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March 19, 2012
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ACBL Task Force Takes on Cheating
Michael, 100% correct. Cheating and ethics are very different. Finding a wallet on the street creates an ethical problem for the finder. Taking a wallet out of a person's pocket is a wrong. As is cheating in bridge.
Est. # of top 16 Vanderbilt cheaters.
The collusion issue is HUGE. In criminal cases the word used is conspiracy, conspiring with others. The prison term for the conspiracy charge is often greater than for the crime itself. The conversation about cheaters in bridge needs to include the conspiracy charge.
A personal loss from the cheating scandals
Yaun Shen, 3 world champions lead a low club, ask yourself why. Could they be right? Can you see what your analysis is missing? Find a world champion and ask for their input. I wrote this short article not to teach bridge but only to opine about how the scandals ...
Future of bridge - 2 fears
Bob, Sorry to say but #1 looks to be true. The ACBL's response that I read could not be weaker. Filming the later stages of top team events will never caught another cheater as the cheaters will adopt a rotating signaling method, just like baseball catchers with a man ...
Signaling question
Debbie, Is the hand in Frank Stewart's column one that is perfect for Attitude and would fail if using SP? Or is more complex than that.
Castro Valley Sectional
I may have told Polly the incorrect bidding. I believe the bidding went 1D-2Nt-3D-5D. Michael was not happy with his major suits but felt 5D would make.
Submarine Triple Squeeze
You are right. It would only come to the same 11 tricks with perfect defense, not 12 tricks.
Submarine Triple Squeeze
Ducking the third Diamond does not help as West is squeezed and declarer will make 12 tricks instead of 11.
Kevin Schoenfeld's bidding problem: A4 KT6 984 AK973
Your analysis of the hand is spot on. Prime cards should push one to strive for a suit contract. And in the actual deal North makes 1Nt by shear luck while South makes 3H routinely. South's hand was Jxxx, Axxxx, xx, Qx. Again, nice analysis.
Name that bid!
Insanity would to not use 3D as a risk free lead directing bid if the opponents are unable to penalize your 3 level overcall!
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