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Kevin Perkins
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May 12, 2012
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Oct. 22
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Gold Cup final stages - controversial end to semi-final
I continue to wonder why the concept of home table isn't instilled in players more. You have a home table. Your N/S pair sits at that home table. You decide on your team each round who is going to be N/S and they sit at your home ...
Ideas for Unit (or local org) Games?
The "ban" was just the change Team of Two Pairs is still an allowed event. The CoC most recent amendment now has the event scored by total matchpoints of both pairs.
Announcement Clarificaton, Please
Don't say nobody, but it does seem WE are in a minority.
What's the ethical action here?
For all North knows, South could have a void in spades. How can North have a hand willing to play spades opposite this? Give South : - XXX XXXX JXXXXX. Could North ever have a hand willing to play 3 spades if that is the South hand?
What's the ethical action here?
Art, a failure to alert IS misinformation if the bid is alertable. Note the last sentence. Law 21B. Call Based on Misinformation from an Opponent1. (a) Until the end of the auction period (see Law 17D) and provided that his partner has not subsequently called, a player may change a ...
Two ACBL Live questions
We are getting there, but this is not the highest priority for some of us.
Two ACBL Live questions
Good grief. Would have thought that people would realize that not every feels the need to be as connected to the internet as others do.
Two ACBL Live questions
Don't want another phone, like mine.
Two ACBL Live questions
I understand that it's possible, but I don't have a phone capable of this, and some of my colleagues don't either. Yes, if I have a director on my staff with this capability on their phone, it would be possible.
Two ACBL Live questions
At some tournament that I have been at, the internet connection is in the lobby of the hotel, away from the playing site. At others, they provided only one password, for one computer, which was in the office. The hotel will provide a connection, for a exorbitant fee. For this ...

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