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Kevin Barnes
Kevin Barnes
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Feb. 28, 2012
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3 hours ago
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Bridge Player

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Chris Miller, GIB
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Washington Bridge League
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Ruby Life Master
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To Beer or Not to Beer?
Do the implications of an early discard of the 7D need to be disclosed in response to questions on carding?
Say No To Cheats
So now we have a full list of entrants for the BW Fantasy Vanderbilt Brackets can we choose to withdraw? Entrants include one LF.....
How to File a Player Memo
It would be helpful if, once you have gone online and found the form it was possible to fill it in electronically. And even better if one of the recorder's e-mail addresses was current..
Kevin Barnes's bidding problem: QT9 --- A8764 AQ985
The problem was that North took about 2 minutes to bid 3NT, but there was ruled to be no logical alternative to South's jump to 6C!
Open Wroclaw Discussion Thread
"And kudos to Judy Gartaganis of Canada who is the only woman still playing in the Open Teams. " Kudos to Judy indeed, but I think you'll find that Frances Hinden is still playing on the England Open team...
Rules and Regulations Committee — Wrocław 2016
From the OP: "However, to a large extent it is up to the players to keep our game clean. They know when they are being cheated. It is their duty to tell their captain, who may advise his concerns to the chief tournament director. It is preferable for the players ...
WBF - Let the Change Begin!
The as-yet-unapproved minutes of the English Bridge Union Board meeting of June 28 posted on the EBU website note that: "JD circulated a letter which he had received from the WBF in response to a formal complaint which had been made at the 2015 World Championships regarding perceived ethical violations ...
Is it time to loosen ACBL GCC?
I also learned multi about 30 years ago in England, but learning how to defend against it in those pre-internet days was a little more difficult. It took me about two years to find a book that had a defence (Dixon)in it. Maybe I should have directly asked one ...
Obligation to Appeal?
I liked this and it is one of my pet peeves too. But what if the Director wants to poll BW on logical alternatives and it faces an injunction or chooses to install a new server?
Dirty Hands
The article states that "Fisher, in an e-mail to me, claims that he only helped No Matter". Which is at a minimum admitting at least some involvement.

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