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Kevin Perkins
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May 12, 2012
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Unexperienced director needs help
We were told that East is marked with all of the points outside of hearts
Input from Players and Directors Requested
So South had a problem, and didn't know what to do. What should he have done? I don't think it is right to give a procedural penalty to someone who had a issue and went to the official for guidance. Often players say they didn't know what ...
Jeff Ford's bidding problem: T7 K AT865 J9732
Explanation of bids describes this as showing 5 diamonds and 5 or more points. Probably play transfers, so your suggested 2D bid would show hearts.
How would you rule, and would you request a ruling?
Rui, Hopefully that will help. I'm not sure it will. It seems some want to ignore the phrase "unless a different declarer´s intention is incontrovertible". It is in there for a reason. Otherwise, we should take it out. I know that is what they really want. So, for ...
Delayed Alert
Dale, Either the alert procedure is clearly wrong with the passage I posted, or the chart is incomplete in not putting, "with the exception the those bids that are already deemed not alertable". It seemed clear to me that it was the latter.
Is that alertable?
Agree David, follow the laws. Follow the regulations that are not in conflict with the law. If any law or regulation seems to be wrong, push to get it fixed. The laws say that disclosure is subject to the regulations of the RA. The trick is to find the right ...
Delayed Alert
The alert procedures has: 4NT Blackwood (any variety over suits) and 4♣ Gerber (any variety over notrump) and expected responses thereto do not require an Alert of any kind. All other ace-asking bids and responses require an Alert, but some of these Alerts must be “delayed.” Ace-asking bids at the ...
Is that alertable?
The basic fundamental idea is to follow the regulations, and to push to have them changed if they need to be.
Delayed Alert
That is for those that are not 4NT over suits, or 4C over notrump auctions. It meams that if it is not one listed under the not alertable, then the alert that IS required is delayed.
Delayed Alert
The delayed alerts only apply to bids that are deemed alertable in the first place. 4NT asking (any kind) or suit bids, and 4C asking (any kind) over notrump are clearly deemed not alertable by the alert chart.

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