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June 2, 2012
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The Country Life book (hard cover) was one of the first books I bought. It was an entertaining read, but rather dated now.
2NT artificial and forcing over opener's same suit rebid
In around 2004, when Eric Kokish coached the Oz-One squad, he recommended that a simple rebid over a 1-level response should show six-plus, with a 2NT rebid by responder being F1. I think it's an excellent treatment and have played it ever since.
Jeff Sapire's bidding problem: AJ3 A64 AQ75 AJ2
This isn't even close to accepting a slam try. Give partner a normal hand like KQxxxx Kxx xx xx and even 5S could fail.
Mikael Rimstedt's bidding problem: AK872 Q87 AJ82 A
Swap the minors and I'd pass.
Do you want to be in this slam?
ATB - missed slam
I'm not sure that partner showing first round spade control is such a turn-on for south. If I've already shown some interest, I'd just bid 5C over redouble from partner.
ATB - missed slam
And -KQxxx xxxx Axxx would be the same for the north hand. South's hand is far from a dog, which is what 5C shows.
ATB - missed slam
Agreed that double should mean something, here. I play non-lead directing doubles, myself, in some situations, but not when we've opened and raised. Even if I could make such a double on this hadn't, I wouldn't. I also wouldn't use the double with this east hand ...
ATB - missed slam
Not clear why east would want to double for a non-spade lead on this hand (what lead does east actually want?), in any case - even if it didn't offer NS additional options in the bidding. The double seems pointless, period.
ATB - missed slam
Definitely a silly double that gave NS extra options to investigate a slam.
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