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Kevin Lane
Kevin Lane
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Jan. 28, 2011
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about me

Bridge is a game and should be fun.

My partner is the greatest bridge player of all time - whoever my partner is.

I am currently District Director for Los Angeles County (D23)

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Every game I ever played with my father.
Favorite Conventions
1M: jump-shift as fit-showing unbalanced limit raise
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Silver Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
PtP in 5 Diamonds
Is it safe to ruff a spade high first and then J? I think so. But it's a good question whether LHO has 6 or 7 hearts - surely, RHO holds the A or K (likely the K). Further, is RHO likely to have a doubleton KJ? If so, a ...
Open Memphis Discussion Thread
Matthew: if airbnb impacted Hawaii shouldn't the tablecount have been substantially better than a 30% drop from the previous Hawaii NABC? Airbnb, in theory, represents players who simply want cheaper accommodations.
What percentage of the cost of attending ACBL Nationals are Card fees?
Don't forget that NAP events generate no card fee revenue.
Open Memphis Discussion Thread
Adam says: "Are we really that bad at anticipating room needs?" Speaking only for myself, the challenges facing tournament organizers is alot more difficult than seems be generally recognized. The net-net is that substantial work is being done to adjust to the new realities of our hosting model. Our current ...
Open Memphis Discussion Thread
Michael and Mike are right, of course, as to why there are more B and C NAPPERS now. My point was that now that we've gotten them to the NABC we should provide them with a good warm-up/lead-in event. And this field is relatively young. Note that the ...
Open Memphis Discussion Thread
What type of event might attract flight B and C players on Thursday and Friday? Comparing NAP B/C turnouts between this year and 2012: 2019: B: 48 tables C: 43.5 tables 2012 B: 38 tables C: 37 tables I notice that this year's Thursday/Friday attendance dipped ...
Open Memphis Discussion Thread
FWIW: Attendance through Monday in 2019 is 4304 Attendance through Monday in 2012 was 4070 Total attendance in 2012 was 9626. Now, IIRC in 2012 the Red Ribbons (now a summer event) were on Thursday-Friday which was a good lead-in to the NAP events.
Unusual Coup
3NT was dismissed too easily. True, KQ is a bad holding but I disagree with the argument that solid clubs are necessary after the 3 bid. Opener holding Qxx or JTx would likely be enough. Indeed, on the actual layout 3NT makes. If south declares on a low heart ...
Is bridge dying? Maybe, maybe not.
I posted a chart on BridgeWinners in 2013: I don't have the data in front of me, but I believe physical clubs have a slight decline the last few years, and online club games have leveled off generally, with an anomalous decline in ...
Open Honolulu Discussion Thread
Others have commented about the 2003 Long Beach NABC which was a success in my opinion even though the tablecount was relatively modest for a summer NABC. Anaheim nationals seemed to have shifted to San Diego so that may open up possibilities in the LA area notwithstanding the cited difficulties ...

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