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Kinpin Chu
Kinpin Chu
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Sept. 21
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Oct. 18
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about me

I love bridge, but my English is very poor. If misunderstandings because of language, thank you for your understanding.


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UCB, Lebensohl-like in competition
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LC Standard Pro
LC Standard Pro
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Is New Suit by Advancer Forcing?
If new suit forcing, 1 1 Pass 1=guarantee how long and How many strengths?
Bill March's bidding problem: Qxx AJx JT9xx Kx
I play 2NT = Good raise, so I select pass. If partner reopen with double, I bid 3 = inv. He could 3 if he accept the inv.
David Lin's bidding problem: --- AKQ6 Q93 AT9763
Pass, lead-directing
Kinpin Chu's bidding problem: AQJT532 K5 652 3
Fully agree with you.
Kinpin Chu's bidding problem: AQJT532 K5 652 3
Can you open 3 if K replaces 2?
Follow-up for reverse (after 1nt response)
Ed Reppert: 2-level cheapest bidding (Modified Blackout).
Follow-up for reverse (after 1nt response)
Who can tell me how to insert a auction in the form of a table?
Looking for good 2/1 player to play in BBO
BBO skill hasn't been updated for many years.
LC Standard -- Defense vs. NT
I thought the second case you said is Larry's intention. i.e. 13 is roughly and dynamic.
LC Standard -- Other Conventional Calls
Here, 1 (1) 4 = splinter. But in the article "Majors opening part 2", all new suit jump = weak (In Comp.) So I feel that the simple way does not necessarily have no memory burden, fit showing jump may be easier to remember.
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