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Kevin Rosenberg
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Feb. 23, 2012
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about me

Cupertino California, son of Debbie and Michael Rosenberg, "aspiring" bridge player who plays too much on BBO without learning a lot probably

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Cover or not ?
Even if partner has 4 hearts to the 9, covering won't defeat the contract.
"Flexible signals" (part two)
B is a good point. I think with a holding like 98642, if we were going to lie with a strict 2/4 lead agreements, we should play 8 then 6. This distinguishes from 98x.
"Flexible signals" (part two)
maybe AJ7...
1NT or 1S??
why would you not find find hearts if you open 1NT? You don't play transfers? Seems to me you're a lot more likely to miss a heart fit by opening 1S, especially absent discussion on the auction 1s-1n-2n-? (what strength/length does 3H show here?)
1NT or 1S??
To answer your question Richard, if our expected value in the cardplay over the field is high enough, then the idea is to try to avoid actions which have high variance, but not much higher success rate.
"Flexible signals"
i'd think it should be count (standard present count). Thus declarer ought have 3 hearts. This doesn't tell us what to do of course, but on general principles it can't be attitude, and I don't think it would be SP (since this would normally be given ...
Best line in 3NT?
Against non-experts, I'd play a low spade. I chose this option since it will be true the majority of the time I suppose. Against a good player, I think I'd still play spades, but probably the Q. Against a REALLY good RHO, now I might consider playing a ...
Gary Donner's bidding problem: K9872 98 A73 QJ5
red at imps, and experience says to stretch a bit on this sort of auction as well (one opp has most of the strength, and on lead)
Gary Donner's bidding problem: K9872 98 A73 QJ5
I sympathize with Peg. I have sort of the same approach, but I'd still overcall here on the basis that I don't have a bad hand, and I don't have a bad suit. Basically my requirements are a little less stringent (nonvul, I wouldn't sympathize as ...
1NT or 1S??
I think Michal's principle in choosing not to "upgrade" at MPs doesn't stem from a lack of understanding of this, but seems to imply a desire to stay with the field in the bidding. I sympathize with this somewhat, as I prefer not to lose random swings in ...
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