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Alerting a Stolen Bid
I have always thought that the language of the regulation meant: a double showing support (support doubles) a double showing another suit (stolen bid transfers) both are highly unusual or unexpected Neither of these uses is a common, expected meaning for a double to inexperienced players.
Teams per bracket in Round Robin?
Regulations dictate that 3 teams receive overall awards for a starting event of 7 teams. If 4 qualified, one team would receive no points. I'm not sure you can award a tie for 3rd.
Teams per bracket in Round Robin?
Not everyone considers being in a round robin an inconvenience.
Teams per bracket in Round Robin?
One thing no one has mentioned yet is that different board segment numbers mean a different layout in the room. My experience is with large events, and the board segment length is predetermined, and the room is completely boarded before the event is even sold. Even with an event size ...
Are Rules Meant to be Broken?
Peg, I was referring to the time in the Senior KOs. I agree more could be done about slow play. There is a blurb in the bulletin each day about 2 cards and I enforce it when I become aware. I know that some of my colleagues aren't as ...
Are Rules Meant to be Broken?
The slow table started the last board before the clock had expired. They were told that they needed to pick up the pace. They ended the second session at about the same pace. The conditions of contest give them 2 and a half hours per 15 minute boards.
Poor pair game movements
John, it is true that ACBLScore will not let you change the number of rounds in a standard web, but there is a way around it. After you have selected the web, save it under the EDMOV command, change the movement to this file, which will now be an external ...
Comparable Call?
Ken, you could announce immediately that you will accept it, then it doesn't matter how long it takes to get the bid on the table.
The range for the 3 bid is not different if one plays lebonsohl, just a narrower range. I could be wrong, but I don't think that makes it alertable.
Failure to Alert
Martin, he said he forgot to alert, not that he forgot what the bid meant, so he didn't alert.

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