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Kevin Lane
Kevin Lane
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Jan. 28, 2011
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about me

Bridge is a game and should be fun.

My partner is the greatest bridge player of all time - whoever my partner is.

I am currently District Director for Los Angeles County (D23)

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Every game I ever played with my father.
Favorite Conventions
1M: jump-shift as fit-showing unbalanced limit raise
ACBL Ranking
Silver Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Philly Slam Poll 3 of 3: Responses to Queen Ask
Standard is to bid the cheapest king over the queen ask - WHEN YOU HAVE THE QUEEEN. So, - 5 = no queen - 6 = queen, but no side king - Suit bid = queen plus the suit bid is the cheapest side king
ACBL Inaction Regarding Attracting Younger Members
Great comments, Eric. Full disclosure - I'm a District Director. I won't be generallly engaging in online debate, but this topic is near and dear to me, so I encourage discussion. College students can be targeted by virtue of their institutions. Generic marketing efforts (to attract, say, 30-50 year ...
Board 4 from the 02/07/2018 Common Game
I, as East, played 4 and made it.
Tell Me I'm Right
Thanks all; my sanity is restored. To me, standard is 8-11 with a stopper and that's how I've played it except for one partner who insisted on 9-12. I had two very good players in the past week tell me that not only do they play 6-9ish but ...
Bob Heller: ACBL Distict 7 March-April News
Microsoft's auto-update process can over-write code used by ACBLscore.
3NT play problem?
I win the T and play J. If the J holds I'll play the Q If the J loses I'll double hook diamonds using black suit entries.
Dahl and Oshlag Win Fast Pairs
Congratulations!! And by a healthy margin, too.
NAP-B report: two more hands
It sure looks right to me to go after diamonds at trick 2. If they're 3-2 with Q onside, I've made 3NT. If they're 3-2 with Q offside, I'm up to 8 tricks with slim chances for a 9th. Plus, 3-2 diamonds means I have an ...
NAP-B report: two more hands
Thanks: I edited the article to reflect that if RHO has 6+ clubs and the K I am down two on a spade continuation (after LHO cashes the 13th heart). This analysis would also apply to RHO holding 4 spades and 5 clubs if RHO had discarded a spade instead ...
NAP-B report: two more hands
Thanks; fixed (I think).

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