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Kieran Dyke
Kieran Dyke
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Aug. 25, 2015
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7 minutes ago
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Bridge Pro
about me

Professional based in London.


Numerous national wins in Australia and now a few in England, most recently the Brighton Swiss Pairs.

Bronze medal, 2015 European teams.


I play on BBO as Woozle.

United Kingdom

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Beating Monaco in the Round of 16, 2015 European Teams, Tromso.
Bridge Accomplishments
Bronze medal, 2015 European teams. Numerous national events in Australia and England.
Regular Bridge Partners
Fiona Brown, Justin Howard, Michael Byrne. Partners back in Australia included Ron Klinger, Peter Gill and Ishmael Delmonte.
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
A curiosity
At favourable, I quite fancy a 2NT opening. Let's see them find game over that one.
Comedy of errors: how do you straighten it out?
What’s really weird here is that East bid as though he was playing puppet, but alerted as though he wasn’t.
How would you bid this hand differently?
If 2NT is forcing, you're better off bidding H-H-D and being able to stop low.
Should a 2/1 by advancer be one round forcing?
I've dropped 2NT as a raise in auctions which start (1X)-1Y-(pass). The natural 2NT is too valuable to lose. If RHO acts, 2NT is back to being a raise.
Andrew Spooner's bidding problem: Q 9543 A KQT7543
It feels unlikely we have a defence to 6S, so I'll go slow with 4C and plan to defend 4S.
1!h-2!s and 1!s-3!h to show 3-card limit raise in opener’s major?
Those of us who play a semi-forcing notrump can sometimes play in 1NT with the very balanced limit raises. Also, I find that people with this toy are often a bit too keen to use it. Down one in three when opener is balanced is common. I managed to mitigate ...
Comic NT
My favourite Comic hand: You hold a 5152 21-count. Your LHO (little old man) opens 1C, partner (a known operator) overcalls 1NT (strong notrump or comic) and RHO (little old lady) raises to 2C. He never did figure out that his partner had a 15-count, and the innocuous opponents had ...
Implicit private understanding?
Of course, the expected club length goes down when they overcall 1NT over it.
1!h-2!s and 1!s-3!h to show 3-card limit raise in opener’s major?
Using a forcing notrump gets you too high in the same way.
Have you e ver seen a worse claim
Dummy was endplayed with trumps, the club ace and the diamond ace-queen. Declarer disgustedly claimed down one, conceding a diamond. The diamond position was: singleton king onside.

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