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Kevin O'Dea
Kevin O'Dea
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Oct. 25, 2010
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Finn Kolesnik's bidding problem: K7 7543 J954 AK8
and if Partner responds 3 to your 2 bid, what do you bid?
Gabriel Carrasco's bidding problem: 7 T J543 AK86542
Is 1NT semi-forcing?
Ian Grant's bidding problem: --- QJ98 AKQ8 98743
Ian, can we assume that 2 was not GF?
Andy Vinock's bidding problem: J9752 J9876532 --- ---
Andy, how did you manage to make a 2 bid here :)
Gabriel Carrasco's bidding problem: A53 9 QJT864 A82
Was 2 Game forcing?
Andrew Sinclair's bidding problem: AT98765432 A A A
Are we playing Namyats? If so, 4 lets me set as trumps and continue with RKC Blackwood
Craig Zastera's bidding problem: AJ64 J932 K952 J
If the bidding had gone 1 (p) 1NT (p) (p) X Would it still be a penalty X?
Poll on Psychs - 2
Non-forcing, say 6-10. I'm thinking of a 0=3=5=5 or a 0=4=(4=5) opposite a 1 Spade opening
Poll on Psychs - 2
Is responding 1NT with a void considered a psyche?
Maarten Schollaardt's bidding problem: AQ84 6 AK962 KQT
North seems to hold 5, so he may well be bidding a 3 card suit?
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