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May 12, 2012
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Partner fails to alert. Should you do the same?
If the call is deemed alertable by the alert chart, no where is there any exception to alerting it. If it was desired for players to not alert after partner failed to alert, this would be in the alert regs.
Odd ruling
Ed, we do allow declarer to change his line of play when, for example, a suit does not run, but he will see that the suit is not good, and will be able to trump, and return to his hand, and continue the (now good) suit. I'm not sure ...
Odd ruling
If people stop claiming, some hands will take a lot longer than they should.
Flipping for Winning
If we can't catch all, we shouldn't penalize those we can?
What are your leads?
When on the card, it says to circle the card led, if not in bold, then, when I play 3rd and 5th, it seems clear I have to circle the appropriate card.
What are your leads?
Peg, Yu, and Michael, It seems your (collective) problem is not with the players who say "standard" and then don't play anything nonstandard, it is with those who say "standard" and clearly have nonstandard agreements. The problem isn't with the explanation "standard", it is with those that use ...
What are your leads?
What I posted is what is bold.
What are your leads?
But now you are asking about the specific lead. I agree that the answer to this is as you say. But the question "what are your leads?" was what we were discussing.
What are your leads?
fourth best, except top of nothing is bold from 4 card suits, but not 5.
What are your leads?
Yu, Sorry this happened, but the cause was you to assume "standard" here was the same. If I played outside of the ACBL, I would find out what "standard" was there. Peg, Does anyone say what they lead from K98x when answering "what are your leads"? So far, everyone's ...

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