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Kevin Rosenberg
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Feb. 23, 2012
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about me

I live in Sunnyvale California and I'm 22 years old.  I play professional bridge part-time, and just graduated from Berkeley.  I'll be starting a job as a software engineer later in the year.  I've also played a lot of junior bridge representing the USA, and enjoy those tournaments almost as much as anything.

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Cornelius Duffie's bidding problem: --- KJ83 QJ8765 AQ6
At this vul you don't even have to worry really about doubling here with a void. It's a good thing, as you expect partner to act.
Kyle Rockoff's bidding problem: K7 AKJT AKQ6 T92
Double, passing 4s, and correcting 3s to 3n
WBF is this alertable
Well if you play (1n) 2H as both majors, I don't see how that isn't also a natural heart bid suggesting a place to play, yet that is surely alertable. EDIT: this was meant to be a reply to Ian above.
Cuebid or natural?
if 3H was somehow below 3D, you'd have a good argument for 3C being natural, but I still wouldn't bid it without discussion.
Probability, probability...
My line is wrong, kit is correct below...
Probability, probability...
Another round of trump seems right. This way if trumps are 22 I can pick up 5 diamonds with east by playing kd next
Board 4, 13th August
I'm afraid 2d is just too likely to lose spades, either for you, or even for the opponents. With both majors breaking badly, I'm not so eager for them to find 3n with some 8 card fit. Here the 2d bid sort of worked because it makes it ...
Cornelius Duffie's bidding problem: J KQx QT9xx Q9xx
A little too unilateral to bid imo, but passing with so much offense and the shortness seems wrong. I tend to trust them when vulnerable, so hopefully partner will be straining to bid (though I fear them making a losing pass with 2542) 5h is probably practical as well, it ...
Common Game Wed Afternoon 7 August deal 13
If east even had kx spade you'd have to take the spade finesse right away in the ending, else they could pitch their heart when you ruff a diamond. For that reason, the one suit squeeze element doesn't really matter.
Peg Kaplan's bidding problem: A6 AKT6 AKT4 974
I responded 1S, not a negative double
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