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Kinpin Chu
Kinpin Chu
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Sept. 21, 2017
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Bridge Player
about me

I love bridge, but my English is very poor. If misunderstandings because of language, thank you for your understanding.


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Favorite Bridge Memory
Study bridge to 5stars (BBO name)
Bridge Accomplishments
BBO best daily performers 2nd 2-13-2018
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Favorite Conventions
Doubling is my favorite weapon
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
LC Standard Pro
LC Standard Pro
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Choice of Games Cuebid vs. Slam Try Cuebid
COG + Slam try but not in the suit partner just bid, see FB6-2017WBTC-TN-PO1#9, Andrew Robson and David Gold's 6
The Right Shift
"I think it would show a more flexible hand, i.e. 3-card diamond support." Thank you kit. I have a question: 1 X 1NT 2 p 2 Do you mean the 2 in this auction shows 3-card diamonds support? if so, west only have 2-card diamonds ...
What does the 3!C mean?
"And I fail to see why the poster is unwilling to accept that the results of his first poll were unsatisfactory." It is only because of I may not be clear in the first post.
Scrambling or GOSH
I mean "double then bid a suit" is looking for fits on 2 suits(scrambling) or good one suit hand(GOSH).
Scrambling or GOSH
Yes, I play it as ELC.
Steve Bell's bidding problem: AT97642 --- K3 8543
I play 4 as nature or FNJ.
How to use forcing pass in this deal?
In competition, our splinter raise not show slam interest and partner no bidding space to show extra. In this deal, my biggest confusion is FP. Through your explanation, now I do know. Thank you again.
How to use forcing pass in this deal?
4 is not a slam try. If south bid 4 as LTTC or just 4 after easts pass, north will bid RKC. We play forcing pass and normal pass/double. North think that south bids 4 over 4 is very minimum, so he passed 4 ...
How to use forcing pass in this deal?
I have another question: Red against white, we almost do not want to play 4X, so why not to define double as encourage?
How to use forcing pass in this deal?
Thank you Benoit. If north had to take action, then how did he call? He needs to know the diamond is fit or no. 5 show club and heart control and ask for diamond fit, can we do it this way?

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