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Kevin Rosenberg
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Feb. 23, 2012
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Cupertino California, son of Debbie and Michael Rosenberg, "aspiring" bridge player who plays too much on BBO without learning a lot probably

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Kyle Rockoff's bidding problem: T A654 A9543 KJ4
Not that the vul matters at all on this hand, but I just want to add that if the motivation for posting this is not wanting to try to penalize favorable opponents when you might have a red game, I think this is the BEST vul to try to go ...
Kyle Rockoff's bidding problem: J432 K8 9 QJT653
It would be very surprising for the bidding to end at 2c (And if it does, who is to say it's so wrong). Assuming it does not, it seems clear I'd like to bid 2c then spades to give the best picture of my hand
Card dropped on the floor
"From your position, how could you see the card?" Oscar the owl asked the Hog. "It could be clearly reflected in the mirror" the Hog replied. "But there is no mirror" Peregrine the penguin objected. "Well there used to be one!" Said the Hog, swiftly seizing the offensive, as he ...
Confusion over "Good/Bad 2NT" and competitive double
I don't really agree that double of 3d should be penalty, and I definitely don't agree with the general rule Dave wrote above. Dave's view is correct when a major suit has been agreed. I still think on most auctions where a minor suit has been agreed ...
Is the 3 heart bid forcing and how many hearts does it show?
I think it's forcing for sure. Undiscussed, it's a bit difficult to know how many hearts it shows. I think it should be able to be bid on a strong doubleton, but assuming so is a bit risky perhaps.
Unusual NT or Not
I don't understand how 1H is a "faster" way to find a heart fit than 2NT. Unless you mean it's the fastest way for you to know you have a fit? (since if partner bids 3H, it could be on a doubleton sometimes). Still, I'm not sure ...
I think there are some hands where it might be reasonable to pass over 3S, and then save over 4. Not this one, but you might be pretty confident game will make, and are content to defend 3S, while thinking you have a good save over 4. Not a tactic ...
while N's bid could work, you're really trying to get a bottom. You might, on a bad day, go down too many, but also you have no idea if they're making. Crazy sacrifices at favorable are, imo, just not recommended. S's bid is also pretty weird ...
If double shows a doubleton spade, then east shouldn't double. This would involve having the agreement to play 2n takeout. Absent that agreement, I don't see what e can do but double, and in that case, w should really not leave it in
Trick 4 Play
If decanter is world class, then we surely aren't cashing clubs when wed have such a huge guess at t2 if they ducked. I think declared has something like aqxx axx xx q9xx. I think either major suit should be fine, but a spade felt more intuitive to me ...
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