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Hendrik Sharples's bidding problem: 76 AQJT QT7 8632
Given current bidding tendencies and our strong diamonds, partner is likely to deliver either a seven card diamond suit or, if they don't hold secondary heart support, a hand like xx Kx AKJxxx AQx, rather than Kx xx AKJxxx AQx, which would be a 2NT rebid for many. Based ...
Should bridge go green?
Adam, The policy implications of the study findings are set out in (p.3) : In a nutshell, there's no easy way to deal with the projected increase in ground-level ozone (a proxy for photochemical smog). The project doesn ...
Should bridge go green?
It seems to me that the real moderators, not the self-proclaimed ones, are best placed to moderate the BW site and decide how many non-bridge comments are kosher.
Should bridge go green?
What about projected increases in ground-level ozone, with an associated increase in mortality and morbidity from respiratory illness, as a result of increasing global temperatures: Disclaimer: I managed the Clean Air Research Program, of which this project was a component.
Trick 1.
Playing low works when the C9 is a singleton and east has DAK, whereas play the CJ fails against this layout. Both lines will likely fail if east has KQxxx in clubs and DAK.
ATB - grand slam fiasco from the 1971 Bermuda Bowl
Was this hand reported in Championship Bridge by Jose Le Dentu?
Andreas Babsch's bidding problem: K87632 --- AKJ9 AK9
I'm in the camp that would have overcalled 1S, but wouldn't dream of passing 4H. A 4H response to the takeout double is a very different beast to a 4H opening. I might respond 4H to a takeout double with Axxx KJxxxx x xx, opposite which 4H might ...
Opening at the 7-level
I suspect that there's some confusion between the actor and the bridge player.
TD decision
Why a poll? Given the voting on this hand, the overwhelming verdict is that passing isn't a logical alternative. However, this seems to be based, at least in the case of a number of voters, on the notion that the delayed double is something other than strict penalties. I ...
What is the best chance in this slam?
This is one of those hands where you can almost claim if you know who has the CA. I think it might be best to run the diamond to hand and table the C9, running it if east plays low. If west wins the CJ, I win the return in ...
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