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Kevin Wilson
Kevin Wilson
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June 28, 2010
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Sept. 4
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Bridge Pro
about me

I am a pro bridge player and writer. I have launched a free bridge application for desktop computers and the IPAD tablet.  You can find details about what the app can do at or get it directly from the App Store at     Send me feedback and/or contact me here. 





United States of America

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Winning an NABC
Bridge Accomplishments
Many, including a player , coach and captain of several USA Junior Teams
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Drury, Wilson 2NT, Accu-Splinters
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Sapphire Life Master
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NABC Article re-posted HERE for BOG Discssion
Sorry that I don't read here too often so I'm way late in responding. I too like the idea of premier events and a higher level of service and facilities. I think you might add a dress code in the hopes of attracting press and sponsors to these ...
Motion to Deal with Smoke Odor at a Bridge Game
I don't smoke and hate the smell of smoke as well but I don't think ACBL directors should become the sniff & smell police. I think it should be the job of Tournament Chairperson to make a decision about whether someone is too offensive to participate in his/her ...
Temporary Memberships. Motion to change 173-45
I don't think 30 days is adequate for all of the reasons Bob gives above. I think 90 days is critical to the successful conversion of a temporary membership. The hook is the beautiful Bulletin, the wonderful articles, and the masterpoints. If new members are enjoying our game and ...
Temporary Memberships. Motion to change 173-45
I disagree with taking things away from people. I want to project the most welcoming community possible, not threaten membership or else.
Temporary Memberships. Motion to change 173-45
Wow! I think giving a free membership for 90 days MIGHT grow the membership leaps and bounds. Is the $8.99 a substantial hit to the budget that couldn't be made up elsewhere? Does anyone who reads here have that number? I think this might be the best out ...
Board of Governors Input on New Big Ideas
I completely agree with Jeff Bayone. We need teachers who are great at teaching brand new players. If you don't have a great teacher, your program will be less successful. I also believe that we need modern marketing and advertising programs. The ACBL once offered an internet webinar for ...
Reports to Board of Governors on the ACBL Website
Thank you (to you and Rich et al.) for your forward thinking and making this happen. I hope everyone can be made aware of this in time for the meeting. I love saving the printing costs and paper and just hope everyone has a tablet or phone and can access ...
Kevin Wilson's bidding problem: QT K9763 AT6 962
That is a good and fair point and one I didn't even consider. The event was the championship flight of the GNT and the competition was very experienced.
Kevin Wilson's bidding problem: QT K9763 AT6 962
I don't think a cursory Law of Total Tricks analysis is enough to compete at the highest levels in bridge. Consider partner's shape... If partner has 1 spade and five hearts (LOTT = 20) then partner has seven cards in the minor suits. How are they divided? 15(52 ...
Board 15 from the 01/24/2017 Common Game
It is easy to respond when you're given a direct question. I think East should have bid 4. East is easily strong enough for 4. I think the East hand is worth more than just a 4 bid, but given that stretching for a minor suit ...

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