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Kevin O'Brien
Kevin O'Brien
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July 7, 2010
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Jan. 19
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about me

I started playing Bridge seriously in 2006, after almost 40 years of playing once a year. and 21 months of playing once a week (plus local Sectionals and Regional)

Besides playing, I am a certified ACBL Club Director and now direct a small weekly evening game and maintain its Internet presence (posting results, Facebook page)

In 2013, I became coordinator of the Intermediate-Novice lectures presented at my Unit's weekly Unit Game, and a frequent lecturer there. I also often lecture at my Unit's Sectionals, and the local Regional.

In 2015, I became a certified Learn Bridge in a Day? instructor; in 2016 a certified EasyBridge! Instructor.

I have taught in a local Bridge in Schools program, and at a local Country Club. I also teach small groups in their homes, including supervised play, and I am available for playing lessons.

I have served on my Unit's Board of Directors since 2014 in a variety of volunteer positions, and also serve my District as a volunteer dealing with tournament supplies and equipment.

In 2016, I started the Newcomer Game 0-20 MP Section at my Unit's weekly Unit Game, I present most of the pre-game lectures and direct most of the games; we are averaging five tables each week in 2017; several pairs have "graduated" to the 199er section. 

In 2017 I joined the Bridge Heroes team for The Longest Day, happy to do my part to help fight this terrible Alzheimer's disease andother dementias which have affected so many.

United States of America

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one that makes me look good is "Sat Eve Side Swiss" at
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wouldn't it be nice!
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Belle View DBC (manager/director), NVBA (Unit 218) Unit Game
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too many to name
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Eight Is Enough -- Seeking suggestions for rank definitions etc.
Forming teams and assigning strats are done outside of ACBLscore. ACBLscore supports Swiss Teams, and you can enter the strats manually, ignoring or overriding the ACBLscore calculated strats. I don't have a cookbook, but if anyone who does wishes to share it, I'm sure many (well, at least ...
BW 2/1 System - Potential Reality or Wishful Thinking?
LC Standard came out five-or-so years ago the final post here on Bridge Winners in 2012, with the same objective as this 2018 effort. LC Standard moved on to the ACBL Bulletin, where it appeared in a series of articles. You may remember Larry first made upside-down carding part of ...
ACBL to adopt EBU results file format
I hope you're right, Eric -- but only time will tell. Culture Change can take a while to trickle down from the top to all layers of the bureaucracy.
ACBL to adopt EBU results file format
Eventually ACBL management will say something abut this -- maybe sooner now that the news is out and hiding under a [b]Cone of Silence[/b] will just lead to useless speculation and conjecture. Still, I won't hold my breath waiting for ACBL's announcement -- I strongly suggest that you ...
Team League Structure in ACBL
WBL (ACBL unit 147) runs a 3-league KO in the winter and similar round-robin league in he summer. Their website at has more info by clicking on WBL Knockout.
Masterpoint Survey
Ping, The half of the Swiss out of contention still plays in the Swiss. The eliminated 3/4 of the CKO teams have the opportunity to win Masterpoints in another event. So the available Masterpoints for the CKO teams includes this other event; the available Masterpoints for the Swiss team ...
Masterpoint Survey
The group in which Steve Bloom participated resulted in ACBL's Board of Directors changing Masterpoint formulas to, among other things, eliminate the "Size of Field" formula for four-session Bracketed KO events' inclusion of the teams in lower brackets of the event. This resulted in a huge drop in attendance ...
Winning Pair Event Versus Team Event
If you have a 30-table Howell, the winning pair defeated 59 competitors. With 30-table Mitchell, the winning pair defeated only 29 competitors. With a 30-table Web movement, the winning pair defeated 29 competing pairs, and all played the same 24, 26, or 27 boards. Movement type affects number of competitors ...
Michael Seamon Junior USBC Begins Today
Is there really a third-place playoff in the Under-21, and if so, are the results being posted anywhere?
Masterpoint Survey
Don't forget -- for a 16-team (for simplicity's sake) CKO, that can be one bracket, but for a two-session event 16 teams play in the first session, but only four in the second session, for a total of 20 twelve-board matches played, a total of 240 boards. You have ...

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