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Showing the Ten of Spades
On the second hand, the auction I remember was that 1S was bid over 1H(by Howard Schenken). Johnny Crawford was the 1C opener and Nils Olaf Liliehook overcalled the canape 1H. I recall that Liliehook played the hand card very well to make the hand.
I don't understand ...
On the other hand, 6D looks like a desirable spot with e.g. AQxxx Kx Kxx AKx opposite Kx Axx Axxxx xxx and you're unlikely to get to 6D unless you show five of them.
I don't understand ...
"I accept that 6♦ is playable opposite that hand (I think that 6NT is below 50%)" 6NT looks better than 50% to me - around about 60%, with the likelihood of 5-1 and 6-0 diamonds more than offset by SJ10 onside.
Mike Ma's bidding problem: K8 AQ96 T6 AKJ53
One of my reasons for reversing just went out the window.
I don't understand ...
Give partner Jx Axx Axxxx Qxx, slam is excellent, making on 3-2 spades and a good proportion of the 4-1 breaks. Give partner x Axx AQJxx QJxx and a grand slam in diamonds is a reasonable bet. Even on the example hand:xx A10x AQJxx QJx, slam, particularly in diamonds ...
God has dealt you a par hand. Are you worthy?
I think your line is best, Kit, as it works when spades are 3-3 and east holds at least one diamond and at least three clubs. My first line relies on east being 2434, specifically. My second line doesn't work at all, as east can pitch two clubs on ...
God has dealt you a par hand. Are you worthy?
All lines seemingly rely on west holding stiff HK and three or four spades. Duck the club and win the club return. Cash DAKQ. SK, then SA and ruff a spade. If east has two spades, then: Ruff a club. Ruff another spade. Heart to HA. Finesse H10. If east ...
I reckon you'll get a not-much-worse score for nine tricks, as the "normal" play in clubs (i.e. the double finesse) doesn't work, which makes both 3NT and 4H likely to fail.
Plan the play in 6NT
"But I see some points to play ♥10 from hand... Think about this." That's my view, too, as you can make three tricks without losing one and it doesn't reduce your squeeze options.
Play this slam
"If you can get east to come down to 3 diamonds at the end, you can throw him in if the spot cards are well placed." East comes down to KJ9 in diamonds and, as long as west keeps the D10, there's not much that declarer can do.
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