgot Drury 20 times before I started to remember it. Drury helped me become aware of seat and vulnerability.
Barry Rigal's bidding problem: AK42 K63 9 AQT63
5 - DSI. Partner, I can probably beat 5 in my own hand but I have a good hand with short d. Bid only if you think we can make it or if you think we can beat 5 because you have a shapely hand too.
I don‘t understand Drury
And Bergen Raises. There are pros and cons no matter what conventions you adopt. The important thing is to know (and remember) what you are playing as well as the continuations and ramifications.
I don‘t understand Drury
Ed - Don’t tease me!
Fourth suit after XYZ
I think it should be something in hearts but not a full stopper - as little as 3 small. Think of 2 as analogous to a raise of partner’s 4th suit forcing bid. You’re happy to land in 3nt with xxx opposite xxx.
The New Three-card Limit Raise in 2/1
I know some experts who play 2 as GF in either minor and 2 shows 3+ card support (ed - for opener’s major) with limit+ values. Seems less complicated.
I don‘t understand Drury
Drury is absolutely my most favorite convention! I usually play *now* old-fashioned 1-way Drury but I do like 2 = 4-card constructive to limit raise and 2 = 3-card limit raise. The same structure can be used with Bergen Raises: 1M - 3 = 4-card constructive to limit raise and 3 ...
Meaning of pass after (1M)-dbl-(redbl)
“You got us into this, you get us out.” - Yes. “Two places to play (or more).” - Yes. “ No clear direction.” - Yes. “Forcing.” - Yes. Can someone say, “Scramble?” Bid playable spots up the line and hopefully not get doubled or bypass our least disastrous contract.
2NT overcall of a Multi 2!D
- Basically Option B from ACBL defense - 2nt = 17-20 balanced (not 16-18) - 2h/2s = natural, good 5 or 6 card suit - x = 14-16 balanced (not 13-15), power x or willing to penalize opps for penalty. Next x by either partner is still takeout.

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