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Amnon Harel's bidding problem: QJ32 AQJ KQ96 K3
The reopening double here is for take out, pure and simple. It just so happens that it's often passed for penalties. Partner should respond accordingly, including jumping in spades (pardon the pun) on appropriate hands. Partner may have passed over 2D because they didn't want to enter the ...
Amnon Harel's bidding problem: QJ32 AQJ KQ96 K3
Your partner may never play with you again if you don't have a back-up plan in the event that they don't pass for penalties, particularly if they jump in spades, maybe get doubled, and find you with such disappointing support.
When they double 3NT
I thought so twenty years ago, too. Partner was "right", though, as they held Q10xx Jx AQx KQxx and 3NT would have made at least nine tricks.
When they double 3NT
I think that redouble here shows a spade stopper(s) AND a good hand. I had a mix-up on a similar auction a while back. Holding xx KQxx K109xx AJ, our auction went 1D - 1S; 1NT - 3NT, which RHO doubled. I passed and partner redoubled, which I read as showing ...
Amnon Harel's bidding problem: QJ32 AQJ KQ96 K3
Ax Kxxx xx KQxxx Ax Kxx xx AQxxxx A KJxx xx KJxxxx There are also plenty of hands with a doubleton diamond honour that shouldn't reopen - but that's unlikely given our diamond holding.
Amnon Harel's bidding problem: QJ32 AQJ KQ96 K3
Partner should pass on a number of hands containing less than three diamonds, including minimum 2425 hands, and some other awkward shapes. However, I'm willing to risk passing 2D, as I reckon that partner will reopen with a takeout double on a significant majority of hands, and that collecting ...
Long Ago and Far Away
Having been involved in drafting laws myself, I have found many pieces of legislation to be unclear, to say the least, even when they're read in tandem with the relevant explanatory memorandum. Some drafters need a primer in plain English.
Brian Davies's bidding problem: 87 KT986543 --- KT6
It's wrong to pass when we have a shortage in diamonds, even with this little in high cards. 4H shows a completely different hand type e.g. Ax AKJxxxx x AQx. It would be less than amusing if it went all pass and partner turned up with Axx Ax ...
Robert Thorstad's bidding problem: ATx AJT9xx xx xx
IMO, this is a clearer 1H opening than ( ♠J6 ♥AQ10962 ♦Q4 ♣Q42
Jyri Tamminen's bidding problem: 98 AKQJ32 J92 A2
So we can key card in diamonds - seems right to me.
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