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Kevin Rosenberg
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Feb. 23, 2012
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about me

I live in Sunnyvale California and I'm 22 years old.  I play professional bridge part-time, and just graduated from Berkeley.  I'll be starting a job as a software engineer later in the year.  I've also played a lot of junior bridge representing the USA, and enjoy those tournaments almost as much as anything.

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What Does This Bid Mean?
I think it's not clear yet, but one possibility the way I play would be not hearts, and 3 spades. 3451 obviously possible, as is probably some hand which just wants to cuebid spades (though I might try not to do this to avoid ambiguity). Hands without real hearts ...
How should the director rule
Lee, I disagree with point a) as a clear assumption. Further, if 3H were natural, then 4H would definitely be natural. Others have given 5-7 hands for example, that could logically want to be in 4H. There are some situations in which you can logically deduce that there's been ...
How should the director rule
i agree that such an explanation is never necessary by the rules, but I was just saying that I don't have a problem with saying, "our agreement is majors, but it seems like partner might have forgot". The alternative is saying, "our agreement is majors", and then looking at ...
How should the director rule
Well because I think pass is still obviously a LA. If partner could have had hearts before the double (that is to say, if partner might have thought you had clubs), then there is no reason why that still can't be true after the double. In fact, I think ...
How should the director rule
I disagree with this. East has no UI (ostensibly), And I don't think there is anything wrong with saying, it looks like partner might have forgot, if you are asked about 5c. Now of course the 5c bid is almost definitely not allowable, but that's another matter
How should the director rule
You may think that, but I don't see why it should be so.
Rare High-Level Decision
Showing grand interest at the 6 level could be important to know what do over 7c (rather than just having a forcing pass as only yardstick). Surely the decision of whether to bid over 7c must be more important than the decision of what to lead against 7c. That being ...
How far to go for full disclosure
Also, no, I very much doubt any competent director would rule that you had to pull back to 5s if your partner had run from a penalty double. I think at this point it's more than reasonable to assume they don't have 4 card (or any) spade support ...
How far to go for full disclosure
yes, perhaps on that issue, you can account for the UI only in the purpose of explaining a bid correctly. At any rate, I don't think it's ever a good idea to mention partner's tempo as part of an explanation. If partner's tempo happened to help ...
How far to go for full disclosure
I disagree strongly with this, and don't think it is in line with the rules. Partnership experience (i.e. past behavior) is a critical part of the agreements and understanding experienced partnerships hold together. For example, it is perfectly valid to ask an experienced pair stylistic questions (e.g ...
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