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Itzik Ezra's bidding problem: K2 Q6 JT953 AJT7
The reason west didn't raise earlier was that they might have been planning to bid 3NT over partner's expected double. It's not what I would do, but it's reasonable.
Defense is hard
I wouldn't be jumping to make that play too quickly when you hold 10xx or 9xx in hand, particularly against a thinking defender on your right.
ATB for missing this slam
Unless west leads a spade, 6H figures to fail.
Defense is hard
I don't think that partner knows that you know that it isn't essential for you to continue diamonds. Partner may think that you think that declarer might hold 10xxx in diamonds. Remember, partner doesn't know that you hold a doubleton spade. If you think that partner almost ...
Defense is hard
Just because we can see that partner is very likely to hold five diamonds, based on our spade length, doesn't mean that partner knows that we know. As such, partner's first priority will be to signal their diamond length on the second round of the suit. An exception ...
What is 4!C?
IMO, opener's bidding is consistent with xxx AQxxx xx AQx, i.e. 3H doesn't promise extra heart length. 3S over 3D here should show a good hand, with the direction unclear. On the basis of the above, 4C is natural. If responder wants to cue for hearts, they ...
Play or defend?
Defend on a heart lead.
A loser-ruffing squeeze?
Why is it essential to set up a red suit winner? You can ruff two hearts in hand, thus voiding any squeeze options, to reach: Ax void x Kxx opposite Jx void Axxx void, with west holding Qx void 10xxx void. As long as you don't try to cash ...
David Caprera's bidding problem: T8xx AKQx KQ AQx
Pass 1S? Really??
Which line on this pushed 6S?
Maybe 3NT opposite void Axx AKJxxx AKxx, or suchlike.
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