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May 12, 2012
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The problem with polling
So we don't protect from the error, just from the damage due to the infraction. The ruling was that there was no damage due to the infraction.
Yet another unofficial poll on the double-blitz rule
For the purpose of this poll, it is included in the second option.
The problem with polling
The argument is that the damage is not the caused by the infraction. After the infraction, it is still expected that the NOS would get to the right spot, but for the bridge error. You feel the damage is due to the infraction, so you say the damage IS due ...
The problem with polling
Your a) is not my side of the argument.
Director Ruling on Mis-Information
Hendrik, If partner 3 heart bid is xxx, Kxxx, xxxx, xx, the 2NT bidder doesn't have a stopper for his bid.
Director Ruling on Mis-Information
Thomas, So then, if the damage is not from the infraction, but just subsequent, we don't adjust. So, then, I don't understand you quoting the law. If I thought the damage was from the infraction, I would think an adjustment was right. One can not rule on feelings ...
Director Ruling on Mis-Information
Ed and Thomas, It says gained from the infraction, not just after the infraction. Again, otherwise, after the infraction, we would be adjusting as a result of bridge errors, not after damage. Do you think we should alway adjust? Even in my hypothetical "25-27" example? Michael, Again, sorry from being ...
Director Ruling on Mis-Information
Michael, Yes, that would be objective. It would also not support an adjustment. Just like a LA is not only a bid some would consider, it is a bid it is deemed some would choose. Likewise, not only does the misinformation be deemed to make the winning bid less attractive ...
Director Ruling on Mis-Information
Hendrik, You and others fail to give any objective criteria for your decision, so I can't help but believe that you are going on feeling. I don't know where this protect yourself BS remark is coming from. Right by law is ruling based on facts. The fact is ...
Director Ruling on Mis-Information
Thomas, So you would use your judgement in for every case. As I said, your judgement could be flawed. If the information, if believed, would cause opener to bid less, don't you agree that you should be able to find someone else that believes it and bid less? If ...

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