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Jyri Tamminen's bidding problem: AJT54 K76 AQJ87 ---
4-4 OR 5-4?
We didn't have support doubles 40 years ago.
4-4 OR 5-4?
My dad and me held this pair of hands between us, a long time ago, playing Precision: Axxx AQ10xx xxx x opposite xxxx KJx AKQJxx void I wonder how many pairs would find the best spot after a 1D opening, a 1H response and a 2C overcall, with no opposition ...
Jyri Tamminen's bidding problem: AJT54 K76 AQJ87 ---
Maybe the next time partner bids this way, they hold KQxxxx Kxx Axxx void. The five level, let alone a slam, looks problematic opposite that.
Jyri Tamminen's bidding problem: AJT54 K76 AQJ87 ---
Partner needs as little as x AQJxx Kxx Qxxx to make a grand slam a reasonable bet and they wouldn't move over 4H with that. The problem with 4C is that it doesn't get us any closer to agreeing a suit, but it seems the best action, as ...
ATB - Wrong Slam
Strain over level might be a good general rule. However, applying the rule with dross like the north hand is excessive. If partner had doubled 1C for takeout, all I'd be bidding is 1S. Similarly, if partner had doubled a (natural) 2C, I'd respond 2S.
ATB - Wrong Slam
Without the ♠10, 6♠ requires little more than 3-2 spades.
ATB - Wrong Slam
Sorry - I meant to write ".....the pass of 6H". The 6H raise is fine.
ATB - Wrong Slam
I don't know which is stranger - 4C (double seems clear), 5H (RKCB seems best) or 6H. South should have capped off the strangeness by taking the double dummy line to make 6H.
Opening 7NT
It's always right to play low if righty has the ace. It's also right to play low if lefty has AJxx (x).
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