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Kevin Perkins
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May 12, 2012
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Poor pair game movements
Tom, thanks, but I have them as well.
Poor pair game movements
Monty, another option with 6 1/2 tables is to run a 6 table Howell and add an appendix pair. The pair is stationary at table 4, and bumps the pair normally scheduled to play there each round. To make the balance better, it would probably be better to arrow ...
Tom, I've looked into reordering the "party" tables to try to use the boards out of play, trying to reduce the number of sets needed to 2. As far as I can tell, it's not possible.
Correcting a correct but mistaken explanation
Dummy is required to correct the misexplanation before the opening lead. The law says that the director is to be called when a player is correcting a misexplanation (hopefully being done at the appropriate time).
How Would You Rule
I would hope he meant that, if the ruling had been to roll it back, and the other side appealed, it would warrant an AWMP.
The problem with polling
So we don't protect from the error, just from the damage due to the infraction. The ruling was that there was no damage due to the infraction.
Yet another unofficial poll on the double-blitz rule
For the purpose of this poll, it is included in the second option.
The problem with polling
The argument is that the damage is not the caused by the infraction. After the infraction, it is still expected that the NOS would get to the right spot, but for the bridge error. You feel the damage is due to the infraction, so you say the damage IS due ...
The problem with polling
Your a) is not my side of the argument.
Director Ruling on Mis-Information
Hendrik, If partner 3 heart bid is xxx, Kxxx, xxxx, xx, the 2NT bidder doesn't have a stopper for his bid.

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