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Kevin Rosenberg
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Feb. 23, 2012
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July 18
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Cupertino California, son of Debbie and Michael Rosenberg, "aspiring" bridge player who plays too much on BBO without learning a lot probably

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Can you have UI generated solely through your own actions?
I object to using the information that your partner is ethical, though maybe it is semantics (since any situation where this info would be useful would require taking advantage of information based on tempo, etc.) I look at it this way. Say we knew our partner was UNethical, in a ...
Can you have UI generated solely through your own actions?
obviously the information is UI, I don't understand how this is a discussion. The information about your partner's hand is not based on any bridge inferences, but rather based on your sides' tempo. If the law doesn't say that your side can't benefit based on any ...
The auction seems fine until 4c. Most of the problem centers around the sort of hand type 5d shows. I don't play fast arrival in these auctions, so I would think 5d showed something like this (and assuming 5d isn't fast arrival, I think we can agree S ...
Barry Buehler's bidding problem: T3 A AKQ75 AK942
at imps, 4s. Here getting to 3n might do well anyway...
Thomas Berg's bidding problem: A52 84 AQJ4 J987
oh ok, well I wouldn't know the nuances of how to bid opp. a short club opener
Sathya Bettadapura's bidding problem: J752 Q973 32 QT6
i'd probably bid 2h over the xx, planning to compete to 3c later.
Thomas Berg's bidding problem: A52 84 AQJ4 J987
i dunno what 5542 means in the description... Anyway i dont accept methods where 2h guarantees 5 clubs. Im confused why so many people are accepting 2d on a 4 card suit, but at any rate, i bid 2h over 2d all day.
Phil Clayton's bidding problem: ATx x QJT9x AQ8x
pass is fine as well - at this vul seems pretty normal to want to get in there with such a good playing hand
The problem is bigger than the Stop Card
on the first hand, I sympathize about the poorly timed question, but it is probably worth noting that your insistence on calling the director during the auction because of the question was probably more of an alarm bell for a club lead than the question itself. Or there may have ...
What is the Difference
One difference is that the jump to 3S shows at least 6 good spades and what I'd call an intermediate-plus sort of hand (ex. below) (though to say it shows no interest in other strains implies that we can't play 3n, which I don't think I'd ...
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