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Kevin Wilson
Kevin Wilson
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June 28, 2010
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Jan. 26
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Bridge Pro
about me

I am a pro bridge player and writer. I have launched a free bridge application for desktop computers and the IPAD tablet.  You can find details about what the app can do at or get it directly from the App Store at   You can download the free app for Windows from our website.  Send me feedback and/or contact me here.  I also do analysis for The Common Game on Tuesdays.





United States of America

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Winning an NABC
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Many, including a player , coach and captain of several USA Junior Teams
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Drury, Wilson 2NT, Accu-Splinters
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Gold Life Master
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Board 15 from the 01/24/2017 Common Game
It is easy to respond when you're given a direct question. I think East should have bid 4. East is easily strong enough for 4. I think the East hand is worth more than just a 4 bid, but given that stretching for a minor suit ...
Board 1 from the 01/10/2017 Common Game
2 is Stayman... very similar to the way you play it except in my example North-South plays four-suit transfers (1NT p 2 transfers to clubs and 1NT p 2NT transfers to diamonds). Since this North-South couldn't bid 2NT directly over 1NT, they must bid Stayman when they ...
Board 8 from the 01/03/2017 Common Game
If you're going to bid 5, I think you should bid it directly over 3. Bidding 4 and then 5 gives them two opportunities to get it right. I'm 100% opposed to bidding 4and then 5. I think bidding 4 and ...
Board 19 from the 12/20/2016 Common Game
Is the contract you are thinking about 4? North wins the A and switches to a club. If North plays a second spade, declarer wins, comes to hand with the A draws the last trump and then plays K, J. The 9 establishes for a club discard. Declarer ducks ...
Board 22 from the 12/20/2016 Common Game
If partner always understands 4 as showing something close to this hand, it is a fine bid.
Board 9 from the 12/13/2016 Common Game
After 1 p 1 p 2 East-West know that a 4-4 spade fit has been found. At that point in the auction, the final contract is going to be in spades. The rest of the bidding will determine how high the auction will go or at what ...
ACBL Junior Memberships: What do you think of new policy?
Hi Debbie, I just received an email from ACBL to do a survey about using the Bulletin online. It showed me a preview of 12 pages and asked about my interactions with them. I think input on how to make the best internet version is clearly time well spent. I ...
Board 22 from the 10/18/2016 Common Game
Whether or not it shows spades and a minor after a 2 Stayman bid would be strictly by partnership agreement. Overcalling with a two-suited hand is usually a little less risky than overcalling with a single-suited hand but I would typically assume single-suited unless alerted. I would take East ...
ACBL Junior Memberships: What do you think of new policy?
I took the numbers from my Board of Governors package from our March 13, 2016 Reno meeting. It lists 2015 Actual Numbers for Bulletin printing and postage as $1,161,266 and the 2016 budgeted amounts as you (Don) posted above ($1,193,000). I believe these numbers sound. I ...
ACBL Junior Memberships: What do you think of new policy?
I believe that physical print is very slowly dying and it must be recognized that a print version is very expensive. I looked at my 2016 budget projections. The Bulletin printing expense is budgeted at $689,000 for 2016 and postage is budgeted as an additional $504,000. That is ...

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