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Kerry Kappell
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June 24, 2015
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Teacher/Director/Professional Bridge Player. Almost always, the answer to bridge theory problems is transfers.

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Lebensohl after opps show both majors
Gerben, I never got to thank you for this, it's brilliant: -kk
Lebensohl after opps show both majors
No Lebensohl, no Unusual vs. Unusual: X = 9+ hcp, next double is ??? 2 = to play (if available) 2 = balanced, stopper, inv+ 2 = balanced, stopper, inv+ or clubs, weak or strong - treat as inv, 2nt rejects, 3 accepts, then 3 = to play, 3-3 = shortness ...
Lebensohl after opps show both majors
Two more: - - I second your request for a real search algorithm.
Lebensohl after opps show both majors
Lots of ways you can do this. The tough part is choosing one that both you and your partner will remember when the time comes. The one thing you shouldn’t play is ‘systems-on.’ Double should be values (inv+) and the next double by either partner is takeout. 2 ...
Attitude or count (or suitpreference)?
Count is clearly not enough here. East needs to know (a) how to get back to West’s hand and/or (b) if West can ruff the third round of clubs higher than the ten. On the other hand, attitude is clearly not enough here as there is an ambiguity ...
King from Ace-King when suit is supported?
From Kantar’s website ( “17 Be advised that if you lead the A from AKx(x) vs. a suit contract, that is a trick one convention only. During the rest of the hand, the king is led from the AKx(x). The reason being ...
Kerry Kappell's bidding problem: QJ52 KQ964 J42 8
I posted these two hands, not because I didn’t know what the right bid was, but because I was starting to question conventional wisdom. So, what you are saying is that conventional wisdom, from a bidding theory standpoint, is just wrong?
GF relays in Transfer Walsh
Transfer responses to 1 are ideally suited to symmetric relay treatments as there is more space available. For more on symmetric relays see: Symmetric: The Symmetric Relay Contract Bridge Bidding System Made Easy by Andrei Sharko
Revisiting Raptor
Against a natural minor opening, I play: 1nt = 4+ & 5+ om (other minor) OR both majors strong 2 = natural 2 = 4+ & 5+ om 2 = majors, weak 2 = wjo (weak jump overcall) 2nt = 19-20 hcp, bal. Against a non-natural but not strong 1 opening ...
Conditional Shift
Even if you don't normally play obvious shift, I recommend obvious shift when dummy hits with a singleton.

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