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Kevin Barnes
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Feb. 28, 2012
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Chris Miller, GIB
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Washington Bridge League
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Ruby Life Master
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Pips on upper left hand corner, in non-English decks
Kevin Barnes's bidding problem: KQ94 K65 K732 A9
I’m OP. Double would show a desire to penalize at least one of their suits. The vulnerability and form of contest is as it is because that was what faced me at the (virtual) table. I was surprised to get 100% against very strong opponents in a fairly strong ...
Is it a demand or a suggestion?
Yes, I (on lead on the actual hand) wasn't up to the low spade lead, possibly earning my zero. Still it was pairs and not entirely obvious to me that opps would be the only pair in slam. Couldn't Ron have KQx in spades?
The importance of understanding how ACBL players feel about bracketing
Melanie, My point was that I believe Marc Warner's team, whose request to play up in the top bracket was turned down, included a player who has won an NABC and therefore, from next year, would automatically be in the top bracket.
The importance of understanding how ACBL players feel about bracketing
Actually I believe the change referred to in Melanie’s last paragraph would mean that the team whose request to play in the top bracket was turned down this time would be automatically placed in the top bracket next year..
Is this a way to run an organization?
I talked to a couple of players on the team that was (fairly comfortably) fourth in the Swiss (and came back to play the second day). I also have a few observations. First, the drop-off in masterpoints was fairly precipitate. Their team masterpoints totaled about 11,000 compared with well ...
National Champions in Limited Events: Fair or Foul?
I think Cory's point is a good one, and some clarification would be helpful from ACBL. In particular, the GNT would presumably be considered a flighted event (even if it is currently possible to play in more than one flight at the district level), as might the Blue Ribbon ...
National Champions in Limited Events: Fair or Foul?
The damage to players in your position appears to be an unintended consequence of a policy change that was not fully thought through. It is odd that before the change a World Championship was only thought to be worth 100+ masterpoints, and now suddenly it is equivalent to 10,000 ...
National Champions in Limited Events: Fair or Foul?
The motion passed as above seems to apply to all ACBL-sanctioned events, not only including regionals, but also club games. There seems to have been very little discussion in advance - I alerted one of my partners who is affected, who was also unaware. The one silver lining is that you ...
National Champions in Limited Events: Fair or Foul?
Item 183-66: GLM Players Eligibility Chapter XIII, Section F, Paragraph 1.1.4(b) of the Codification shall be modified to read as follows: (b) Flighted (By masterpoints only). Three flights event. Each flight may have two strats. Note: Flighted KO events at Regionals may be bracketed (but may not ...
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