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May 12, 2012
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Seating Seeding in clubs
Oh, so you arrow switch for 2 rounds at the odd tables, followed by 2 rounds at the even tables. This is about double the 1 in 8 guideline suggested by many sources. Also, I don't see an advantage over having the arrow switches at the same time for ...
Seating Seeding in clubs
Bud, does this mean that some moving pairs play N/S twice in a row, and some moving pairs don't switch directions at all?
How would you rule?
John, I know, I'm just responding to those who ask how East "knew" that West had diamonds. Often, in the situations I mentioned the player says nothing. But even when he does, the auction is over anyway.
I AM SO Embarrassed!
At least she laughed a little, too, or I would have felt bad, as I'm sure you all noticed a chuckle in my tone as I told her that.
ACBL Masterpoint Insanity
The idea behind getting credit for lower events= Imagine the event were not flighted but stratified. Now the payout would be the total number of tables. Flighting the event shouldn't penalize the top players, who would theoretically beat these lower players. Day one - 50 tables show up. One event ...
STOP cards?
But it might not.
How would you rule?
The director should have inquired more to the reason that east "knew" that his partner didn't have hearts, but I bet it is the common occurrence I mentioned upthread. Haven't we all an auction where an opponent alerts, bids based on the artificial meaning of the bid, the ...
How would you rule?
It may be the common situation with some newer and/or weaker players - they make a conventional bid, partner makes the appropriate bid, they repeat the denomination, and it turns out that they forgot the original bid was conventional. Maybe this East has seen this before, maybe often, maybe recently ...
How would you rule?
The elimination of committees does not mean one cannot appeal. The appeal is just handled differently.
How is This Possible?
Maybe duck the opening diamond lead, to the Ace. Club led, ruffed.

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